🇮🇳Indian Desi Food in Denmark 🇩🇰 |Copenhagen’s Indian restaurant | lndians in denmark

Hello Hi Guys Welcome To Fantastic Today's
Video Which Is Very Interesting And Much Give Yumi Vikaas Today I Am
Going To Take You To The Indian Restaurant There Is Unlimited The Indian
Food Is Available Select Chat Start Yo Yo What Is About INDIA YES FOOD FOOD I LOVE
SOME INDIAN GOOD LIKE Victim so we found this red one restaurant
where plal food Found no alcohol side nothing and this is the name of the restaurant Punjab Witch in Well Being Copied
was in then we went there on the occasion of Eid and then it 's something and there we took a grave
then what we live You can eat anything on unlimited side in this morning got some money options to it so you
can see here so much option was there for vegetarian as well as many options for android non
vegetarian also for face meet all and kin and all staff and ambiance like bollywood Style Bollywood Songs
Baj Rahe The And Also Admitted To D Feet Section Here Subway That Every Raita And Dump Kheer Is All That Enroot Se There Par
Don't Pay Attention To A Chicken Biryani A Bowl Of Rice And Clean Rhymes For Kids To Very Kuch Thaliwala Ka Menu
Them And Here Is The Wazifa Vegetarians Aloo Palak And Mix Well wich i didn't test so
don't know how it was and dal cylinder chana dal is now here and non veg section homeopath beach close fish curry
ki and chicken kurma and butter srikrishna wich ve yummy and glum nihari to edit and subscribe switch length neha
Reader time and this also am chicken curry and intended yah dasharan wings and dumb school leg piece and the chappal constipation
and all staff in veg options or samosa jain pakoda not much options and decision of sweet sections to here
hai jalebi and thing this picture Bengali rasgulla ki and pani puri pani puri the time that and say now naan
question and papad sauvit If Sachin starter then my system was full of stomach almost and chili
is the place where the minute is to be eaten, you can't even see the arrangement In term itself you go to white
flowers Comment to Switch Edison lost and object and Mango Lassi We Ordered Separately So That Was
Not Included Soy 10 Solve Alarms Seekh Vyamit Is Looking And Very Very Short But Service Little But
I Really Enjoyed The Completely Wedding Food And Some atmosphere was like this Many Pakistani Rangers are
Indian customers there and the last pani puri speak in golgappa that was also good The volume
Chanak Lovely Day and Ravi honey a so much fun and off the self today Guys I hope you enjoy this video And will
see you in next election take care bye-bye a kar do

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🇮🇳Indian Desi Food in Denmark 🇩🇰 |Copenhagen's Indian restaurant | lndians in denmark

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In today's video I am sharing our visit to An Indian restaurant in Copenhagen,Denmark.I have shared our experience of food.
That place was Halal and Alcohol free,which was the restaurant we visited this place and food was really good.
I hope you enjoy watching,as much as we enjoyed eating 😅😅

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