Allauddin’s Briyani – MUST-EAT Singapore Indian Food at Tekka Centre!

Hey everyone! It's Mark Wiens with in Singapore Right now, I'm at the Tekka Centre which is a wonderful food court hawker centre/shopping centre of all things in Little India and it's one of the best places to come if you are looking for Indian food This is a very popular market and food centre just immediately right off the Little India MRT Station And it's right in Little India in Singapore On the bottom floor, is a big food centre Which is a giant food court open air food court and while there are some Chinese food dishes stalls available The majority of the stalls at this hawker centre are all Indian and there's some Malay as well, but really I think it really focuses on the Indian Stalls So if you are looking for curry, if you are looking for prata, if you are looking for biryani rice This is one of the ultimate places to come in Singapore And then also on the other side, there is a fresh market where you can get all sorts of produce and then there are also a lot of shopping stalls where you can buy clothes This is kind of an all in one Indian shopping centre and food court in the heart of Singapore One of the things that i had to order was roti prata and this is a prata i got it with an egg and onions on the inside He stretched out the dough and then added an egg and some onions into the middle and then folded it into a little package and he fried it up fresh I'm gonna eat this right now because it is hot and fresh and served with a curry sauce Oh yes! All of the aroma! Oh that's really hot, okay we just break into that Oh you can, wow that's even hot to touch, you can smell that aroma the onions and the egg in there Go for a quick dip in the curry sauce Oh that's just awesomely good! The roti it is a little bit crispy on the edges, but most of the roti is just kind of sticky and doughy and then the inside is filled with an egg as well as onions which are very fragrant and still a little bit crisp and then yeah definitely taking it to the next level as that curry sauce That's where a lot of flavor comes from and the curry sauce is not spicy, it's mild But it really goes well together with that plain roti This makes a great breakfast, because it's kind of an all in one little meal And with your eggs inside there as well That's just simple and good! Another one of the stalls here at Tekka Centre that I was really looking forward to try was Allaudin's nasi biryani and they specialize in dum biryani and when you walk up to the front there, you can just smell the aroma of the spices, you can see the giant pots that they cook the rice and the chicken in and so I ordered a plate and what he did was he really carefully dished out some rice onto the plate, just a couple scoops at first and then after that he topped it with a piece of chicken, and then after that he went back to the pot of rice and scooped on some more rice on top of that, so the chicken is sort of sandwiched between two layers of rice, and then after that I had it, I got an egg on the side, and then he served it with a side bowl of curry sauce And so this is the complete dish, the rice is very orange and yellow colorful long strands of basmati rice There are onions in here, the aroma's fantastic! I also got it with an egg on the side, and I'm just gonna try some of that rice first Oh that rice has a beautiful fragrance to it, I think I can taste some cardamom in there, maybe some cloves and definitely some cumin The rice is a little bit of moist, it really depends on what type of biryani you have, sometimes it's more dry, other times this one is a little more on the moist side and also you can really taste those onions really fragrant onions in that rice as well, is that a chicken leg I believe? I can't even Oh! Look at how tender that chicken just slipped off! Oh look at that! And I better take a bite with just some of that sauce before I go into the curry sauce That chicken is so soft and tender! Sometimes when a chicken is really really soft, it tends to get mushy and sort of like starchy almost, but somehow this chicken is ridiculouly soft, but it's not mushy at all, and it's just brilliant! Wow! And then with that curry sauce, and then with that spiced fragrant rice, that is just simply a marvelous combination! Add some of that curry sauce to the egg, Oh yeah! It's a chunky curry sauce, there are curry leaves in here and there is potatoes in here as well Those curry leaves are brilliant! The curry sauce has a really nice fragrant from the curry leaves used in there, and I believe that there's also eggplant in that curry sauce, which has been cooked for so long that it started to dissolve into the curry sauce, so it's almost kind of thickened by that eggplant That was a great plate of nasi biryani! And I'm still amazed that how the chicken was so soft, but the texture remains really good and not mushy That was delicious! And really this entire Tekka Centre, it's a wonderful wonderful place to come if you love Indian food, I notice mostly South Indian food, but really a broad spectrum of different dishes to order, lots of stalls and when you walk around you can just smell the aroma of those spices within the humidity of the air of Singapore It's beautiful! I want to thank all of you who recommended the Tekka Centre to come for to eat, this is a wonderful place and I appreciate you all recommending it Please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and also subscribe for more food videos, and I will see you on the next food video

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Allauddin's Briyani - MUST-EAT Singapore Indian Food at Tekka Centre!

Allauddin's Chicken Briyani in Singapore is fragrant and delicious!

If you’re looking for excellent Indian hawker food in Singapore, one of the best places to go is Tekka Centre, located in Little India. You’ll find a tempting variety of different Indian food stalls to choose from, many of them serving south Indian dishes. You can get paratha, banana leaf rice and curry, and what I chose to eat was chicken biryani from a famous stall called Allauddin’s.

But before beginning with my chicken biryani, I first had an onion paratha, a greasy and crispy pieces of fried bread filled with onions and served with a side of curry sauce. It was pretty good. But nothing compared to my plate of chicken biryani. The rice was fluffy and fragrant, and not too dry, but had some nice moisture to it. The chicken was incredible - it was soft, yet not mushy at all, but remained a fantastic silky texture. Finally, the curry sauce that my plate of biryani was served with is what really elevated the plate to the next level.

For a wonderful plate of chicken biryani in Singapore, head over to Allauddin's Chicken Biryani at Tekka Centre.


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