【Beef balls】 | Chinese Muslim Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes |干炸牛肉丸子

Hello everybody Marco came and today we do a fried beef balls balls explode after the good we can be equipped with salt and pepper dry food can do all kinds of eating braised meatball ball soup, hot and sour meatballs, etc. So we do when you can do more after the good start into the refrigerator just before we prepare a little diced green onion and ginger inside the restaurant to do so is generally used ginger water, add onions, then fried coke will be easy color does not look good, but we do own, then it is the end of the direct discharge would eat ginger prepare a little more delicious ground beef when we try not to be too thin in general accordance with the proportion of Panax third of seven fat into lean meat we prepared diced green onion and serous then prepare a little salt, pepper, pepper put into the meat inside it along a direction we stir stir we then add a little water, starch stir it continued adding water, starch balls will eat up a little crisp attention to stirring time not too long, then stir too long balls soften the meat inside is not good after we boil oil from oil Liucheng hot pot probably take vesicles can be less when the ball under the ball when we prepare a small spoon the meat clutched in the hands of a tiger's mouth then dig a spoon to squeeze a meatball is a meatball after setting discoloration wait until we can pan to eat dry croquettes we also need to do so once it re-fried balls out of the skin into the refrigerator crisper if you are going to eat, then we slowly fried once is enough time to eat until the next reprocessing complex on what to eat after our first deep-fried croquettes dry enough to eat can directly point to remember to praise Marco concern, comment, forward Marco teach you to do homemade Muslim Marco cuisine take you around the Hui explore delicious thank you

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【Beef balls】 | Chinese Muslim Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes |干炸牛肉丸子


Halal food ~ dry fried beef balls, see how the Hui people make fried balls, dry food can be cooked