10 KULINER HALAL CHINA yang Paling Populer

China has always attracted many tourists Because of its beautiful natural charm and various iconic places whose popularity is very global Before I first went to China I thought finding halal food was not easy And after arriving here, I was surprised Wow, there are very many halal restaurants here I can conclude every 1 km radius there is one or two halal food places And, this time I will summarize the 10 most sought after halal foods of all time At number 10 there is Hulatang This food is a soup from Henan province Even so, this soup is spread throughout China And generally eaten at breakfast Very delicious Lots of spices in it and this is a really favorite for Chinese people To be even more stable, this soup is eaten with various types of fried bread You can also use rolled bread, or even martabak This food is Halal n mosques usually after Friday Prayers, these foods are distributed to the Jama'ah Hulantang If you go to China, don't forget to try hulatang At numb 9 there is HongChao Niuro Lamian This food comes from Lanzhou In general, noodles in China are made by hand pulled, live, and fresh Hong chao niuro lamian, this food comes from Lanzhou After the noodles are pulled, sprinkled with lamian soup then sprinkled again with sauteed meat and vegetables that are very fresh Why is it called Hongchao? because it uses red meat and the topping is really top This is my favorite during winter even summer but it is more suitable to eat on winter awesome

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10 KULINER HALAL CHINA yang Paling Populer

Top 10 Makanan Halal (Halal food) yang paling laris dan paling recommended di China

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(Shot in Wuhan, Hubei)

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