Austria #4 #halal

Today we are making a video with three restaurants in St. Pölten and we will see if they are really halal and the whole thing in English. today we will look st pölten free halal restaurants and you will see if they are actually halal in sha Allah people here we have the first place according to google halal the crystal restaurant is like straight in hello salam alaikum we are making a youtube video and no problem a hard-working boss is a good boss salamu alaikum and we are looking for halal restaurants in St. Pölten. correct. you are right with me. this is where it led us yes hello with a certificate or value don't carry a certificate because you can download it from google, we don't advertise with the belief. okay There is no pork in our products, so if anyone wants to, we're happy to show them, but we don't wear it. then i have a question.

Please. You are halal but sell alcohol alcohol that's right, that's right I won't say anything. okay but that has nothing to do with the kitchen. ok this is a kitchen area and there is the bar but doesn't that cancel out the halal area? no alcohol is actually not halal.i know. AMS money is not halal either. I didn't ask that. If someone comes to me and asks if my meat is halal, he will explain if his money is halal. yes, how should I know where he earns his money? that's right. I've been on this street by the train station for 27 years and I've seen a lot of boys making money. He comes to me and asks if my meat is halal. Yes, but you have to set a good example.

Yes, that's what I like to work for, but people who believe in it are not allowed to advertise . I admit that I sell alcohol, that's true, but as far as the meat is concerned, I don't have a pig with me. I have been self-employed with these restaurants since 2005 and I have never sold any pork or non-halal products. So your meat is 100% Halal slaughtered. I can totally imagine that. if people really want to know, I simply give them the number from where I buy the meat and they send a certificate to that person. Do you want me to tell you a story? Eleven years ago I went to a butcher in Austria and they said everything is halal.

I tell him but you're also pork in the area, I can see that. Then his boss brings you into the office. brother no problem. We are not brothers. I'll print out a halal certificate for you. Even my name of your restaurant. I haven't put up a sign since then. If people believe us, we'll be happy, otherwise they should go somewhere else. Unfortunately, there are enough restaurants that sell halal pork. Have you ever thought about taking alcohol out of the range? Unfortunately it doesn't work. Do you make good money with it? No, it has nothing to do with the money, really. but. I'm a liberal. I am already Alhamdulillah.

But that has nothing to do with my meat cuisine. And nothing from halal comes into my pocket. and if my money isn't halal then I don't want it. Otherwise I would have done it differently. You're from the street too, I know you. I'm not one of those people who points a finger at you, because enough people who say you're not allowed to be pointing at me are also pointing at me. Everyone has to know for themselves.

That's right. And if you're a real believer , you can't even move in this world. Because in this world everything is wrong. It's war everywhere. Brother the sheytan comes from all sides but not from above. Thank you for the interview that's coming on Khalid Ott. i know i follow you By the way, I like your food very much and you are a nice person. I still wish you all the best and in sha Allah maybe the alcohol will go away. We look. At some point in the future. All the best to you too, you're doing a good job. We are looking for Halal restaurants in St. Pölten. But we also have pork. There is halal and also pork. There are pigs here and they still have a halal certificate. Is that a real halal certificate or is it from you yourself that's printed on yourself okay.

Do you get the meat from a halal butcher I have to look in the fridge Let's take a look in the fridge. And then there's the alcohol. That's maybe exactly what the head of the Kristall restaurant said . Anyone can express themselves with a certificate like that. Look, I'll print out a halal certificate for you. he prints everything. He can even write my name with the restaurant name, but whether it's really halal is another story . Please close the camera. Your face will be made unrecognizable. hello we are looking for halal restaurants. But here is mixed.

But how does it work? Why not? We're in Austria, aren't we? yes, that has nothing to do with that. There are Austrians who want pork. Hey, you're not allowed to record here. Of course I can record. They are all made unrecognizable. You won't see anything in the video. This is my private area. No this is a public restaurant. Turn off immediately. OK everything is fine. Does not matter. Come on. (second owner becomes aggressive)) Eyey you don't know me yet. Ah, you don't know me yet.

We report you. Her face defaced. However, you are not allowed to film here. I may. Don't touch my son, you understand. Don't touch my son, I swear to you. Watch what I tell you What are you? hey where are you going? Hi. (The owners follow us with the camera rolling) Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh. brother how are you As always at work. I make kebabs. Halal kebab? Yes of course Halal. We are looking for Halal restaurants in St. Pölten. you are the last stop. Or am I the only one?! No alcohol. Alhamdulillah. We are now in the May Retaurant in St. Pölten. It looks very cozy.

I've eaten here several times and I have to say the service is also very friendly, just like in the Kristall and the location is very cozy and the outside is heated in winter, which means you can sit outside in winter too, in sha Allah. then let's press pause. My brother, we've known each other for a while. Yes, it's been a long time You're our last station from Halal Restaurant in St.

Pölten I'm very happy that you're here. briefly to the restaurant maybe you can tell the story. We are two partners. here they opened this restaurant about three and a half years ago yes and it's going well. Actually we are 3 because I get protection money. Exactly you get protection money but no one should know that. Yes it works Alhamdulillah you don't sell alcohol either. No alcohol. No pork meat. Do you have a halal certificate? Yes we have but we got that from the kebap manufacturer where we buy it. We only shop where it's safe. In the past, as far as I can remember, you also had difficulties with politics because you don't sell alcohol. We were in important newspapers because we no longer sold alcohol. When we opened three years ago we had alcohol and after that we stopped selling alcohol. Then newspapers wrote that we were getting print from the mosque, which wasn't true. So you voluntarily no longer sell alcohol? since then runs than much better . What pleases Allah, Allah does the rest.

Mashallah. Thank you my dear brother. Thank you for being there. I'm very happy to see you again. well folks yes that was once an adventure i have to admit honestly an unexpected adventure of course we don't want to cause any difficulties for anyone that's why we will censor everything cover faces don't mention the names of the restaurants that don't want it so that we don't harm anyone because allah knows best and there I don't need to contribute anything. that's it i hope you had fun watching writes the comments are what you want to see next.

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Austria #4 #halal

we are looking for a halal restaurant in our city of St. Pölten.