🇰🇷 What if I cook Halal Food for my Family?

Halal Korean food Peace be upon you, I'm David Kim. Today at the weekend, I will be making halal sausage soup for my family. You might ask me: How did you manage to cook halal food in Korea? Because it is very difficult to find halal meat and halal sausage in Korea. However, there is a way. There is an online store selling halal food. His name is Mobby. So, I ordered from this store. Well, let's open it up first. Awesome^3 ramen. Snack with chili olives and finally… Wow, I'm so excited. There is ice in the box Halal Brothers Hot Dogs, finally… In fact, Halal Brothers sausages are known for their rich taste so I am very excited about their preparation now. Halal Sausage Halal Chicken This halal beef is very popular and very tasty. And I think it's ingenious that they came up with a design that shows what part of the cow's body it was produced from. So I guess…wow, that's so cool. And very tasty. Oh God…

Oh God. I'm very happy. In fact, I sent the request only yesterday. The order has arrived today. This is very fast. And a great tip: If you buy over 30,000 won, the delivery is free. That's really cool, right? Wow this is amazing. Can you see this? I'm very happy. Good. Let's prepare the halal sausage now. let's go. I have prepared all the ingredients. I'll start with the spices first. I want to tell you that all the ingredients are halal. I bought them from a halal food store so, don't worry about that. Well let's start. Two tablespoons of ground pepper Half a tablespoon of gochujang, which is sold in the market often contains alcohol. So, please be careful when buying it. A tablespoon of minced garlic. Two tablespoons of soy sauce. I don't like the sour and sweet taste. So, I didn't fill the tablespoon completely. But you can prepare it the way that suits you. The last ingredient, sugar. Don't put too much, because it's too sweet.

We do the flip. The spices are ready! I'm going to put all the ingredients in this bowl. Let's review the ingredients first. First, the onion slices. Just slices… Now it's sausage time. We cut it diagonally to give it a nice look. this way. And now, halal sausage brothers. Oh, this was produced in New Zealand. It looks very delicious. Huge hot dogs! Looks like a lot…? I'm going to put in the beef broth. This broth is specially made with halal beef. Let's not put it. looks good. Now it's kimchi time. Kimchi is the key to budae- jjigae If kimchi doesn't taste delicious, you won't be able to make delicious budae-jjigae.

This is advice. We put it. Now, let's boil the ingredients. let's go! It's so nice to add mochi. Put mochi. Then put the spices. It smells wonderful. We mix well. Do I look like a chef today? Good Good Good I think I have to open a halal restaurant someday. Looks delicious it's time to add green onions and tofu. Cut the green onions into slices. We put it on, cut the tofu into slices, we also put it and mix well and now the last ingredient is the ramen. Ramyun is also important. This is the life of the budae-jjigae.

I will put this. Wow great! And now I'm going to call mom and dad. I'll call them Do you want to eat budae-jjigae It smells good. Come with me to eat (talking to dad). It smells good , yes, that's right. Look at her shape. So, I've prepared the food. So I called my mom and I called my dad too, but he didn't want to eat. He doesn't want to be on camera (the shy guy) so… what do you think of her look? It smells good. And it is halal. All ingredients are halal. Give me more tofu. Tofu? Well this is for my mom. In the name of God. In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. You know I'm a Christian, right? By the way, is this your first time making budae jjigae? No, I've made it before.

By the way, it looks really cool. These budae-jjigae are halal only. In Korea, sausages are made from pork. After all, these sausages are a mixture of chicken sausage and beef sausage. Isn't that strange? It's delicious, how long did it take to make it? 30 minutes or more, about an hour. I have to make sure if all the ingredients are halal or not. So it takes a long time. Yes, cooking is not easy. Did you enjoy cooking? Yes I think so. So I cook for me more times after that. Of course, why not? Much better than last time, right? Yes, but the ramen is too much. Next time, add half this amount. You always find the negative point. Why not points for positive? I told you that next time. The food is very tasty, great. So how many points would you rate me out of 100? The last time you gave me a rating of 60 or 70 as I remember.

Wasn't it 80? No, it was less. Well, I'll give you 90. Great job. First, it looks great. The spices were good. The beef broth was a very good idea, and it was delicious. So, do you usually cook for me after that? Good. Thank you. Let's do a halal restaurant in Korea in the future. This is a good idea. I'll make you convert, and then I'll hire you as a chef. No… Do I have to be Muslim in order to own a halal restaurant? It is better if the chef is Muslim. But I am not as professional as the chef. You are a professional chef. So, you're done for the day. I want to give my dad a try too. I'll give it to him after I close the camera. I am very happy that I can make halal sausage soup in Korea. And now I can cook more, because I know how to get halal products (ingredients for food) Thanks a lot for watching the video. Take care of yourselves, and stay safe. Thank God. good bye. In the future, if I open a restaurant dedicated to halal food, please come visit me.


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🇰🇷 What if I cook Halal Food for my Family?

🇰🇷 What if I cook Halal Food for my Family?

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