Berber Eats | Food Tour Berlin 2 | Halal Edition #BerberEats #DerIsEs #FoodVlog

[music] lemon [music] all my boys did that [music] next to the thinner [music] [applause] [music] then take we 've prepared a lot of the plate [music] agreed when you explain to him the wild waves conclude the researcher that the first internet so foundation treasury free shipping what did you actually think the game now why put this role again so my dear friend look at this plate although this delicacy that will hurt once now the whole dirty are one of them then you try it in a different way and now here the whole thing is in a spoon it's a nice place followed by herb sauce followed by rice followed by sheep i wanted it to be 100 percent meat [music] a slightly different taste it's not just tastes great in any case after meat that's not the solution but only as a whole is good so I'll come later and that's just ma l the food to the end he is always five times this taste I didn't like it a bit different but someone who might like this strong taste can eat it now in any case in my eyes it is therefore 65 but it definitely tastes good can you make we have nice so good bread good hot sauce the taste is quite good and the breeze you that too in any case the now with the only true it is good that there are different drinks here the other life and as mine come let yourselves taste we got the next word it's dear friends we recovered from them vigorously that forces hackmack now bremen is being attacked and i don't say evenly but not the letters arrived [music] [music] hundreds [music] boys were this time because of is important but show how it shows the preaching that she is already eating with others in the future [music ].

rt when connecting we want to notice of course but this knobi could be better at [music] hamburg it is that we don't have a big good to tomato everything really well proven and comes later as the first time that the juicy during this [music] so you should be happy was very was also attacked and the end of the power plant was very crass must say but I give the whole one eight out of ten he deserved the eight fell down and the salad was good automatic fresh so you are good he is the eight you friends him but course animated [laughter] [music] [music] [music] escalation [music] more [music] [music] again were it done he was this started as impressive cacau mixed with butler lives [music] we want boys I'm fine I'm fine again the footpath tastes good I'm almost tempted to try it again [applause] but now it's supposed to be so the gasag is [music] a big one [music] no one from that's the shop that i don't think will come by we disassembled it definitely fits in this video and got diabetes but it was worth it because here too it's everything else but everything so fast and a salad that 's great that our profile is fresh on site , there's a fresh man in the youth welfare office , which isn't easy against this sport, but we want to have a little chat while we're ready for the shoot, it's about that, so let's go together, or he's there too so hot but these little sheep who taste the homemade bread is the age to evaluate this change in character have an essential ticker so you can see that the boys too I 've only fitted out but sometimes she says intellectually one day is enough that's my dear friends that he the best is now have eaten but i was the name nationwide the best i have ever eaten and that's in there its what is that that was too crass so the bread meat escalation but 0.5 out of ten work deserves but i know i'm afraid of my teeth i know that with ttt it has to be powerful [music] this delicacy is it you have to he has friends you have tones you can see we can only have eaten so much now he will try it now dude you have you first firm the meat is completely different for me it is 100 percent meat she told me that everything is homemade apple makes it's called again in the middle he's the best he's only 10 he's only eating a little better film series in the film he's 19 and makes the slogan but just paper handkerchief sorry what happened I'm on you that fell down raging played better than it fell back then [Music] because you have friends for him because there was a juicy 9 the meat was very special was different it had such a crass flavor the search it was very good your own homemade bread was after work and i can only recommend that to everyone that 's the true story that was told to us back then although today we already have several thin gestures that fit in were just so delicious it 's the nine out of ten i recommend to everyone did you the colleagues were very correct hasta la vista boss he was cut out of the hand it was very very good the game is going to be very sharp was delicious says 88 [music] i have a skinny kotti one which supposedly be so blatant which at who doesn’t speak any language the one who always can easily this one who does without sauce because diesel one step away but always has stress at the health department yes the guy who doesn’t get to bed this one of the pages on 100 has this one disgusting and elias this one snake behind middle my shop land and then his life right there a week later germany preserved but he still has a spanish transition there it's called the spanish always quite naturally it's exciting i already transition stores but no idea and you think you were a thin man and i 'm a doner kebab man but the lively after a quick lap had two next was baklava turn and said this one is so paradise and where it is again i think [music] so friends after a fifth father managed to get this back home safe one have and now say goodbye now union and that's it then with the trip is such a heavy round as has flies what your many guests puked a lot laughed a lot cried a lot it wasn't nice to start a new a

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Berber Eats | Food Tour Berlin 2 | Halal Edition #BerberEats #DerIsEs #FoodVlog

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