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We've eaten a lot of Halal food today, I'll tell you that Just look at this beauty right here. Look at this red chicken Ah it smells so good! Got the tangy, you got the cumin in there This is like a restaurant quality plate of food We got some red sauce, we got some white sauce We love street food in New York City and
there's one that stands out among them all. It's Halal food. You see it everywhere
the carts are all over the place. They smell amazing. That rice, the chicken, the lamb.
You know it's not hot dogs, it's Halal, but more on that later.
We've always wanted to do a Halal crawl in a video like this, but there's
only one problem.

There's just two of us – two stomachs. It's so with all that rice. So
we need some help and you may know this guy. This guy's eaten some of the worst
rated food in New York City. But today, we're going to bring them to some of the best.
Some of the best Halal spots. And it's Tal from Traveling Clatt!
Hi everybody, I'm excited to eat some delicious halal food today with Greg and Jumi.
Wooo let's do it! So I'm currently hijacking the Food and Footprints channel.

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loved and approved. See ya in the next one. Alright, so our first stop right there. Yeah first stop here. Our first stop today is Royal Grill Halal Hello, how are you? Can I have one tikka
masala over rice, please? Chicken.

Look at this beauty right here. Look at
this red chicken. It looks so good! We got minimal sauce on this because
there's so much flavor in this chicken. We didn't need the white sauce. It's just got
a little green and we got this special mango pickle.
They don't even offer it to you, you gotta ask them for it. Look at that! Are you not
hungry? I wish we had smell-o-vision so you could smell this. For real. This is the Vendy
Cup Champions 2018. And I gotta tell you one thing here. I was at the Vendy Cup last
year at the Vendy Awards helping out friends of ours, I Eat Lao Food. Shout out
Manila and Kristen out there if you're watching this. And they won and I was a
little surprised like it was like well you know, we have some other favorites
here you know. I tried them out I'm like okay this is solid. But, it turns out I
ended up ordering the wrong thing.

I didn't order the chicken tikka masala, I
just ordered chicken over rice. It's a big difference. That's why it pays to
know what to order at each place, I can't stress that enough. Alright, let's dig
in. That red chicken right there. Some of that rice.There's even some bell peppers, some green pepper here. There's tomatoes, onions. There's so much going on in here. This is like a
restaurant-quality plate of food. There's even peas, I see some cumin seeds in here. Mmm juicy and tender. The meat alone has
that spice, that's why I didn't ask for any hot sauce.

There's already spice in here. Got that crunch from the veggies. Mango adds a little tanginess to it, too. It brings it
all together. You get the spice, got the tangy, you got cumin in there.
And then let's take a little bit of rice by itself. Oh that rice is flavorful.
I didn't even need to swallow it. Right away I could just taste it. That's good rice, huh? Yeah, we're missing the
creamy from the white sauce. But you know what? You don't need it you don't need white sauce
on this. We don't need no white sauce! No white sauce. This box of amazingness will
run you $7. That is a steal, that is such a deal. Look at that texture, look
at how delicious that is. Seven bucks it really tastes incredible, so we're
starting off on a real bang. I'm very excited to see what comes next.

Can I have one lamb over rice, please? So we have the lamb over rice. So this
isn't where you go a lot of Halal carts the lamb is that processed fake gyro
meat. You know it's that gray mystery meat block. This one is uh this one looks crazy.
Yeah, this one looks insanely amazing This is actual slices of lamb. We have
some tzatziki sauce, it's actually made with yogurt. Kwik Meal, this one is
actually founded by a guy who used to work at the Russian Tea Room, a high-end
restaurant here in New York City Fun fact – my pops used to be a waiter
there back in the day. And so it only makes sense that he had this high-end,
higher quality Halal.

It's still nine bucks, which in the grand scheme of
things ain't that much money. It's better than a lot of meals you're gonna get for triple
this price. It's real lamb, no mystery meat here. This is the good stuff, real
tzatziki, no BS. So here it's got that hot sauce on it. Up close.
Ahh it smells so good. That's real lamb right there. And the
beauty of it – a lot of people don't like lamb. I don't know. They're not my kind of
people, I guess. Sorry. But a lot of people don't like lamb because there's a gamey flavor. You
don't have any of that in here. This just tastes like delicious, tender flavorful

And you have that hot sauce on top. Man. Look at how much they give you, too.
You may scoff at that nine dollar price tag at first. But look how much
lamb they give you here. They're not skimping at all. High-quality ingredients
and it's worth it. You could really taste that yogurt from the tzatziki there.
It's that tang that you want in a tzatziki sauce, it's awesome. I can't agree more,
people who don't like lamb are not my type of people.

So I first tried this cart, my stepdad put me on to it when he used to work around here. He
actually for the first time he brought me the salmon. He was like get the salmon
here. I'm like "fish from a cart??" But you would believe it with this. The
salmon is excellent, they use high quality ingredients here, you're not gonna get
sick. You might be like "fish from a cart, why the hell would I ever do that?"
This is a cart you would do that from.

You should definitely try it. If you don't
eat meat, get the salmon there. It's awesome. but
this lamb is the thing to get. If you don't like lamb, eat this. This should
change your mind. We are at the Halal Guys. This is the
originator of the Halal food in New York City. It started back in the 90s. So, it
actually started off as a hot dog cart. Then there was a whole market for – you
know people were asking where can you get Halal food? The taxi drivers was a big
market and they really popped off. It became so huge. So now they started from one
cart here on 53rd Street 6th Avenue in Midtown. Now it's a global empire.
You have locations all over the U.S. Brick and mortars. There's even locations in the
Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, all over the world now. It's crazy.
So, let's see how it stacks up to what we have so far and then what we're gonna have
afterwards. This is how you know they are a well-oiled machine.

We got this in like
two seconds. I think a NASCAR pit crew couldn't beat how fast we got this. So we
got the chicken over rice, this is the famous Halal Guys. They gave us some pita
with it as well. Now we're gonna put some sauces. We're gonna go classic. White sauce, hot sauce So we got the chicken over rice. This is the most popular street food in New York City is Halal. You're gonna find halal carts all over New York City. There's thousands probably all
over the city in every borough.

You got from all over. Different countries.
Original owners are Egyptian. Now, I don't know. It's a huge corporation, but
let's see how this shakes up.It started back in the 90's.
This is always one of the most iconic places to visit in New York City. For better or
for worse, we'll tell you in a little while. Let's do this.
Better then what I thought. Yeah. But not great.
No, definitely not great. Yeah even the chicken – the chicken is not aggressively
spiced. You know, but the problem is maybe we had to high of expectations. Some of
these other places they really put a lot of love and quality care into it.
They're putting cumin, they're putting all these other spices on it. Like that
Royal Halal, look at how much spice on the chicken alone. This one, they rely on
the sauce. The other ones, they don't. The sauces complement it. This, you have to
have the sauce for it to really be the whole package. So, that's the difference.

is better than I remember it being. I remember not liking it at all when I
had it before. It's a little better. I think also the fact that we mixed it together.
And maybe the first time I had it, I should've just mixed it. So I don't know
if this can really stand on it's own two feet by itself. But when you mix the sauce in, it's solid.
Just to play devil's advocate for them, I think the average American too probably
doesn't want overly seasoned food. Because the average American is
usually looking for something that's – sadly they're not looking for the most
authentic foods.

So maybe this is actually the reason why it's so popular is
because it's popular with people who live here,
you know? They don't want to step out of the comfort zone every
time they eat something. Very good point. Especially that this white sauce is
heavily mayo-based. Mayo's very popular in America as we know. Now the average
American I don't think can handle this hot sauce.

Even a little bit of it, because damn it is crazy! This hot sauce – it's HOT. This is hot as.. This one's on fire. Here you go, one falafel right now. Thank you! Now it's time for halal after dark.
We have headed from Manhattan to Queens. We're in Astoria now. We're at a
legendary vendor.

The King of Falafel and Shawarma. They're Vendy Award winners.
2010 Vendy Cup champs. Tal is ready. You know why? Because we got the proper
stacked shawarma beef and lamb here. And they got the falafe. The falafel they
gave us samples on line. That's what they do here. They're generous, they're incredible.
This cart is Palestinian. It's founded by the man, the myth, the legend – Freddy. He's
a street food legend here in New York. And yeah we're gonna do this. We just got tahini and hot sauce. No white sauce, doesn't need it. Let's go. Here we go lamb
shawarma with a little bit of beef. Look at that.

So let's take a bite of this shawarma. Got
a little hot sauce here, we got a little tahini here. We got a little bit of that basmati
rice, let's go. Yeah, it is a tad on the drier side. It's the end of the night. The spit is reduced to a tiny little cone, but there's still good
flavor. They're one of a few trucks in the city you can get proper shawarma on the
spit, very rare. It's awesome. Ooh, that's the best bite so far right there. I taste those spices kicking in. Got a little cinnamon in there. Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about One chicken over rice, please. Ohh there's all that cilantro, glorious! White sauce, hot sauce and green sauce,
please. This is like running a marathon.
It really is a food marathon tonight, folks. Except you gain 20 pounds during this marathon. And you lose maybe one. So we are here in
Jackson Heights. We are back in our neighborhood. We're here at our favorite
halal cart. Been coming here for well over ten years. Vendy Award champs 2006. Pakistani owned. They got so much flavor here.

They got the secret green sauce that we asked
for. They don't even ask you if you want it, you have to tell them. So got that
with the hot sauce and the white sauce. Chicken over rice, this stuff is so
flavorful, so amazing. We could not pick a better place to end
than here. Tal is ready to eat, we're ready to eat, even though we're really full.
Because this stuff's amazing.

Here we go Sammy's. Get some with all that in there.
The green sauce. We got some green sauce, got some red sauce, we got some white sauce, we got
some bro sauce. We've been eating this for a long time.
Got some thoughts on this here. What I love about this cart is that the rice is
so fragrant. It's got cumin seeds in there, actual
cumin seeds you'll see them. Sometimes you'll actually find whole cloves. Sometimes
you might even find a cinnamon clove here.

That's how fragrant it is. You can eat this
rice on its own, that's how fragrant and good it is.
And what we love about it, the chicken is flavorful, juicy, it's fresh all the time.
This cart is so popular, they even have Uber Eats and Postmates coming there.
It's crazy. How many carts do you know that have the little iPad in there and
Uber Eats is showing up? Not many. And they're here til 6:00 in the morning. Late night. They
get everybody here in Jackson Heights. You got the cabbies. They've been doing this for a
very very long time. They're so popular they even have a spot in Manhattan by
Washington Square Park. This spot's incredible. What we love, too. A lot of the places – I'm
talking to you, Halal Guys.

You rely on the sauce very heavily. This, everything
is so fragrant and so flavorful. The sauces compliment it. You get that creamy white
sauce that cools it, you get the spicy red sauce and that green is like
refreshing , that cilantro mint kick. The chicken just tastes good. It's incredible.
Everything here works so well. I might be biased because I've loved this forever. But you
know what, I'm not because I was so full before I start eating this and I can eat
this all night. This is still the favorite for me even after all this
tonight, it solidified I love it.

It's genuinely really good. It's still my favorite. And I think it's just
the fact this is like a classic Halal food. Like the other ones, I love too. Like
some of them were just so advanced and like different marinades.
But this is like a classic Halal just done very very very well.
Alright, we did it! Alright we did it. Yeah whoo man this is something we
always wanted to do we finally did it. We hit up five of the best Halal spots in
New York City. Yes! Including the famous Halal Guys. A little overrated we'll say
there. You know, hot take, not so hot take. But we had an amazing night tonight.
Thanks to Tal from The Traveling Clatt for joining us tonight. Check out his channel. This guy travels the world. He's been in New York City for a while. He's here for a little while longer so we wanted to get a video in with him.

Great dude, check him out,
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do. But I'll probably be the first, I'm gonna beat you to it. You gotta compete with Tal here, I don't know he's quick on the draw. Thanks for watching see you soon. 1. 2. 3. 4. And then we did one more after that. We did 5! Hello, everybody! Sorry, this is so short..

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In this video, we will take you on a tour of some of the best Halal food in NYC. Five carts and trucks across Manhattan and Queens.

But, we couldn't tackle all of this food by ourselves. So, we invited a special guest to eat with us. He has eaten some of the WORST rated food in NYC, so we wanted to show him some of the BEST.

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Here are all of the carts and trucks we visited:

1. Royal Grill Halal
W 44 St between 6th and 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

2. Kwik Meal
100 W 45 St (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036

3. The Halal Guys
W 53 St and 6 Ave
New York, NY 10019

4. King of Falafel and Shawarma
30-16 Ditmars Blvd
Astoria, NY 11105

5. Sammy's Halal Food
73 St & Broadway
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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