🇰🇷 Korean Halal Food in Korea?!

Today I came to the hottest street in Taiwan
Gyeongridan-gil Street Finally, a Korean halal restaurant opened today I specially invited two of my Korean friends We will eat together I will rate it objectively and let you know the result Go go I invited two of my Korean Muslim friends Hard to see the mix I am I agree with you Three korean muslims eat korean halal food it's rare to see this I have never seen this before it's the first time(?) I see this Can you introduce yourself? I am Zahra, a Korean Muslim I became a Muslim 5 years ago You are my coach Hello I am Suhan Park My Arabic name is Jawhar I was born as a Muslim You are the oldest Muslim here Yes it is true I became a Muslim 27 years ago Wow you are really the greatest leader Is this halal? *certificate of halal food*
yes it is halal these are all authentic korean dishes the combination of korean dishes and halal meat this is uncommon this is a popular korean dish I am very happy to know about this restaurant i miss korean food sometimes but most korean food is haram – not easy to find
– yes That's right, finding alternative halal food is not easy either
– yes right let's start with the food Thank you for the meal Bismillah "JAPCAHAE"
is an appetizer eaten before eating in Korea No, we should have the meal in front of us first Oh right we are Muslims she knows better than you I'll start with chicken korea = chicken that is different from korean famous fried chicken, softer and lighter, looks like dakgangjeong
(Korean crunchy chicken with sauce) it's really delicious I love korean chicken even this boneless chicken is very easy to eat yeah that's right *really*
chicken is delicious This bulgogi is amazing..

It's so delicious. Is that good? Masha Allah… Masha Allah you told me that you will keep your cold tone and manner this is true I am honest man if it is not tasty I will say no this is really good korean restaurant this is
Japchae turn to know the taste of delicious Japchae we must eat spinach and sesame oil equally why I've been eating japchae for a long time it's good Next is tteokbokki tteokbokki is…

Tteokbokki is the tteokbokki but it's halal tteokbokki I'm glad I can eat this I have a question.. did you change your taste after converting to Islam? For me that's a big change I used to like pork I can't eat if there was no pork but now I don't eat pork anymore
so I eat lighter Can you talk about alcohol? I used to like to drink before I converted to Islam even my friends were worried about me I couldn't control myself but after God's protection I felt like I'm on the right path now I can live a happy and joyful life without alcohol so I stopped drinking completely and that's good for your health too Oh yeah there's more rice cake I love this Is this a snack to drink? This is the Korean version of pizza, Korean rice cake How do you eat this? I guess we need to cut it No you don't need this Oh we have to tear it Don't put the knife on the food Oh really? Don't put the knife on the food it looks delicious Do you like seafood? But Muslims should love seafood, right?
Otherwise they won't have anything to eat It's good It's delicious I'm so greedy hahahaha Teokbokki's
not very popular It's delicious Well I'm going to eat you You live in San Il right?
– How do you eat that? That's why I have to go to Seoul all the time but there's a bus, that's okay about an hour from San Il to Seoul That's why I eat once a day Did you say the Shahada by yourself? No, my Pakistani friend taught me, did your parents oppose you? Do you show me? Don't talk about it, it pisses me off …a moment of silence…

If you had children, would you raise them as Muslims? May God bless my life so much,
so I hope my children will feel the same, me and my husband. Are you married? O.O No, that's her dream – what did you hear?
– No, this is what I meant by kimchi soup, one with tuna and the other with “ham.”
“Thigh meat of some animals, especially pigs.” Important is halal?!! This is made of chicken and beef. Oh, really? But it tastes like sausage Wow, technology isn't waiting for us "too fast" There will be halal pork in the future (joking) halal pork? There's also halal alcohol (joking)
*wit masha Allah* -_- I'm very curious about this. It tastes very familiar to me. This "ham" is similar to what I ate in syrup, very light and delicious How do you enjoy this Korean-style soup? Try this deep That's really good It's really good Is this kimchi tuna stew? It's also good but I prefer the ham soup The tuna soup is deep but the ham soup is delicious because of the ham itself I really liked this tuna soup I also prefer the tuna soup I like both since there is halal "ham", so we can make
budae-jjigae halal Also
** it's spicy sausage soup, made with pork and other ingredients ** This is a good idea budae –
jjigae is the absolute opposite of halal It's almost like pork soup This is a really good side dish that's really tasty and
it's free not bad I liked the anchovies too
*kind of Fish * I loved egg rolls and me too.

Question: What would you recommend to a Muslim friend from this list? If there is a new Muslim friend in Korea I would recommend the kimchi soup, this food is authentic korean chicken would be good too I recommend chicken because korean chicken has ingredients that other countries can't imitate it is really delicious but korean chicken is not halal so I can't say I recommend it but this chicken, it is also korean, but it is halal so I ate it a lot. I will recommend
japchae. It is like a Sudanese dish called sugar vermicelli and it is very sweet like a dessert. This is very Korean, because it has many Korean ingredients in it and I agree, japcha is the best Advantages: 1 Delicious halal food
2. Reasonable price
3. No preservatives
4. Near Eatown Wow The food is really tasty and the restaurant is also good with many advantages I had the pleasure of coming here with my two Muslim friends I am glad to know a delicious halal restaurant near the mosque I’m done now thanks To watch the video, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Honestly, would you recommend this food to your Muslim friends? Objectively, yes I will I was just texting my friends
“I found a good halal restaurant” ok let's go.

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🇰🇷 Korean Halal Food in Korea?!

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