Best Chinese Halal Street Food in Xian 2020 EP4 | Amazing Soup Dumplings, Corned Beef Pita & More

hello everyone welcome to ds travel I'm Dan, it's my second day in xi'an and today we are going to explore the street food on the outskirts of muslin quarter near 洒金橋 and i've heard that's where the locals go to fix their street food cravings really excited let's go so guys this next stop we're going to 石家包子 and this on the must-eat list by dianping i've heard i got some of the best Baozi in xi'an let's go check it out all right guys this is 清真石家包子 and think I've got here this is uh the 孜然肉包 which is cumin flavored beef baozi and i also have a vegetarian option eggplant baozi it's packed with fillings really nice i mean this only costs 1.50 chinese yuan and it's so plump all right let's have a bite super flavorful and it's spicy too it's a little bit like like those black pepper or white pepper kind of spicy when you bite into it immediately you taste that nice naturally raised dough you know thick chewy but still soft that filling super flavorful it's savory that eggplant really gives it that eggplant unique aroma oh definitely one of the better vegetarian bun that i have tasted so far all right let's move on to the meat one okay i mean i already tear it apart to see what's inside but it looks really good this is only 2 chinese yuan and so much fillings packed with fillings you can see that that cumin seasoning just leaks through, that baozi is turning orange okay first bite top notch this is really nice that cumin seasoning really comes through and that beef it's actually very finely grind really soft tender meaty but you can still taste that quality in the ingredients that they used and that bun is generously soaked with that cumin seasoning and probably a little spicy sauce that they used in there one of the must try baozi when you come to Xi'an this is 老刘家肉丸胡辣汤 this is one of the must try breakfast items in xi'an and it's basically a super thick soup almost paste like and you have very generous amount of vegetable in there I think there's cabbage there's carrots and there's um like potatoes and you also have meatballs, I think these are beef meatballs looking very nice and some chili sauce in there that chili sauce looks amazing, too and really aromatic let's see if i can get a bite of everything that chili oil is super flavorful and i also get a big bite on a meatball the meatball is really nice, top notch! really soft, tender and really meaty flavor of the soup actually reminds me of the beef stew from Campbell soup but of course the upgraded version but really nice really flavorful I want some carrots cabbage the carrots cooked through just just the sweetness left i think it's been cooking for a while but the cabbage is still crispy, I mean it looks like a big pot of, you know, thick paste but everything still has its own taste and texture to it and that entire soup that thick paste it's just really comforting great breakfast item all right guys this is 杨天玉腊牛羊肉 and they're really famous for their beef 肉夹馍 I don't know what it is exactly but it looks, really looks like corned beef and fresh out of the oven and that beef in there very generous portion of beef first bite when you first bite into it you can immediately feel that super chewy, dense, but flavorful 馍 crispy on the outside but really dense and chewy when you bite into it inside that beef it's like the super flavorful corned beef because it has lean meat and fat and it's really finely chopped it's sort of like a like a pull pork kind of texture beefy, meaty, and that unique corned beef flavor top notch first beef 肉夹馍 I have tried love it look at this guys the owner just offered me a piece of beef tendon let's have a bite this tendon it still has that that nice tendon bouncy, jello like texture i love this that corned beef flavor, super nice first time eating a beef tendon like this amazing guys this next place we are going to super famous sour soup dumpling 回坊马二酸汤水饺 let's go check it out guys this is the sour soup dumpling looking very nice i think they have like chilis, sesame, and some cilantros and vinegar and it just smells really good nice mild sourness gets your saliva running that dumpling so plump 18 of them only costs like 12 chinese yuan super affordable here's a dumpling one bite when i first put it into my mouth you immediately feel that mild sourness and then you bite into it that outside
skin chewy, it's soft but you still feel that that strength when they're making that dough that's top notch and the meat is actually really flavorful you can see I think this is beef the beef fillings with scallions maybe a little chives and the juices from that dumpling from the meat fillings with, together mixing with the sour soup so flavorful so juicy one more bite definitely one of the must try guys this is 马勒贝蛋菜夹馍 and this is actually a vegetarian 夹馍 you have a fried egg and also two egg yolks and then you also have a generous coating of 五仁 and peanuts and chili sauce this looks very good let's take a bite that 馍, super dense! and i get a bite of that fried egg nice egg flavor the egg is fully cooked let me take another bite and see if i can get some of that other seasonings and the seeds it's super flavorful salty egg yolk and also that spicy chili sauce gives you a tingling on your tongue and layers of texture soft chewy really dense dough and then you have that slightly crispy you know, the fried egg white, little bouncy, too and then that all that nuts is so crunchy and nutty such a party in my mouth love it this is 志亮灌汤蒸饺 and this is one of the most popular 灌汤蒸饺 in the muslim quarter, in Xi'an i have the beef 灌汤蒸饺 and i also ordered a 八宝粥 can't wait to give it a try finally got our soup dumplings look at that ten gigantic soup dumplings and i think the right way to eat it is take one open the window basically taking a small bite and sip the juice out of it but to show you guys i'm gonna drip it into my spoon look at that look at that a spoonful of juices okay let's try that soup savory, umami, just really 鲜 now let's take a bite of the dumpling even after all that juice is dripping out still super juicy when you bite into it that soft but chewy, really nice strength to it and then let meaty filling it's really really really soft you bite into it, it's so soft that it just falls apart and melts in your mouth and you also can taste a little bit of that seasonings that they put in there a little bit on the salty side but very savory you have like scallion and leek flavor just super nice okay one more beef juice explosion there's also a spicy dipping sauce let's try it spicy, stimulating a little bit of the sesame flavor really nice i would recommend trying that sauce, the dipping sauce top notch all right oh by the way we also have the 八宝粥 this thick thick soup base and you can see there's rice, there's peanut there are kind of, different kinds of seeds and lotus seed and i think there are also dates also let's have a bite mild is sweetness but all that seeds and nuts in there so crunchy so many layers of texture really nice this is super comfort food for me great for breakfast great as dessert any time of the day all right guys that's it for our second day in Xi'an so much street food and there's actually still a lot more to try so tomorrow i'm gonna go for another full day of eating and if you like this video please do me a favor and click that subscribe button that'd really helped me grow my channel thank you I'll see you in next Xi'an street food video bye

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Best Chinese Halal Street Food in Xian 2020 EP4 | Amazing Soup Dumplings, Corned Beef Pita & More

Best Chinese Street Food Tour in Xian Part 3 | Must Eat Halal Food in Muslim Quarter.

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In this video, I tried some of the best halal street food around Muslim quarter in Xian. Starting out with one of the best Baozi from 石家包子, then the must try breakfast item 胡辣汤 (Hú là tāng), a super thick soup with lots of veg and beef meatball.
Next I tried 腊牛肉夹馍 (Corned beef Chinese burger) from 楊天玉, it was amazing.

Moving on, just a couple blocks away is one the of best sour soup dumpling in Xian 馬二酸湯水餃.
That mild sour soup with delicious beef dumplings really opened my appetite.

Next, I tried a vegtarian pita 蛋菜夾饃 with 2 salted egg york, a fried egg, and lots of seeds and nuts.
Delicious indeed.

I finish the day with a phoneminal soup dumplings from 志亮灌湯蒸餃. Halal beef soup dumplings and it was amazing. Love it!

Here are the places I went to on this street food tour:
1. 清真石家包子(大皮院总店)


3. 杨天玉腊牛羊肉店

4. 回坊马二酸汤水饺

5. 老马家马蓉蛋菜夹馍·腊牛肉夹馍

6. 志亮灌汤蒸饺•清真(庙后街店)

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