【Fried rice with sauerkraut】 | Chinese Halal Food | Chinese halal recipes | 马哥清真美食 |酸菜炒米

Hello everyone Marco came today we make Hui Xian cabbage fried rice and pickled red cabbage We refer to prepare a little of the best cut of beef – fried beef and then cut a little delicious sauerkraut and also chop it Ding I here use pickles that you can have with vegetables Black pickle, then whey can chop a little chopped green onion, green pepper with a good look at the color of the rice, let it cool overnight to prepare the best pieces after a while, you can put a little of it, add salt and pepper and add a little beef, the taste is crispy, the end is good Beef Pickled ding blue pepper, red pepper and green onion cubes can be better prepared for frying after the oil slips out of the pot heat the oil pan when we pour the beef after green pepper into the fried kimchi in green onion flavor, we pour it back into the setting when we try the fried rice rice and rice and press On loose sauerkraut, put a pinch of salt and pepper in the fire pits and stir another a little and then two marked with enriched flavour.

Fried rice and pickled cabbage can be sautéed. Kar well praises Marco Point, critics attention forward Marco teaches you to do homemade halal food Marco takes you around Hui for a delicious exploration, thank you.

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【Fried rice with sauerkraut】 | Chinese Halal Food | Chinese halal recipes | 马哥清真美食 |酸菜炒米


Halal food ~ Fried rice with sauerkraut, the Internet celebrity fried rice of Xi'an Hui people, sour and delicious, easy to learn