5 reasons why South Asia is better than Korea?

Peace be upon you. Nice to meet you. How are you? I'm from Korea, my name is David Kim , I'm sorry if I made a mistake, I used Google Translate , I'm sorry if I made a mistake, I used Google Translate. It's not easy anyway, today I'm going to talk about five reasons why South Asia is better than Korea. Of course I know it is strange that this country is better than this country. But I'm going to talk about this because as a Korean, I think there's a lot of good in South Asia. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, let's start first: Population a lot Maybe you'll say what are you talking about? I will tell you that there is a large population that can be a force that can grow their economy in the future. Since India's birth rate in 2018 was 2.2 , Pakistan's was 3.5 , Bangladesh's was 2.4 , Korea was..0.0..it's very small, maybe one day Korea will disappear like this. Secondly, their smile is really beautiful. Of course Koreans are cute too, but they don't always smile like South Asians do.

Every Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi I met in Korea always smiles at me. They are always kind and always want to give me something, especially food. Even if I say "okay x2" but they insist on giving me they say no problem, this is our hospitality. Welcome brother.. like this actually, I haven't been to Pakistan, Bangladesh and India yet, but I know their hospitality is great. As you know, this video is very popular. Not sure if it's real or not but..

But I want to check this one day, if it's real or not. (I really want to go there) God willing Third: Weddings Most weddings in South Asia are really magnificent and luxurious. Really luxurious I've seen a lot of weddings in Tiktok, they wear fancy clothes and invite their friends and they
dance, eat and have fun together. It sounds very interesting I've been in the wedding business for over four years in Korea, it's all over in just half an hour they do the wedding and eat and it's all over it's boring Fourth: Biryani is amazing South Asian food even though there aren't many varieties Various restaurants in Korea.

But South Asian restaurants are everywhere. Curry, chicken masala, tandoori chicken, biryani. It's very popular and delicious and I love it too. And maybe if you go there it will be more delicious, right? And maybe if you go there it will be more delicious, right? Delicious and easy to find halal foods, right? Thank God, I envy you very much Fifth: The existence of different religions, races and cultures. There are many, many types of people out there Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and there are also many different races, languages, foods, clothes and cultures not like in Korea.

This means that you can try a lot of different things. It's wonderful. The thing that surprised me is that I met a lot of South Asians with different religions and culture in Korea. They all respect each other and hang out together. So what the media is saying, they're fighting over religion, I think it's not true. They are the most kind and respectful people I have ever seen. So I hope people, especially in Korea, don't believe this kind of rumour. And there are many other things too, such as the family caring community, their beautiful language, and their powerful army. Perhaps Pakistan is the only Muslim country that has nuclear weapons like North Korea…..(?) Do they have? I don't know oh, and the best game ever.. cricket. It looks really fun. I want to try someday. Beautiful nature, mountains like K2, lakes, deserts and also beautiful people. Sometimes my subscribers say, Oh, Koreans are so beautiful and handsome, like BTS and Blackpink. But from my point of view, Bollywood and South Asian actors and actresses are more handsome and beautiful.

This is what I see from my point of view. And about their independence they are independent and free, independent in religion, independent in language, and Korea also has a similar history so I really like that. Anyway, there were a lot of good things. And I think country pride is really important. They seem really proud of their country. So I think it's a really good thing. God willing, they will be the best in the world, I really want to go there after this pandemic, God willing , I want to feel their hospitality from my heart. I'm done thank you.

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5 reasons why South Asia is better than Korea?

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