Arab Couple Tries Kenyan Food For The First Time! (Mombasa Tour)

– The black eyed peas,
the kebab, the potato, the chutney, the coconut, the tomato, I can keep going man Bismillah – [Man] Yeah! (loud dramatic music)
– Mombasaraha everyone! We are here at the lighthouse in Mombasa Kenya to get the journey of the food tour started here and we've got someone special right there, – Chef Ali – Let's do this! – …taking us on the tour. (speaking in foreign language) – So here we're gonna start our journey with Cassava which is a root vegetable that they use here to make chips like potato chips that
you get in the packet, and we're gonna have some
coconut to get refreshed, get hydrated, get ready
for the journey ahead, let's go! Yeah, yeah, one packet please so as you can see here, this is as fresh as it gets, right? You're getting the Cassava
and they cut it all up and it goes right into the oil and once it's nice and crispy served in a packet and there you go, potato chips, the way
they're meant to be eaten, anything that you can put in it, put in it bro! Right, here we have Cassava with lime and red chili.

(chips crunches) Magical – No way
(khalid laughs) – I can feel the lemon. – Everything.
– Wow. – So Salama over there, she found out they also
sell sweet potatoes and corn two of probably her
favorite foods in the world. They mix it with all these lime and chili and all this magic to bring
the taste buds to life and what better way to start a food tour? Why did you get my plain? – Because you can't handle chili.

– So these are the sweet potato, Salama has her with chili and lime, she likes things spicy, Bismillah. Mhmm. – This is everything. – Can I try it with the chili, oh wow that got a kick to it. – Watch him sweat now. – Wow it's hitting hard,
(khalid laughs) Asante, why did you ask
everything plain for me? We're in Kenya for God's sake, the land of flavor, the fun food. First bite.
(car engine roars) – Oh yeah, Oh yeah. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah.
(both laughs) – Are you ready for the coconut? – We are ready for the coconut brother. – You can take. – How do we know it's a good coconut. – I hit the sound, I know the sound. – Oh, you know the sound
so you test the sound and then you know it's good. – It's a very nice coconut. – Salam, go get hydrated, stay hydrated it's always the best advice that you can ever give someone Bismillah with some fresh Kenyan Coconut, – You don't want to use a straw man, you gotta go local and
that's what you're gonna do.

(khalid laughs) – Oh my god!
(khalid laughs) – Aah! – I'm gonna give this to Salama and see if she can figure out if she needs to drink it like this. – Thank you
– You have to drink it out the thing. – Cause you have a straw
and I don't have a straw – What do you mean? (Salama slurps)
– [Ali] No, no, no! – [Women] Ha ha!
– Let her drink it man! – No! Mhm! – [All] Yay! – Here you go, here you go
(khalid laughs) (Romantic music) romantic view out in the ocean, (wind rustlings) eating Cassava (loud dramatic music)
(record scratches) (loud upbeat music)
(car beeps) Another delicacy of the streets of Mombasa to freshen
you up and liven you up and give you that energy kick, is sugar cane juice and here they make it fresh I mean, you're getting it raw, sugarcane put inside their machines, mixed with ginger and lemon and if that doesn't wake
you up, nothing will.

So here we are, I'm
gonna have my first try of the sugar cane juice, Bismillah. So soothing, good stuff man if your in Mombasa, at some point during the
day you got to get this, sooner rather than later. So apparently there's
just across the street, like an ice lolly shop? – Yeah, the ice lolly shop (khalid laughs)
– That's it. (both laughs) – They have the lolly, the famous lollies, really good.

Probably wanna walk in there. – All right, let's go. – Great! Let's do this.
– Let's do this. (loud upbeat music) – This is basically a normal lolly, so what you wanna do, you wanna tear it first once it's done you just wanna go like (fast upbeat music) – Is it Kenyan ice lolly? – Very Kenyan ice lolly, very affordable. – How much is this? – I think 10 shillings.

– And what's 10 shilling. – 10 cents. – 10 cents. – I think so – There's a Vimto Flavor, chef Ali's got the lemon and lime. – There's a lot of heat here, it just refreshes you and it's like oh my god! – And we've had this right
after the sugar cane juice, so we're cooling down, man, now we go for Viazi, let's go now we're about to have
another Mombasa delicacy and it is called Viazi which is deep fried potatoes, – Food, food. – That's Salama food right there, mixed with black eyed peas and actually I want to get chef Ali to explain what this is exactly.

– So Bhajia is basically like falafel, it's black eyed peas. – Okay
– Grounded with a little bit of some ginger, garlic, turmeric, and then fried into a lovely crispy, it looks like falafel, it's just amazing! – So once you get the fried potatoes and the Bhajia you put
all the sauces on top and then you mix it and you just. – Ahh! Go crazy. (speaking in foreign language) "Vurunya" is the art of mixing all the flavors and enjoying, embracing.

– [Ali] Ah! Goodness! (khalid laughs)
– [Khalid] Wow! – [Ali] Sauce on the Bahjia, goodness! – There, you have it the black eyed peas, the kebab, the potato, the chutney, the coconut, the tomato, and it keeps going man Bismillah, – [Ali] Yes! That's it bro! – Every single thing on this plate, is filled with so much flavor individually so when you mix it in and there's this explosion that happens of just every single flavor and it all compliments so beautifully, hence the reason they
all just pack it together on one plate, the Viazi dish is a must
try when you come Kenya do not miss this (speaking in foreign language) – Ohh! Salamas' going in (speaking in foreign language) (khalid laughs) – [Khalid] Thank you.
– You're welcome man (rickshaw beeps) – Here we are at the famous tusks in Mombasa and we're gonna have a traditional dish right here because it's one of those dishes that you only get on the go when there is nowhere to eat so we're just gonna put it nicely on top of the car and enjoy it, oh! I got this mahamri and mbaazi this is pigeon beans
and this is famous bread that they have here, just go Bismillah Coconut, pigeon beans, this bread is different
because it's deep fried, it's got this sweetness to it, then you put it with the
beans and the coconut.

– They just balance each other out. – I'm going in, no no I'm going in,
(ali laughs) I'm on holiday here Bismillah. – Salama
(speaking in foreign language) (all laughs) – Oh!
– [Ali] Oh! (rickshaw clunks) (slow somber music) – What I've noticed about
the food here in Mombasa, you can't really nail
down one specific flavor, which I think is a testament
to the mix of cultures that you see in this city, there's no specific way a Kenyan looks, they come from all around the world and all have come into this melting pot and created this beautiful culture and tradition and mixes
of food and flavors and they all come together beautifully, which I think is a statement
to the people of Kenya who've all come together beautifully and co-existed beautifully and created so many things now we're up the bright beginning center for children with special needs we're here to just take
a look inside the center see the incredible work they're doing for children of Mombasa, let's take a look, ready to go in? – So ready I'm so excited – Gonna take a look, meet some of the families, meet some of the important people here who make this work possible for the children of Mombasa, we're really excited, really honored to be here, let's go.

– Oh my god! – Thank you so much,
thank you that's so nice. – Welcome to Mombasa. – It's an honor to be
here and God bless you (speaking in foreign language) – [Women] Thank you
– Thank you so much! – As-salamu alaykum everyone, how are you? (speaking in foreign language) thank you for all your determination and all your hard work to give these children a chance, that's what I want to say to all the incredible people behind the center, to the parents and to the students here. A lot of places around the world need to have centers like this that give these children
hope for the future, that understand that every child is unique in their own special way and that if we choose to focus on the strength of these kids and if centers like this are possible, it gives parents like Salama and I, and all of you here, hope! So I want to say it Alhamdulillah
for centers like this and centers around the world that give these children a chance.

Every morning, they wake up, (speaking in foreign language) they want to have a chance
and places like this, give them a chance and all your work and your dedication to come here everyday as workers of this center and the parents who support these kids and give them hope and a chance. (speaking in foreign language) (group chatters) – You okay man? – You never know if this
child will have a talent, and it's just amazing… this place… – So before we go we just had a small gift of want to give on behalf of Al Ameri family and a small donation
to you and your center and to the work that you're doing – Yeah please it's a small donation on behalf of us. – Thank you very much,
– [Khalid] Of course. – Thank you very much on
behalf of the students, (speaking in foreign language) – Thank you brother, thank you. – [Salama] Thank you so much. – Thank you too, god bless. – Keep my life bright with
all these sweets Masha'Allah, Bismillah. (group cheering in foreign language) (group laughs) (rickshaw roars)
– Thank you so much.

– [Salama] Thank you. – And now we're on our way to barbecue to end off with a lovely dinner that will see us through the night, this food tour has been incredible, the amount of flavors that we've had I can't comprehend and I can't count. (door shuts) What's up ladies, Mambo! (ladies cheer )
(ladies scream) All right now for our last stop and not some Kenyan barbecue at SiniaBBQ, it's actually chef Ali's restaurant, this is one of the dishes
that I'm very excited to try, all right, so this is what it looks like, I just want to show you a picture first, before we get into the details, this is what we're gonna
be hitting up right now, it's just a mix of everything, you've got your salad, fries, your chicken, your sauces,
your chutneys, everything, the chicken is all grilled on display, tikka chicken, something called Mishkaki which is like beef and chicken skewers, they put that on top of fries on top of some shredded
lettuce, some sauces.

(speaking in foreign language) – Fries are ready, Kenyan fries, – This is the base
(ali laughs) – And now let's do the chicken, one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight oh lord, I need chutneys guys, I need chutney for the… – We need chutneys on the floor, please. – The famous chutney, this is a Ukwaju tamarind sauce,
– It's a sauce? – Special thing about tamarind sauce, it's a bit spicy so you want to drizzle
it all over it like that. – When you think it's max
flavor they're like add more, add more
(khalid laughs) – And I'm gonna go with a special SiniaBBQ mango chutney, it's smoked mango it's crazy, you just want to go like, you want to do any of
your favorite ketchup, just go around there like that, guess what Khalid? I present to you SiniaBBQ – Aw!
(salama cheers) you need to accept this brother, – Oh my brother,
– accept the honor, – Oh, I'm about to try our siniaBBQ, I'm gonna start with a skewer Oh.

– Oooh, that fry just pops
(khalid laughs) So this is
(speaking in foreign language) when you mix it up so you got a bit of
that chicken tikka here, grab that with a sauce on it, some of the potato, some of the salad here we have it mixed – Thank you!
(loud upbeat music) – [Ali] Salama
(speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – [Ali] Some Ukwaju so that it can (speaking in foreign language) well you know?
– Just let it go bro ♪ Let it go, let it go ♪
– [Ali] Woo! Yeah! (loud upbeat music) – [Both] Wow! (speaking in foreign language) (loud upbeat music)
– This is amazing, what I thought about coming to Kenya, I never thought some
barbecue would be part of that experience, but now I am an enormous
fan of Kenyan barbecue, the flavor is incredible, the sauces are incredible, make sure you check Kenyan barbecue, don't leave here without doing it. What a beautiful way
to end this food tour, and as always – Much love and God bless. – Much love, God bless. (loud dramatic music) All right, now we're sitting down we're at Fort Jesus and there's a light show that's gonna be presented
to us, let's watch (loud dramatic music)
(khalid clapping) (khalid cheering) (khalid laughs)

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Arab Couple Tries Kenyan Food For The First Time! (Mombasa Tour)

Mombasa Raha! Our first stop on our tour of Kenya is in the beautiful coastal city of Mombasa where we got to experience all the incredible food and flavors they had to offer, this is our journey 🇰🇪❤️

What a way to start our journey in Kenya! I want to give a huge thank you to @Chef Ali Mandhry for all his kindness and hospitality, you made our trip one we will never forget, Vurunya for life, love you brother!

And to the beautiful Fort Jesus Sound and Light Show - Mombasa, it was an honor to learn about the history of Mombasa through your incredible show, thank you so much for the warm welcome and hospitality ❤️

0:00​ Intro
00:23 Casava Chips
01:01 Sweet Potatoes and Corn
01:40 Fresh Coconut Water
02:36 Sugar Cane Juice
03:03 Ice Lolly
03:33 Viazi (Deep Fried Potatoes)
05:13 Mahmri & Mbaazi (Fried Bread & Pigeon Beans)
05:56 My Thoughts On Kenyan Food
06:30 Visit To Bright Beginning Center for Children With Special Needs
08:34 Kenyan BBQ! (Sinia BBQ)
11:06 Fort Jesus Sound & Light Show!

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