【Old fried noodles】 | Chinese Muslim Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes | 老炒面片

Hello everyone Marco in Northwest we love to eat Pasta Pasta Do you simply have the famous Lamb Patch Riverside Patch Slurry Movies Dry Fried Slice Fried Old Maye Slice Fried Each species faces its own unique taste and like its loyal customers today, Marco will take you to make old fried beef steaks from Linxia, er to prepare a small piece that likes to eat lamb fat and can also be used to chop a little fried spinach We cu a little chopped green onion with reen pepper with a littl color and now we see the end of th prepared materials of mince beef Sweet Green Pepper Chopped Spinach Pasta Sauce Need to Steer Chicken Monosodium Glutamate Salt Pepper Pepper Powder Final Preparations You can add a little pepper and salt When we wake up with a good face Now add the beef and pork after our oil has finished heating the oil to boil the meat Then we add the fragrant roshaw aroma, the crisp green pepper, and stir in the onions with the smell of onions .

A spoonful of water is added to the prepared spices after stirring in the prepared spinach pasta sauce. After adding the last color evenly with the minced meat and the pasta strainer to break up this reserve and then the broth in the preparation. Stir the patch evenly after sticking it with the spoon after we pour a bowl and just pour a good fried noodles with ground beef over our old fried Linxia strips that makes a point to remember praise the critics attention ahead Marco teaches you to do with Marco 's homemade halal kitchen Thanks To explore all over the Muslim

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【Old fried noodles】 | Chinese Muslim Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes | 老炒面片


Halal food ~ old fried noodles, another way of northwestern pasta, Linxia Hui people’s Hezhou old fried noodles