BEST FOOD TRUCK in NYC! Adel’s Halal | AMAZING Street Food!

hey guys and welcome to another episode of uae eats i'm yue and today we're gonna head to the best halal place in new york city and i don't mean hello guys hello guys is the most famous place but we're gonna go to my favorite place which is adele's famous and it's not far from halal guys it's maybe just a few minutes away but first before we go there let's go to hello guys first come on let's go [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so we made it i'm at the original halal guys location at 53rd and 6th avenue it's the one directly by the hilton hotel now they claim that they're the halal cart that started it all they claimed to be the very first halal car they started out originally as a hot dog cart but then they started making halal food to cater to cab drivers who wanted halal me and lo and behold through taxi drivers word of mouth is red and now halal guys has locations all over the u.s and imitation carts all over the city now i no longer think hello guys is the best halal and the best chicken over rice in new york city but before we try adele's let's give this a try and compare it so let's check it out hi uh can i do a combination platter uh so chicken and lamb uh oh chicken and beef sorry all right guys i just got my food so let's find somewhere to settle down and eat all right guys we found the place to eat so let's see what we got so this is the halal guys combination platter sometimes people colloquially just call this whole thing chicken over rice but but what i got is a combination platter so i got beef gyro and chicken if i can be a little honest i feel like hello guys is a little past its heyday chicken over rice is what made them famous and the chicken looks a little dry if i can be completely honest but we'll have to taste it the gyro meat looks okay this was always my favorite thing here so let's try that and what's kind of lame about halal guys now is they no longer drizzle the sauce on top of it for you they kind of just give you these packets like the hot sauce and the white sauce separately so you know it is what it is and be careful guys the hot sauce is really hot all right guys let's try the chicken first [Music] i mean it's kind of like i said earlier i feel like hello guys was once really great but now the chicken is just so dry and not really moist at all and it's it doesn't really have much flavor it's kind of just relying on the white sauce the white sauce and the hot sauce are great their recipes for the white and hot sauce fire but the chicken quality has fell so far over the years i'm not sure if you can tell here but just looking at it i hope you can see that it's just really dry and not appetizing so if you do come to hello guys pass on the chicken i know chicken over rice is what made them famous but it's just not good anymore next let's do beef the gyro is pretty good skip the chicken gyros where it's at the gyro is juicy it tastes like it was freshly carved i think what it is is hello guys is just so famous now they have locals they have tons of tourists they're just cooking meat non-stop and the gyro they can kind of keep it fresher they just slice it off as they need it but the chicken to keep up with demand they just have it on the flat top the whole time keeping it warm not necessarily cooking it but it just gets so dry now before we go let's try the rice again the rice is very average at this point i remember when halal guys was the talk of the town the rice was buttery and fragrant the chicken was moist the beef gyro is still good so i'm pleasantly surprised by that but the rice was average you know not really a strong saffron flavor not really buttery or anything honestly they're just letting their sauces carry them at this point and i don't like restaurants that just coast off their sauces the protein and the carbs need to be good too so anyways i'm gonna pack this up no disrespect to a legend it's just the mighty of fallen but mad props for starting the halal cart trend anyways let's head to adele's and we actually passed it on the way here [Music] all right guys we walked over from hello guys and we're now at adele's famous halal now this is the best halal cart in the whole city halal guys may have started it but they perfected it so let's get in line [Music] all right i just got my adele's famous halal so let's go find a place to eat it all right guys we found the spot so let's see what we got so i'd love to say that i got two of these just so i could show you both of the meats but the truth is i just love this place so much i just wanted two of them so let's dig in now this one is chicken chicken over rice with white sauce and hot sauce and unlike halal guys the chicken is spiced up and marinated and it's just gonna be great and then next up we got our lamb over rice now i actually really enjoyed the lamb over rice at hello guys but just look at these big generous slices of lamb oh this is gonna be great too all right let's try the chicken first oh oh one more bite it's honestly night and day compared to halal guys the chicken is moist it was sitting on the grill for a while but it was marinated so it's not dried out and because it's marinated it has more spice it has more flavor that chicken is just an a plus and hello guys is like a d or a c minus and the best part about this place the spicy rice just mix some of that chicken up with the spicy rice and it's just [Music] [Music] the hello guys rice is just your typical yellow hello cart rice it was once buttery and fragrant and had that nice saffron flavor now it's pretty bland but adele's man that rice it's spicy and spicy it's not really very hot so if you don't have big spice tolerance don't worry too much it's not super hot it's spice ridden it's spicy not spicy you know what i mean and it complements the chicken the white sauce the hot sauce i think the white sauces at both of these places are kind of comparable the hot sauce at adele's is definitely less spicy compared to hello guys hello guys will kind of burn a hole in your mouth but this hot sauce is more than hot enough so anyways the chicken was fantastic all right land next oh oh man wow that's just i would say the lamb gyro here compared to the beef gyro at hello guys i would say that they're both pretty good pretty comparable i think i just kind of got lucky at adele's at adele's i saw them slicing it right away when i was kind of at the front of the line so maybe i just got lucky maybe i just got some fresh pieces maybe at palo guys it was kind of sitting out for a bit but it's good it's got that charred exterior that soft interior it's juicy it's not just lamb flavor you can kind of taste a little bit of spice in there a little bit i really wish all guys had lamb and not just beef and honestly in my opinion the lamb goes so much better with the white sauce with the hot sauce with the spicy rice maybe i just like lamb but in my opinion if you get lamb it all comes together but if you can't decide they do combination too if you can't decide just get both anyways guys i think that's gonna be it anyways guys i think that's gonna be it for this video i just wanted to show you one of my favorite street food places in all of new york if you're ever in midtown manhattan in this rockefeller center radio music hall area skip hello guys check out adele's famous halal you won't regret it anyways thank you so much for watching i hope you liked the video if you like my content make sure you like and subscribe i'm gonna finish this until next time i'll see you later [Music] you

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BEST FOOD TRUCK in NYC! Adel's Halal | AMAZING Street Food!

Move over Halal Guys, Adel's Famous Halal Food is the best halal cart in New York City! Halal Guys may be a big name and a rapidly growing chain, but Adel's is the best street food in NYC and one of New York City's best food trucks! Its mouthwatering chicken over rice and lamb over rice is better than any dish at Halal Guys. Similarly to Halal Guys, it's located in Midtown Manhattan right by Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. Next time you're visiting the Big Apple and visiting Time Square, swing by Adel's for great NYC eats! It's a well-known local eats spot and not yet a tourist attraction.

In this video, we pit Adel's vs Halal Guys, to determine which one is the best, and it's no contest! Check out my video and see what the best chicken and rice cart in NYC is!

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Restaurant Deets:
Adel's Famous Halal Food
1221 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020

The Halal Guys
6th Avenue &, W 53rd St, New York, 10019