American Food!! EXOTIC FRUIT SHAKES + Gator Kebabs! 🐊 EVERGLADES – Florida, USA!

– Hey everyone, hope you're having an amazing day. It's Mark Wiens. I'm in the Everglades of Florida, which is a huge wetlands
National Park and today we are gonna go on a Florida food tour of the Everglades. We are gonna eat fruit shakes and see amazing fruits. We're going to eat alligator. And then we're gonna tour around the Everglades. We're gonna see alligators
we're gonna feed alligators and we are going to
ride on an airboat ride, which is something I've
always wanted to do.

So that's the plan for today and we are getting started now. (upbeat music) We are on our way, it's gonna be about a 45 minute drive from Central Miami. And of course on the way for the drive. We had to get some Cuban coffee. But it's a beautiful day in Miami. We are in for a perfect day
in the Everglades and seafood. (upbeat music) Okay, yo men, good morning. – Good morning. – Welcome to the Everglades
first before we go to the National Park, we're stopping by a place called Robert Is Here they're famous. It's like an entire fruit market. (upbeat music) Down the lane of fruits
to show you the selection that they have today. So we're starting with aloe vera. There's bananas. There's wow these are beautiful homologous, and then if you continue onwards, the sapodilla, mamey which are also some of the biggest mameys that I've seen, these are
huge they're like melon sized. Tangerine, the yolk fruit. There's mangoes. Sugarcane, two types. Star fruit, a more another, the egg yolk fruit and then continuing on is jackfruit Oh, not forgetting.

Massive avocados. Look at the size the XL Monroe. Avocado. Look at the size of these. (upbeat music) One of them actually that we
just tried in Jamaica is ugly, which is a it's like a mix of citrus. (upbeat music) There's also probably the
largest selection of honey in one single place that
you'll ever see here. These many varieties of
honey that is incredible. You can taste like 25
different honeys right? – Right they are so different. Look at this one. – We're gonna order some
fruit shakes right now. Let's try the Black Sapote, cherry. – [Seller] How about you try
the mango orange passion. – Let's go with that. – Ah, sure. Okay. Make all of them
smoothie, no sugar please. So we got all smoothies because we do wanna focus on the natural fruit. They're amazing fruit selection and no sugar. – Thank you. – Perfect. – Well do another sip and pass. So three different versions.

This one is strawberry, which is the egg group. Then we got mango passion, you can see the passion like
seeds in there and orange. And then this one is one that I'm really interested to try is the Black Sapote because the sign over
there the Black Sapote says it tastes like chocolate pudding when it starts leaking
out like black juices. Yeah, that's what it says it's right where it leaks out the juices. So this is the one I'm
most interested with. Okay, let's just try them. – Whoa. – Oh that does straight up
taste like black pudding. No, not black pudding. (laughing) – Looks like chocolate.

– Yeah like chocolate but
then it's mixed with cherry. So you've got that like cherry undertone. – This was really amazing. So the tastes between
the mango, passion fruit and the orange you hear that tangy taste from
the orange little sour. Oh, so good. Let's switch. – Next one I'm gonna try is the Canistel which is the egg fruit with strawberry. – That's so thick it barely pours. Maybe because of the strawberry or maybe because of the canistel but it almost has a tomato flavor to it. – Sweet. Nice and thick. – Check this out. Two different colors. – Chocolate mustache. – Two different mustaches going on. – Got milk. – Okay should we pass. – Yeah – Another one this is the
passion fruit orange mango. This one is just good classic. I think this combination I
know why they call it POG.

P-O-G passion orange mango. – That's awesome. – That's what it is right. It's a proven combination
because you've got the sourness of the citrus and the passion fruit. You've got the sweetness of the mango. It's just, it's proven, proven and it works. And it's like a balance
of everything that you that just tastes good. All of them are really good. – I think this one's just needs to like get watered down. – It's so thick. – It's so thick. – Most interesting for
me is the Black Sapote. – And I'm really working on
a brain freeze right now. Focus. (upbeat music) – Like right in the center
and now we're down here. – And then this is the
Everglades here now. This is the National Park.

– The whole thing yeah. – We gotta move on because– – Hello. – Thank you so much. – Enjoy guys. – Thank you very much. Where are we going next? – We are going to the
Everglades alligator farm. We're gonna see gators
and we gonna airboat ride. – It's like the backwaters
of Florida same thing. Yes, it's the backwaters of Florida. (upbeat music) Just down the road and actually you come to the end of the road here. We are at the alligator farm from here, we're gonna take an airboat ride, and we're also gonna feed the alligators. – Look this one right here. – Be careful. (upbeat music) – Wow, take a couple steps up to the baby Gators. There's like 100 in here and they're just completely frozen completely still you almost think they're plastic at first and then you see a few starting to move. (upbeat music) Cool to see some of the baby gators but from here we're going
straight to the airboat ride. Thank you very much. Awesome. Airboat ride. Oh cool, because it's really loud. – Very loud. Yeah, very loud. – I can't here anything.

– No. (boat engine roaring) You can feel the wind
just blowing towards you. – It's is amazing. – That feels great. – But I'll warn you
guys before we go fast. – Okay. – Now we are in this rotation. So there's going to be a set time when we have to take off but once we get out there we
can be a little flexible if you want to get some extra footage. – Thank you very much. Cool. – All right good luck. (boat engine roaring) – It really is like a boat helicopter because it's powered by
the propeller in the back. Wind propels you already
enjoying the beautiful nature. – The first alligator. – First alligator. – Right here. Right there. – Oh, yeah. Real alligator sighting
right there basking in the sun enjoying that sun.

– Beautiful. – And we are about to
like the boats take off as the air boats take
off it's just like roars. (boat engine roaring) – Here we go. (boat engine roaring louder) (upbeat music) – Oh, that was awesome. Yes. That was a straight up
roller coaster ride. Yeah, you're just going through water. Yeah. And then you don't think you can go off that path but then you just
like start going through the… It is grass that you just
start like cruising through, sailing through. Oh man and just powered
by the air it goes fast. How fast does it go? Or how fast are we going like? – On average probably about
30 maybe 35 with the wind. – Okay. 30 to 35 miles per hour that is as fun as it looks in the movies. Well way more fun than it is in the movies actually way more fun. That was extremely fun cruising on the Everglades wild alligators, amazing bird life as well. We also saw an iguana that was fun. – That was really fun. – Yes. (Alligators bellowing) Okay, we're getting our first look at the big alligators and
just they're making like, I don't know if that's
snoring or digesting (Alligators bellowing) or bass coming out of them.

– Sounds like almost like a growl. – That is some serious bass. That is kind of scary. 200 alligators. – 200 right there. – All together in one pond. (Alligators bellowing) Just like deep breathing
or something yeah. – In his mouth. – His sleeping in his mouth. – That's so wild. – That is one way to sleep. – I've never seen that before. – We are entering into
the gate zone platform to feed the alligators and they're just they know food is coming. They're all swimming up. Oh, here we go. (upbeat music) Oh, that was incredibly
fun and just they're just incredible the way they… They just swallow entire pork ribs, whole bones and all. (upbeat music) And so just like literally
a couple kilometers down from the alligator farm is the Everglades Gator grill.

So as you can probably
imagine they specialize in alligator, alligator tail, especially theirs but
they also have frog legs I think which we're also gonna try. (upbeat music) Hello, – What's up men. – Hello. – So the menu it's all alligator tail. So there's Gator basket. I think Gator kebab sounds fantastic with yellow rice coleslaw and plantains. Stir fried Gator papitas and frog legs. – What's the coolest, coolest one. – So the Gator kebab that's
just a beautiful skewer with chunks of Gator. There's some peppers on there that goes on to the hot griddle. And then we also got the frog's legs which look like they're kind of like a flower coating, plus some sauce and those going into the frying pan. (upbeat music) – It's kinda squeaking. Can you here that squeak. – A little nervous. – (laughing) A little nervous. – Put a bookshelf build a ton of books. – But the food is all arrived. First is the Gator basket which he like griddle fried like good.

Yeah, good chunks of Gator that
comes with fries that comes with plantain and coleslaw. We got the Gator kebab, which he steered off on the grill and like smoked out and
like sprayed it with sauces and I think he sprinkled on
some chili powder as well. – Okay. – Yeah, I like I really liked
how they did the frog legs because it's like the
entire hind legs section drumsticks mold both connected together with the frog buttocks. – Oh, what is that a
creamy sauce or something? – Yeah, it looks almost like nutty. I see sesame seeds and latero in their, all over rice again.

And then we also got the jalapeno poppers, which that's just a bonus extra. Since we just came from the alligator farm. I think I just want to try a piece of just alligator chunk
steak first, first bite. I think it was a little bit of chili powder, a little bit of sauce. It was already pre marinated
and then just fried on the grill. Oh, wow. I've had crocodile many times but never alligator. – It's good. – It's so good. It really is like chicken breast. More like almost Turkey and
then just like so flavorful so juicy. – Try the sauce with the sauce yeah. Like chicken but more bouncy. A little bit of a bounce to it. – You're right man. This is how it would
have feel like came here. – It would be impossible not to like it if you like chicken.

– I actually love it. – Okay, let's move on to the frog legs. – Right here. – They put a bed of
rice down then plantains and then he like seared off these frog legs they were already breaded with like flour. And then he sprinkled
in sauce he squeezed in. Oh, he put in a bunch of garlic. – Oh, wow. – Oh, Yeah, – Huge chuck of meat. – That's amazing yeah.

– Like that is so soft and
tender and so meaty so muscular. – Oh, wow. – And the sauce is kind of like, kinda like a tomato nutty garlicky garlicky tomato. – Yeah – Like I like how the
little the meat pieces of meat taste like fall off. – Oh, wow and super light like butter. – It will just straight up fall off the bone with flavor. – The small ones I just chewed through. – It's really incredibly tasty. – I think the rice is
gonna be amazing to get some stuff in that sauce. Yeah. – And just fun to eat. I mean just like a chicken wing. We are gonna clean all of the bones. Like just get as all the meat off of them. – Ready. – We got rice with the sauce with the prop juice. – And also this is kind of
like already rice cooked with spice with maybe turmeric
with maybe some spices to make it yellow.

– Is like glued together wow. – I like with the sweet plantains to all of the frog sauce is
just good in the rice. (upbeat music) Okay, let's try the kebab. – Oh, look at the bend. – So actually I'm gonna go ahead and remove the pineapple
because I wanna go Gator first bite so that… Oh yeah you can see it.

Okay there's sauce on the front but if you look at this side. Gator, onions, Gator, pepper,
onions or Gator onions. Yeah, it just alternates. That is so juicy. Like smoky flavorful, with that creamy like mayonnaise sauce. With the juiciness of the onion and the pepper. – Looks amazing. – I don't know it's like– – The sauciness. – Overload the sauce. So two different sauces in. Yeah, the garlic I think it's a, it's like a tartar sauce
like a mayo sauce there. Super creamy. I mean the combination with the pepper. It's awesome. There's also some onions in there. Give a nice crunch. They are just great. – Give Joel. – From the first bite. The smoky flavor amazing. (upbeat music) That's our version of a four by 100 meters. And then finally the jalapeno poppers. That just popped onto my finger with cream cheese.

Just burst with cream cheese, juicy cream cheese. Jalapeno. Yes, yes, – Want sauce. yes I do. – Right there. – Will be even better because yeah, it's actually not spicy at all. (upbeat music) It's really good put
some hot sauce in there. The basket, the frog legs and the kebab. The Gator tastes really fresh, really like not overcooked, juicy, not over fusion over flavored. It's just it's really good. And then just enjoying
the beautiful sunny, breezy weather of Florida. And the Everglades here. (upbeat music) That was incredibly delicious. First time to eat Gator. So juicy love the texture. The frog legs were also
extremely meaty like meatier than chicken wings. And from here we are to
continue this day trip from Miami and the Everglades. We're heading south to Key Largo on the Florida Keys.

So those are islands we're gonna see the water we're gonna go to the fish market and we
are gonna eat more sea food. And that's coming up on the next video. A huge thank you to David from David's been here
for taking us around. Go check out his awesome
channel and videos. I'll have the link in the description box below. And thank you very much
for watching this video. Remember to click thumbs up and to subscribe for lots more
food and travel videos. See you on the next video..

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American Food!! EXOTIC FRUIT SHAKES + Gator Kebabs! 🐊 EVERGLADES - Florida, USA!

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Hope you’re having an amazing day! During our quick trip to Miami (Jan 2020), we took a day trip to the Everglades, a huge wetlands area and one of the most amazing day trip destinations from Miami. Along with visiting the alligator farm, I enjoyed the variety of tropical fruit shakes, and especially eating alligator kebabs and frog legs! #Everglades #Florida #foodtour

Robert Is Here - Homestead, Florida - On our way to the Alligator farm, we stopped at Robert Is Here, known for their huge selection of tropical fruit - and it is amazing. We ordered smoothies of Black Sapote, Canistel - Egg fruit, and Passion, Orange, Mango. All were delicious and fantastic, no sugar or additives, just the pure fruit.

Everglades Alligator Farm - Homestead, Florida - Next, our destination was the Everglades Alligator Farm, a great place to get an introduction to the Everglades wetlands, and to see wildlife in the wild. It was awesome to ride airboat - and yes they are even more fun than in the movies.

Everglades Gator Grill - Homestead, Florida - Finally, we headed to Everglades Gator Grill to eat some alligator, including alligator kebabs and a gator basket. We also tried their massive frog legs, which were delicious.
Total price - $82.75

Thanks again to David Hoffman ( for taking us around his hometown of Miami.

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