My earring dropped! That is so not sexy, Nurul Aini! But, hey guys – let me pick up my earring first – Welcome, to episode 5 of Makan Maps! And, um, today we are going to explore Indian food that is why I'm dressed so fancily I'm not alone, I have a guest as always. And today, I have the very beautiful Naomi! Hi! Hi! Don't know about beautiful but can – Thanks for being with me today. Are you ready to eat? Yes, I am. We're going to eat at 3 different restaurants. Ok. I'm mostly nervous, I do love Indian food but I'm also nervous because I know how filling it can be. Yes, yes. And it can be really spicy too Can you take spicy food? We'll see! We'll see, let's get to our first location. Let's go! Let's go! So, in our first location, we are at Copper Chimney. Now, I have to tell you a little bit about Copper Chimney, ok? So, during the circuit breaker, they actually sent me food And me and my husband, we loved their food so much! It is honestly the best Indian food I've ever had! Really? Yes, it was the best! And I was telling my husband, "Where did they come from? This is so good!" And then when I saw Copper Chimney on the call sheet I'm like, "Yes!!" I have very high expectations now, you know.

So I'm like, "Ok, let's see how this goes.” So, we have right now in front of us is Masala Roomali Such a sexy name, right? Yeah, it is right? And Mint Calamansi I'm going to start with this already Ok, I'm going to – I mean there is no pretty way to eat this, guys because you're just going to have to tear it apart.
Oh my god! Ok, let's go! Wow, it's so tasty! It's pickled onions, is it? Cause I can taste a little bit of saltiness This is good as well, it's just a little bit sweet for me A little bit too sweet for me Oh, I love it though! I have a very sweet tooth so this is just nice for me On a hot day – Yep! this is exactly what I would down! Ok guys, so now we have Salmon Tikka, Salt & Pepper Baby Corn, and also Malai Chicken Tikka These are appetizers – (Starters) Oh, starters.

Sorry! These are starters! Wow! Ok, let's go, let's go! I have my eyes on this one Yeah! Very curious about that one ah What is that?
Yeah it looks fantastic Ok, which one are you going for first? I want the salmon Ok, I'm going to go with this I'm just going to get a small piece because guys, we still have A LOT of other food to try Wow! Why, why, why You should try this It's really good? They coated it with like flour and like spices and then mixed it with the sauce that is just incredible Wow! And you know their presentation is like very elegant Yeah, it's impeccable man. I mean look at the, the appetizer from before – the Masala Roomali that was a beautiful piece of art man, which we kind of decimated So, we apologise for that It's something that you can just eat and eat and eat without realising you finished actually the whole plate It's so good! And you know, it's vegetables! It's baby corn.

My children will not know this is vegetables This is a great way to trick the kids into eating vegetables. How's the salmon? It's good! Is it great? But you have to eat with the sauce as well because the sauce is a little bit sour, so it goes very nicely. This is really good ah! I'm not going to finish it because you know what, I want to take away Shameless ah Just say it in front of the camera Anything good I eat, I must bring home and share with my family as well Ohh Shiok, right? Shiok ah Very good taste I want to try the chicken Ok, I’m going to try the chicken Wow! The chicken is super tender and this is, um, is it breast meat? Ok, let me try this one right now I am so impressed with this. How can something so simple taste so good? It's just baby corn but you guys do it so well! I'm going to try the chicken right now I think you will love the chicken as well. It's creamy and it's tender This is really tender Yeah, it's really tender! Yeah! Wow! It's so easy to eat, I love it! Hands down! I can't pick, I can't pick!
I'm already having a hard time Hot! Drink something, drink something! So we have in front of us, three different types of Naan We have the Garlic Naan, we also have the Pudina Lacha Paratha, and also Rumali Roti and different types of curry as well.

Let's go! This is the spinach with cottage cheese, right Yes Paneer Some here – Oh, thank you! Some here as well Ok, you know what – Yes Yeah, let's, let's try We'll try this first with the –
We'll try this first, ok? I'll probably take just a pinch and then you can have yours. That's big, man. Thank you! Just try it! You know a naan is or prata is really well done when it's not like, too thick This is like crispy – This is just nice It's just nice, yeah Wow! This is spinach, guys, it's not overpowering like you can barely even taste the spinach So good! And, actually, I thought because it's pudina, it's mint, I thought like you can really taste the mint but no actually, not really And the cheese in it, it's not too overpowering so I do feel like I'm getting a good mix of everything Yeah And spinach man, you can't go wrong with spinach I mean, they made a whole movie out of Popeye.

Gotta count on that, man Yeah, and people call me Olive, Popeye's wife, last time when I was in school Are you serious?
Yeah Why? Cause I looked like Popeye's wife. I was, I was very, very skinny You're very rude! Ok now, I'm going to try the chicken, yes? Let's go for it And then, garlic ah Garlic!! Garlic naan ha! Let's go! Oh, this one she took the whole piece! No, I'm going to share it with you girl! I'm going to give you one piece Thank you! Oh my god! So good! This is tasty! But there's a little bit of salt for me, a little too much salt in there But, you can still feel the flavours coming through.

I would just, I would still eat this in a heartbeat It's really impressive cause everything like all of these flavours are supposed to like pack a punch but it doesn't throw you off in any way Exactly, yeah! Exactly! I feel like it's a really good blend, I'm so, hands down I would come back again! Yeah, it's subtle Yeah It's flavourful but it's subtle Ok, this is the prawn curry We are only at location 1.

I feel like, "Ok, this is the third location.” No, it's still the first location! I feel like I've eaten a lot It's an interesting taste. It's curry but it's different Oh! Coconut and prawn, good combination So good! I got nothing to say about the naan. It's all really, really, really well done! Yeah, I think their chefs probably can do it with their eyes closed Pap, pap, pap, pap – ok, done! And, now, we have Szechwan Indian Chinese rice Ohhh!
Wow! Ok, guys, so there's rice, there's noodles, and there's the gravy in it This is for people who can't decide whether to eat rice or noodles. You order this one, you'll get both! That's very true! "Hmm what should I eat rice or noodles, rice or noodles?" Never mind, I know what you should order! Ahhh, you get both! That's very true! I've never had a dish that had noodles and rice together Oh my god! Is that chicken? It's so- Wait, is that chicken? No, it's not- It is chicken! It's so tender, I thought it was fish.

It's spicy but it's, it's also, it's definitely something that I would keep going for seconds. Although I have to, I wish that the rice was, the rice and the noodles were a little bit more flavourful cause all I taste is like pepper So, it's time for desserts after 69 hours of eating! It's time for desserts. We have in front of us – Where did you get the number from? I feel like we ate for too long. Um, Jalebi and Kulfi It looks like ice cream, guys, and it's made of milk I don't have a sweet tooth, like you said you have a sweet tooth Yeah, I love anything that is sweet like bring it on! Essentially it's just chunks of milk,
I'm really interested to – I've never had anything like that before. Wow, it's fantastic! And I can really taste the chunks of lychee Oh my god, this is so shiok!
Wow, this is really nice! We can just finish this.

Let's try to use other adjectives other than 'really nice.' I feel like you're never going to experience it, you have to come to Copper Chimney. So shiok ah! Wow, yeah! So good, ok! We mustn't forget about – Yes
About jalebi I'm very scared to eat this Yeah? Because there was a time that I ate, I was like forced to eat a lot and now I'm very scared of it. But, I'm going to take – Just a little will do Oh! Ok, you can break it apart. This is how little – I thought it was like a chunk. Oh it's warm too! But it's not as, it's not as sweet as the one I had years ago though This is like every kid's dream Oh my god! Cause it tastes like potato, potato chips but then you have that sweet texture to it. It's really good! And the thing is like, it's crunchy and then inside is like sugar syrup. Wow, that is so good! Oh, but hands down – This one, yeah Must try! Hands down! It's time to rate based on ambience, price, and food.

Ok? So out of 5, all right? Ok, in 3, 2, 1- Wow! 4.5, 4.8 – I was so close to giving it 5, but then I thought ok I would give 0.5 for the, just, just on like the cost alone cause I feel if you're on a budget that certain month and obviously, you can't come in and enjoy the pleasures Um, for me 4.8, I still don't know why I gave 4.8, you know. There's no reason. But, 4.8 out of 5 is the most I've given anybody! Really? Yep! It's the only restaurant I gave 4.8 ha! That says a lot, ok? So Copper Chimney, congratulations, you've been pinned on Makan Maps! Yay, congratulations! Ok, so with that, we're going to move on to our second location.

Now, let's see how much we are going to give the second location. Let's go! We are on to our second location, now we are at Gravy at Tanjong Katong Road. They are not Halal certified, but the meat they use is from a Halal source. Ok? So, for this restaurant, it's special. I'll get Naomi to try everything. So, you get to eat all you want and I'll just be watching you I know! You're going to have to be, you're going to have to sustain Yeah, ok! I'll tahan! Resist! Ok, let's bring on the food. Ok, first up, we have this is called Samosa Chaat What's in this? It's samosa, and then there's chickpeas, there's mint sauce, and you see that tiny little sprinkles on top – you might think that's cheese cause I thought that was cheese but it's actually, um noodles I'm just watching her eat *slurps* I generally love samosas because they're still very flavourful but they also serve as a really great snack.

Yeah You know, a tea time snack. But when you pile this on with the mint sauce, when you pile this on with something even crispier, you just put them all together it's like a next level kind of samosa! It's, I don't know how to explain it. It's really, really good! And if you're looking for something that's like an in-between light and heavy, this will probably be it If you just have a look at the inside, Oh man, look at that! What's that? Oh, wow! Chickpeas! The chickpeas, everything it becomes really, really flavourful and wholesome. Yeah, I think the crispy on top is – Crispy noodle A great addition to it! And usually we eat samosa like the, you know, samosa dip it in chilli sauce and you eat it like that I've never seen samosa done like this before, it's definitely something different We have next is the Tandoori Chicken.

Wow, it smells heavenly! You know, I'm like those, you know when I'm fasting and I see my friends eating, that's exactly how I feel right now No, you made me feel so bad! Ok, no, no, no! Don't, don't! Today, it's your job to eat. Go, go for it girl! Ok, I will try
It's still hot I want to see if the chicken is tender Oh, wow! This smells so good, guys! You guys don't know because you guys are not here.

I'm here and I can't eat! How is it? The meat is soft on the inside, and the outside has obviously been coated with flavours. You can definitely taste it from the outside in. Although I have to say, if there was less salt in it, it might, I might be able to taste the flavours a little bit more. Right, right I think the highlight for me is the mint sauce Yeah? Cause – It's very green! So, I want to know, is it very minty? Let me try It tastes fresh though, yeah but it's not too minty It's not too minty, ok Um because probably there's, there's a little bit of yoghurt in it.

So, it kind of already dials the flavour down It's a very nice compliment with the coating, with the mint sauce. I think when you eat it together with like, rice even, it would be, it'd be quite nice. Yeah Thanks for the explanation! Let's move on to the next dish All right, now we have Garlic Naan, Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken – oh my god! Mutton Biryani.
That's it I have to say, the presentation is really nice! I mean, look at it guys, it looks super appetising. And you know the rice, it looks, um, it's not dry. Looks very fluffy actually You know, usually, when you, when you mix like meat and rice together it has to be it has to has that, it has to have that certain texture when you put everything And when you mix it well, everything comes together and it's one of those moments where you go ahhhhh Yes! Yeah, this is one of those moments
I totally get you! Hmm really, really good! Chunks of meat are very subtle in this um, dish here Oh, there are chunks of meat inside? Ok To be honest, I generally don't like mutton.

But, this mutton biryani is really cooked very, very well Ok, we have the butter chicken and the palak paneer together with the naan. And look at how beautiful this garlic naan looks like So pretty!
Oh my god, it's so pretty! Ok, I'm going to try, try it with the meat Yes, butter chicken! Because Gravy is actually one of the recommended restaurants that was given to me um, so yeah, so that's why we are here. Ok? The thing about butter chicken is, it's got a very nice, sweet texture to it. I know, I do know that! That's why it's everyone's go to because it's so tasty and at the end of every, at the end of the day when you want to eat something that's like comfort food, this is like comfort food to me.

For me, it's like if I order naan, butter chicken is a must! It's a must This is not too spicy for me which is great. Right I like how it's just a nice texture in terms of creamy It's also not super sweet as well. I'm going to try it. Ohhh, look at the chunks! Sis is going for the naan and the paneer. Yes!! Yes!! You can hear all the applause Oh, this is very nice! Very nice, creamy. Very nice and chewy. So if you love paneer, I think you will really like this. Wow! Really, really, like this So, ok if you were given a choice to order just one – Paneer! Oh, ok! I haven't even finished my question. Ok, girl! Hands down! I mean the butter chicken is great, but obviously, my personal preference is the paneer Oh, I love it! How's the naan? The garlic is just nice, as you can see it's like coated really, really well like almost every inch of this piece of naan is like covered with garlic so you kind of get that good amount of like punch to it when you eat it with the curry, there's going to be enough flavour in it.

So, I'm pretty confident that this is something you will like as well if it's your first time having naan, yeah Ok! I think Naomi can take over Makan Maps already, guys What?!? No way! Ok, we got dessert! We got dessert too, ok, for you Oh, yes, yes, yes Um, that is called Rasmalai Don't you just love it? Yeah! Look at that, it's like very sophisticated hotel kind of food It's so small and cute! And it's also fun-sized, like me! It's true Really cute! This took me by surprise, I can't say like I love it but I don't hate it either And I think it's definitely very, very, very neutral for me like I can definitely eat this as a dessert Ok, so the price is ranging from $8 to $20 for whatever that was served to us earlier. And, so you got to rate it based on the price, the food, and also ambience Oh, you ready? Yeah! Wow, ok, you're fast.

You're smarter than me. Ok, you ready ah? Yes When I count ah, in 3, 2, 1 go – Wow! I think this, I think the ambience itself Eh wait! Out of 10 Oh right, cause I took your stars! Yes! Wow! 9.5! Honestly, because, I think when you couple it with the ambience like, just imagine yourself coming in the evening for a well-deserved dinner and you're hanging out with a group of friends Like the first thing you want is to obviously like, be able to have food you can share with And I immediately pictured my friends here just enjoying the samosas. I definitely know that they are going to love the samosas and if you just love something very simple but tasty at the same time, like the curries are an easy go-to as well So, you can just order the naan, you can just order like a couple of curries here and there and you're just going to have a good time And, generally, I think that's like usually the kind of vibe that I would go for Right! So, Gravy, congratulations!
Thank you, boss! You've been pinned on Makan Maps! And, now, we shall move on to our third and last location.

I hope I get to eat this time around, let's go! Ok, we are at Taste of India and the first thing I notice is that they actually serve their um, curry in this very pretty bowl, it looks like it's really from India. So, yeah, ok! Very authentic feel So, we'll go for that first Yeah Shall we? All right Let's go for the Paneer Paneer Butter Masala. Taste a bit like butter chicken ah, right? It's just right, I feel like the creaminess is just right. I was hoping that the naan is like not too – Softer Yeah, you know, like it's a little bit too crispy I think to me, it's ok. I do wish this was slightly sweeter in taste, um, might be a little too salty for me All right, ok can move on! Moving on to, um, I think my friends and family watching this will be like, "Eh why is she eating biryani?"
Because you guys should know that I don't like biryani Oh, you don't? I don't like biryani and then – Why would that be? I got pregnant with my third and then I loved biryani.

When I was pregnant, I loved biryani! And then after I gave birth, I'm like,"Eh, biryani is not too bad ah." So, yeah, I do eat biryani now. Oh, just the rice as it is The first thing I notice is it's very fragrant It's not dry Yeah, I want to try the curry and the raita together with the rice. Wow! Oh, this raita is good! Wow, it's really nice! And you know some biryani is like, a little bit heavy because of the ghee that they use but this is really light! And I can see that they used basmati rice, so it's a healthier choice! And it's not heavy, you know what I mean? It's light I don't find it oily either Yes! It's really nice, this is really nice biryani. And we haven't had fish curry yet, so this is the first fish we're going to try. Wow! Oh my god, Naomi I'm in India! Really good! Oh my god! This is, this is, this is – This is, guys! That's the only vocabulary I'm going to use – this is! And you know it's got a little bit of sourness in it Yeah, I was going to say
That I really like.

Right? Ok, I'm going to try the naan with the fish curry Oh my god, it's so good! Is it different? It's different! Not for me. No? No Oh my god, I love it! I would eat the fish curry with the rice but For me not the naan
Not with the naan? Generally, apprehensive toward mutton Because usually, mutton has got a quite a strong smell but if it's cooked well then you won't be able to, you know Taste it Yeah I'm going to just try on its own. Wow, that, you can cut it really easily.

It's very tender It still has a little bit of mutton smell, yeah. Wow, but the taste of the gravy on it though Now, I generally don't like mutton because of the taste. I don't hate this, I think that the gravy itself really compliments the mutton and it's really cooked until it's soft and it's tender and all the juices are flowing I do think that the thing that really saved it was the ginger You think so? Yes, it neutralised everything. Ok, this is prawn guys. This prawn curry is less viscous It almost doesn't taste like curry, it's thicker and heavier. What I really like is that all of the dishes actually you can eat it with rice or with the roti and it tastes good, for me. I love it! You don't? If I really had to nitpick, I would say the prawn curry is slightly oily. So, if you're generally somebody that prefers um, lighter dishes, I would say go for the fish curry go for the paneer as well, and even try the mutton Yeah Even the mutton is great And next we have Pudina Tikka, that means this is mint.

Not so much for me. Ok, but this is individual ok because I like the um, thigh part of the chicken. So, when it's other parts of the chicken, I usually don't like You're a little more biased, right? Yes, so this is the breast meat I think. There's a sauce, there's a like a yoghurt sauce or something Ok, let’s try it with the mint Wow, it makes a lot of difference when you eat it with the sauce.

This is yoghurt sauce so it's sour, it goes really well with the mint. But, I think generally the, this like out of all the other dishes I would pick like the fish curry here Me too! The fish curry is fantastic! It's the thing that seals the deal And the rice as well Ok. So the price ranges from $1.60 to $10.90 which I feel is very, very affordable It's very reasonable Yeah, we were actually quite shocked when they told us the price. You're ready right, with your number? You're ready? I'm ready, I'm ready! Ok in 3,2,1 – Look at us! 4! I feel like if you want to have the taste of India – no pun intended! That's a good one on my part. It's definitely value for money – Yeah and if you're looking for comfort food, you can always come here. I think that the location itself is quite central in the sense that if you happen to be working around Rangoon Road, you can easily pop by. Even if you're on a budget like, you can still come here and enjoy like good curry um, good biryani as well So, if you're looking for something simple yet tasty, you can come on over.

I think that's generally how I would approach
my 4-pointer The reason why I gave my 4 Ok. The only thing for me though, if you're driving so it can be quite difficult for you to get parking. Yeah, because it's by the roadside and there's no parking. The only parking they have is outside the restaurant but it's very limited parking. That's the only thing but, other than that, I feel like the price is reasonable, the food is good and you really feel like it's authentic Indian food at reasonable pricing. They got 8 points which means they get pinned on Makan Maps! Eh and you know what? For the first time ever, all 3 restaurants featured in one episode – all got pinned on Makan Maps! Yeah! I generally didn't think we had a bad, you know Yeah Like tasting today At all! Like, I'm surprised as well! Well done, man! Well done, Taste of India! And thank you so much, Naomi! Thanks for being with me!
No, thank you! I hope to see you again, next time! All right! I'll see you guys in our next episode of Makan Maps, bye! All right, guys! That's the end of Makan Maps episode 5 featuring Indian cuisine.

Now, what else would you like me to try? Watch out for it in my next episode of Makan Maps. Bye!.

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It wouldn't be Makan Maps if we didn't have a taste of Indian cuisine!

Joining me in this week’s episode is none other than the beautiful, Naomi Yeo! We go to feast on some of Singapore’s best Indian curry, biryani, paneer, and of course, desserts 👅

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Featured Restaurants:
1. Copper Chimney
100, Syed Alwi Road #01-01
Singapore 207676

2. Gravy
246 Tanjong Katong
Singapore 437034

3. Taste of India
77, Rangoon Road
Singapore 218365




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