Almanya’da sonradan müslüman olan bir gencin helâl gıda hassâsiyeti

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytan ar-rajim Bismillahirrahmanirrahîm One of the important milestones on our journey to the halal morsel was Germany. I had to live with my family for about 3-4 years in Germany, where I went for a study in 1981. In that period, I experienced very interesting things related to halal morsel. One of the most important is; The door knocked while we were in a meeting with a community association. A young German entered to room. He started his words with "Assalamu Alaikum". And continued "I became a Muslim 6 months ago" We started to wonder. He also realized that and said; "Do you know why I came here?" "I came to complain to you, about you." Of course, our curiosity increased. "As I said, I had received a Qur'an with German translation 6 months ago." "When I start reading I said -that's the religion I'm looking for!-" "I have been reading since that day" "As I read more, I started to find myself." "I tried to do what was ordered there." "I saw that one of the most important things is the halalness of the foods we eat." "So, I minimized shopping from German markets after that." "I started to eat foods relying on my own research about halal foods." Of course, he presented himself in the meantime.

A young man, doing his doctorate at the University of Dortmund. The German who has contact with us. He became a Muslim having such an identity. And most importantly, he entered into action on halal morsel. And he comes to us to complain about us. What is the reason? He says, “I minimized shopping from German markets on the information I learned in the Qur'an. But what kind of organization you are that all of your members shop in German markets all the time. Don’t you warn them? Almost all of the products sold in those German markets are haram products"… When he said that, of course he appealed to my curiosity. And then I tried to get into communication with him to get benefits from his thinking. Following, we talked and he explained his problem. Then he said goodbye and left. I turned to my interior at that moment:..

“I am with people who are not as sensitive as a German who was a (newly) Muslim 6 months ago. I came to the point, ‘We have to study and solve this situation.’" And this time I turned to the subject of German industrialists. I mean, I didn't come for that purpose (to Germany). I came to work as an Associate Professor. When I encountered such a subject, I needed to focus on it. Because I am living in Germany too with my 7 children. After all, I needed to do a study related to the most important (pork origin) products used in these foods by meeting with manufacturers and vendors in Germany and so on … And as a result, I started writing an article in a magazine that we started publishing in Germany.

I came back from Germany in 1984. Of course, when I returned with my family, we experienced the excitement of reaching our own home, our own site and our market in Ankara with the mood of a person who is out of famine. I don’t even forget that By giving coins to our children immediately… I sent them like "Go to our store and shop"… …while I could not send my children to the markets in this way for 3-4 years in Germany.

I was confronted with a different picture in here too (Turkey). Kids are rushed to the supermarket with excitement to shop. But they returned in 5 minutes. "What happened, why didn't you buy anything?" I said, "Dad, almost all of the products you foreclosed in Germany were on the shelves of our market." "So, we had to come without buying anything" they said. Very interesting. Things that happen outside of your will, take place within the plan of Allah. My intention was completely different … Maybe you know my profession. I was a mechanical engineer. So, I had a study with Bochum University for an associate professorship thesis on that subject. Meanwhile, we have to eat and drink to live. For this reason, the halalness of what we eat was an everyday issue for us.

When this information had come to me, I saw a picture of Turkey way worse than Germany shown to me by my kids… and I decided on my action plan on that day by considering that. It seems as if Cenab-ı Hak showed me this information and ordered me to engage in certification work in Turkey. And I left my profession aside to focus more on this issue..

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Almanya'da sonradan müslüman olan bir gencin helâl gıda hassâsiyeti

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