Where are you from? I'm from Indonesia Oooh from Indonesia Later will be available again on Eid-Fitr Actually there are soooo many halal food in Singapore but this time I wanna show you guys 2 halal food which are delicious and unique, let's go~ As usual I ride the MRT and this time I'm from Orchard following the red route and stopping at Admiralty MRT Station Exiting the MRT Station, I decided to ride bus but while I'm at the bus stop, I knew that that place was actually hard to reach and the locals here didn't know also Even the bus driver whom I asked also didn't know which bus I should ride to reach that place So I decided to ride taxi from the MRT Station to this place Finally we've arrived!!!!! and I'm already so hungryyyyy!!! Actually there are so many food stall choices here but the food stall I wanna headed is the most crowded one and has the longest queue Yap this culinary is quite unique and the first steamed rice in Singapore!!! Eits! Even the owner is from Kelantan, Malaysia.

Ulala~ turns out Singapore is very hot! I don't remember it being this hot the last time I came here This is so refreshing, this mango with pineapple is only 2 dollar… wuhhh! I can't wait anymore because I'm already starving This looks so appetizing ya Let's try the rice first Oh my god! The curry seasoning is so good! so damn delicious! The rice I ordered is the dagang rice So it's coconut milk mixed with red rice Oh my God this is so damn delicious! Delicious, crunchy, creamy… this is so good! The spices are the best! Damnnnn the chicken skin is so crispy!!! The crispiness of the skin is soooo different The chicken meat is so juicy! Chicken meat, skin and the dagang rice You want it? You want it? Buy by yourself! LOL Damnnn it's so deliciousss!!!! So good!!! This is like belacan chili sauce but so damn good and delicious and in this plate, everything is just perfect! Because I'm still full I wanna cool myself first in the nearest mall which is CauseWay Point while riding MRT from there later This time I'm from Woodlands and I have to move to the green route to the Eunos Exiting the MRT, you need walk to the left side and then keep going straight until meeting this food centre Finally arrived guys! This is Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centreeee! and this time I wanna eat Halal BakKutTeh! Very amazing, right? I was so excited when I finally meet this place but you know what happened? Oh guys, I'm so sad because during fasting month, they don't sell the Beef BakKutTeh and it'll be available again on Eid-Fitr So sad because already come this far Oh well I wanna try the alternative place and I think I'm gonna ride taxi the place isn't so far, like around 5 km Let's go now If you take MRT you can get off at Bedok MRT Station and the restaurant can already be found across Bedok Mall This is the alternative.

I wanna eat Mee Rebus See… the queue is sooo long How come it's not, this mee rebus has become legend since 1970 and even earned some achievements too. When we can find delicious food with big portion and cheap like this in Singapore guys Only 2,5 dollar, oh my Goddd! This place is so hot like I'm…. getting boiled! This food smell already delicious like a curry Let's try it rightway! The soup taste so delicious like the crunciness of the broth and the curry taste is dominant but the curry taste is not so strong So not too thick like the first food Delicious and a little spicy This noodle is quite big but surprisingly it's perfectly cooked and the bean sprouts are still crispy…

it's so delicious This fried onion smells so good and delicious The green chilli is so damn good and the taste become perfect instantly! The smell is getting crazy! Good! good! Alright that's enough for today's video Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe my channel guys! and don't forget to share to your friends around the world! Ok, thank you for watching, see you in the next video, bye bye! Dessert time… yeah, definitely the 1 dollar Singaporean Ice Cream 1 dollar Ice cream~ which now became 1,2 dollar~ Always delicious as usual cold Is this spicy enough for Jennie Linando? Level 18? Yeah, thank you~ I'm crying now.

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Satu kata untuk makanan-makanan halal di Singapore yang ada di video ini, yaitu “BERKESAN”.
Super enak, banyak, murah… kurang apa lagi?
Pas ngedit video ini pun, aku ngeces terus dan rasanya pengen terbang lagi ke Singapore! Hahaha.
Penasaran seenak apa? Yuk ditonton sampe habis dan ditunggu yaa vlog aku selanjutnya di Singapore! Yuhuuuuuu…

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