🇰🇷 What if I cook Halal food for my mom?!

It looks delicious. You come to the supermarket. My mother's condition is not good. I want to help her get healthy. I'm going to make Korean chicken cooked in spicy soy sauce. Let's buy the ingredients. Korean chicken cooked with hot soy sauce. Traditional Korean steamed chicken. It's really really a popular Korean dish. If you come to Korea, you should try it *but be careful, because Korean chicken is not always halal (today I use halal chicken from Itaewon). I recommend it. I will provide the components. Sliced n. noodles. It really is delicious. Potato Onion Carrot Cucumber Spring Onion Pepper This is enough for 1/2 cup soy sauce. 6 tablespoons rice syrup (or corn syrup) 1/4 teaspoon black pepper. 3 tablespoons of sugar. This is my secret recipe.

Coffee powder is the best. That's really good, best advice. In Korea, people use alcohol to get rid of the smell of meat. So if you order food in Korea, you have to be careful. Of course, alcohol is forbidden. It is forbidden to start preparing. let's go ! First noodles 1. At first, soak the noodles in water for one hour. To become soft 2. Prepare the vegetables. Clean clean you washed and let's prepare the chicken too. 3. Prepare the chicken (I did this before). After cutting the chicken, add water and milk and marinate it for 30 minutes. And then the smell will go away. It's my method 4. We cut the vegetables (cut the carrots into slices) This is enough to chop the onions thickly. Chop green onions thickly. Cucumber slices diagonally (good size to eat) good size to eat. Potatoes contain starch, so it's best to cut them flat and soak them in water to get rid of the starch. The vegetables are ready!! All ingredients are ready. So let's start cooking. Let's go 5. Put water, 4 cups are enough.

And then 6. We put the soy sauce, this is the main ingredient, the soy sauce. 13 spoons.. a lot Put more than you think. 7. We put the coffee powder, it's time for the secret recipe, the coffee powder. Instant coffee is good too. I have Arabica coffee at home so I will use it. Isn't this coffee? This is not coffee. It smells like cinnamon tea. Isn't this coffee? I'm sorry,
do you have coffee? Or just instant coffee? I found it, this is a korean black iced coffee, I'm going to put this on.
It is good. It removes the smell of chicken and gives it a unique flavour. Very good, look at the color. This beautiful colour. Let it boil for another 10 minutes. 8. Put the sugar, 3 tablespoons of sugar. The more you add, the more delicious it is. Because it's sweet 9. We add 6 tablespoons of rice syrup (or corn syrup) Come on good Put more than you think. 10. We add all the vegetables. Except for green onions and peppers. Carrots, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, etc. Wow, if you add more vegetables, you will get a deeper taste.

Healthy also put a little black pepper. Focused Do I look like a chef? ASMR time 11. Add green onions and peppers. Ah it's hot. If you do not like spicy food, do not add pepper. But here is Korea. This is Korea. This is Korea. A dance of Korea (?) looks green and green. 12. We add noodles, that's last. Add these noodles that have been previously soaked in water for one hour. Let it boil for two minutes only! Then it is really delicious. I finished. Finally, I'm done. We're done, and I'm going to present it to my mom and grandmother. Come on.. let's eat together. Will it be delicious? Probably. Come on Mom: Give me the noodles.

Grandma we eat together. Grandmother: Yes of course, because you cooked for me, I will eat. This is the Jimdak I made. Grandma: It sounds very tasty. In the name of God, it is good. Is it good? Yes, Mom: It's really good. The noodles are very delicious. are you sure ? Grandma: Did you soak the pasta in water? It's really a good idea. Yes, the noodles are soft.

Grandma: That's great. It's good Grandma: Yes it's better than good (?) There are plenty of veggies too. Grandma: Yes, that's right. how it was ? Mom: It's good, thank God, how did you prepare the recipe well? Mom: She's so sweet. Grandma: Yes, it is sweet. Just a recipe from the internet… haha. How many points will I get? I'll give you.. 10 points out of 10 Grandma: Because it's really delicious I'll give you 9.5 out of 10 Hallelujah It's the highest point I get.

I'll give you 10 points on food next time. So you should get better soon. I think kids like this food too, it's not spicy. Yes it is sweet. Yes, it is not very sweet, but very tasty. Good ? Yes, you got the highest score today!! Today I did my best to make korean halal food. I will make more halal korean food and show you that. Thanks for watching this video. Please say goodbye..

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🇰🇷 What if I cook Halal food for my mom?!

🇰🇷 What if I cook Halal Korean food for my mom?!

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