🍔 HALAL FOOD IN BAY AREA | iniburger

let's try the halal burgers at iniburger a 
gourmet burger spot in fremont their menu is   100 halal which refers to the muslim criteria 
for how food is raised and prepared today i'm   going to show you two of their burgers and two of 
their sides first up is the nashville hot chicken   this comes with spicy crispy chicken spicy mayo 
cayenne sauce pickles and coleslaw this burger   is spicy this actually wasn't too bad but you 
definitely need a drink on hand for the first   appetizer i got the mac and cheese bites whoops 
this one's definitely more for the kids folks   next up are the onion rings are you team fries 
or team onion rings personally i like to have   onion rings when i haven't had them in a while and 
for our last burger the mushroom swiss this one   was awesome it comes with angus beef melted swiss 
cheese and grilled mushrooms and onions personally   i found this to be more delectable than the hot 
chicken burger so if you are on a halal diet or   want to try these amazing halal burgers definitely 
check out iniburger in fremont or pleasanton

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🍔 HALAL FOOD IN BAY AREA | iniburger

If you're looking for halal food in the Bay Area, check out iniburger in Fremont or Pleasanton of East Bay!

iniburger is a gourmet burger spot with a 💯% halal menu! Halal means "permissable" in Arabic, and refers to meat prepared in the matter prescribed by Islamic law. In this video I rate and review two of their burgers and two of their sides! So whether or not you are Muslim, you've got to try their awesome burgers! 🍔

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