10 Surprising Halal Animal Sacrifice Practices In Islam

Muslim practices relating to halal meat have
been a subject of discussion for years. Muslims say that the rules regarding halal
meat and animal sacrifice are actually a better way than conventional methods, and it
holds great significance in the Islamic faith as it is related to Eid Al Adha, which is the
festival of the sacrifice. In this episode, I'll be sharing 10 surprising halal animal
sacrifice practices according to the religion of Islam. Hey guys, welcome back to FTD
Facts. My name is Leroy Kenton. And now there's going to be a lot of surprising and
interesting facts coming up. So make sure you watch this video from 10:00 all the way down
to number one. OK, let's jump into this. So much to look at, starting with number 10. Not
every animal can be used for halal meat and sacrificed. No animal with defects should be
used. Animals without ears or more than one third of the ear that's defective or
partially blind or totally blind animals with horns broken from the root animals that have
most or all of their teeth completely missing.

Also, animals that have limbs broken
or three legged, even animals that have their tails cut off. Also, sick and emaciated animals that lack
the ability to move or walk are completely avoided when it comes to sacrificing and
halal meat. Now, number nine, very, very, very important point. God's name has to be
invoked in a blessing that is called the Tuscumbia. And it's said before any
slaughtering, generally slaughtermen around the world use the most common phrase. And
it's a lovely bar, which means in the name of Allah, the greatest. Another practice is that
only one animal can be ritually sacrificed at one time and the other animals, they cannot
experience seeing that other animal being sacrificed. So every single effort is taken
to ensure that the animals are not present with other animals during the time of
sacrifice. Also animals, they got to be treated well. The Islamic religious law also outlines how
the animals must be treated during its life. So actually animals are not allowed to be
mistreated or caused any pain. It must also be provided with enough space to roam about
just live its life and also need to have access to clean water, food and fresh air so
they're not to be boxed up and applauded together with other animals in very cramped
and tight and dirty spaces.

And other important practice is that knives
are sharpened to the optimum degree and the slaughter should be carried out quickly and
effectively to minimize the suffering that the animal is going to be experiencing. And
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the animal have a quick end to its life. So we know that the animal is to be slaughtered
with a very sharp object. How slaughtering is to be done by cutting the throat or piercing
the hollow of the throat. And this specifically is done to take the animal's
life in the quickest and least painful way possible. So there's no need for the use of
stunners. And this practice also allows the quickest bleeding of the animal. It's not a
prolonged process at all. Now, this what may be a common practice associated with Islam.
All blood must be drained from the animal. Now, there is scientific reasons, too, for
the choice of halal meat by Muslims. Animal blood contains enzymes and harmful
microorganisms as well as toxins. And in halal meat prep, the blood is drained out
completely as the animal is still not fully dead.

And this prevents any blood clotting to
happen in the veins. And also the meat would be just that much more cleaner. No. Three,
let's talk about the religious duty. Not any one can actually perform an animal sacrifice.
They must meet certain requirements. It is a duty of every Muslim, male and Muslim. As
long as they have reached the age of puberty, also in the right minds, and they also
possess a certain amount of wealth at that time and the Muslim must make a sacrifice in
the name of Allah.

So not just any random or reckless person can do this. Also, there's a rule for removing the skin,
the skin of the animal that has been sacrificed and dismembering the body parts
should not begin until the animal's carcass has turned cold. And finally, another surprising practice
relates to the fetus. So if after slaughtering and sacrificing an animal that
it's found out that the animal is actually pregnant and there's a live fetus that is
inside of the animal still, well, it's necessary then to slaughter that fetus.

right. So that wraps up this episode. This was a look at ten surprising Halaal animal
sacrifice practices according to the religion of Islam. Let me go down below in the comments section
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10 Surprising Halal Animal Sacrifice Practices In Islam

10 Surprising Halal Animal Sacrifice Practices In Islam
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In this episode, Iโ€™ll be sharing 10 surprising animal sacrifice practices in Islam. Muslim practices relating to Halal meat have been a subject of discussion for years! Muslims say that the rules regarding Halal meat are actually a better way than conventional methods of prepping meat and it also holds great significance in the Islamic faith as it is related to Eid Al Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice).


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