10 Haram Foods In Islam That Muslims Think Are Halal

We have created videos about things that are haram according to Islam, but in this video   though, we are going to look specifically 
at foods and I'll be highlighting 10 foods   that you probably didn't know were haram in 
Islam. How's it going, guys? Welcome back to FTD  Facts. my name is Leroy Kenton. If you didn't know already. And for this episode, we're gonna see   that some of these foods Muslims have probably been eating them, but they just didn't know that   these foods were haram. So make sure you watch this video all the way to the end so you don't   miss any of these foods.

Okay so let's just jump 
into it starting at number 10, we have the food:   Jello. Now this is a very common dessert. Who 
doesn't like jello right? It tastes really really   really nice especially when it's chilled. Kids 
love it especially, but here's the thing though   it's known that jello contains gelatin which is a 
protein derived from the collagen that is found in   pig bones, skin, as well as connective tissues. 
So this tasty little dessert isn't so halal   after all. This may come as a surprise at number 
9 – red candy. So, red candy or strawberry flavored   candy – anything red that tastes sweet pretty much 
in the candy category it's often dyed with a food   coloring called carmine.

And carmine is made from 
dead crushed up beetles. It's produced when these   insects are boiled with sodium carbonate or 
ammonia which then produces the bright red dye.   Therefore, it's recommended that you see the 
ingredients list before buying. Also, a thing   to note of the four major Sunni Islamic schools of 
thought Hanafi schools, they forbid eating all bugs   while the Maliki scholars, they accept them, but the 
Shafi'i and the Hambali academics, they completely   forbid the consumption of some insects but others, 
they allow. So, it's haram based on the school of   thought that you fall in. Next up, Japanese food. 
Well if you're worried about following the halal   guidelines then it would be beneficial for you to 
check the ingredients of food that you're ordering   in a restaurant, or buying at the store of course. 
Many of these Japanese foods, they use soy sauce   and it contains alcohol.

Other haram ingredients 
include: mirin and this is a type of rice wine   similar to sake but it has lower alcohol content, 
but there's still alcohol in it. Instant fried tofu   comes in at number seven. Tofu is often used as a 
meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. I was   vegetarian for about six years, and tofu was like 
my staple food in the diet because tofu is a very   flexible food. Often though, Chinese brands, they do 
sell pre-cooked frozen tofu and that tofu is fried   in pork fat in order to retain its crispiness.

regardless of whether you're looking for halal   food as a Muslim, or if you're vegan or vegetarian 
looking to stay away from animal products   altogether, just always double-check what is 
used to prepare your tofu. Number six brings us   cheese fondue. I'm a person where I love cheese and, 
we can thank Switzerland for this. So, traditional   cheese fondue is a Swiss dish that makes use of 
white wine or alcohol. So, with that said, it's a   a haram food item.

Alright, before we get into the 
last five haram foods, just a reminder that we did   do a video series about haram things in Islam as 
well as halal things. I'll link to both of those   series below in the video description section so 
you can check them out, because like I mentioned   in this video, we're just looking at food but 
it extends to a whole other world of things   that can fall under haram. And in some cases, 
the term halal although, yes, halal is used for   specifically, food, in slang, halal is used for 
other permissible things in Islam. So, definitely   check those ones out. Those links are below in the 
video description section. Moving on to number five,   we have Spirit vinegar. Alcohol and products 
containing alcohol are just haram in Islam.   And even if alcohol has evaporated in the end. 
So therefore, Spirit vinegar is haram.

However, if   alcohol is not used in making of the vinegar, then 
it is halal. So, it's advised that you check the   description of the ingredients before buying it 
just to make sure. Marshmallows comes in at number   four. Marshmallows, they are a very popular snack 
and you can eat marshmallows just as they are or   you can throw them in your hot chocolate, you can 
roast them at a campfire, and more.

But again, just   like jello, marshmallows contain gelatin so they 
are completely haram. However, vegan marshmallows,  they do exist. So, you are in luck. You can check 
them out. Those are fully halal and they are   a great substitute for regular marshmallows. One 
of my favorite desserts comes at number three –   cheesecake! Most cheesecakes contain gelatin as a 
firming agent to set the cheese, but you can find   cheesecakes that do not contain any gelatin though.
But, if you are unsure, it is recommended that you   simply make it yourself, or you have somebody 
that's a lot more skilled than you in the kitchen   make it. I'm very picky when it comes to my 
cheesecake, so you gotta make it right or else   I'm just not eating it. Cake mix is at number two. 
Although they can be very affordable and tasty,   some ready-made cake mixes, they actually 
use pork fat. So, of course, make sure you   check the ingredients list before buying 

And the final surprisingly haram food:   salad dressing. Have you ever wondered 
why there are certain salad dressings   that are made in-house at a restaurant and you 
find that they taste a little bit different   than the ones that you can buy in the store or 
even ones that you make at home? Well I got the   answer to that. It's because many restaurants use 
bacon fat in their salad dressings. So, of course,   when you go to a restaurant, you can ask for an 
ingredients list or just tell them not to put   any dressing on your salad whatsoever. Another 
option is if you take the salad to go, I guess.   You can put some olive oil over it or even just 
plain olives. They have a great flavor, especially   when you use them as a topping for salad. So, this 
ends our look at 10 surprisingly haram foods in   Islam. I also gave you some recommendations and 
alternatives that actually exist. But, let me know   down below in the comment section. Did any of 
these foods surprise you? Regardless if you're   Muslim or not, I want to know what you thought 
down below.

I also have those recommended videos   that you can check out in the video description 
section, and until next time guys just stay awesome!   Stay educated! I'll see you guys real soon 
because we post videos daily here on FTD Facts. Later! foreign.

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10 Haram Foods In Islam That Muslims Think Are Halal

10 Haram Foods In Islam That Muslims Think Are Halal
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I’ll be highlighting 10 foods that you probably didn’t know were haram in Islam.


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