Best Halal Food in USA! | (As a Pakistani)

You guys must be thinking what's with this thumbnail So let me explain briefly The major reasons for my travel to New York is city, lights and of course family But the most important thing is the Halal Guys Not the guys but the food itself that they serve But before we can have that this guy wanted to go to an art Museum which is called the Metropolitan Museum of art and he also said that we will visit times square before eating too because only after that we will get hungry As soon as the camera fires up they both get straightened up Otherwise they always talking dirty behind scenes But by the grace of God, this boy took us to Museum of modern art rather than the Metropolitan The wrong one The one where we have to pay…

It's not free and I appreciate things for free and who in their right minds would pay to go inside a museum? The problem is that we came to the wrong place. Our plan was to visit the art museum first But this boy took us to the wrong place It wasn't me come on bro it's his fault and so the mission halal guys was supposed to be at the end but we came across that first now so now we waiting in line for that now let's see Okay so the issue is that this line is almost 20 minutes long or more and then that umbrella that you see there is where heaven lies so it will easily take 30 minutes I think Like and subscribe While I was roaming around, I wondered how there are thousands of people who came for their vacations Everyone having their different stories different feelings and different pasts If you just sit and think about it, it blows your mind Just a thought what say Guys salt bae's restaurant is right in front of me but I ain't rich enough to go there yet let's go else where then we headed towards time square okay so we are almost here at the time square and bro people be pushing me left and right, so much that my arms are about to fall off Okay so the plan initially was that we were walking towards The Metropolitan museum so like but now how far is the walk from here? 40 minutes 40 minutes walk and we are literally walking for 40 minutes already and we are still not there yet I don't know what scene what flow so we thought that why not sit and order a cab or uber and relax and go fast So…

I'll show you in a bit what happens next hussain right? yeah yeah that's us alright! hello Okay boys so we here at the Metropolitan museum and I don't know why we are here but we have some views here oops *coughs* sorry wrong view Over here, we got some beautiful structures which have very high definitions when it comes to the carving their little packages Man who cares about the museum? Let's get out hi how much is the chicken stick? 7 So boys I was major missing the BBQ back in Lahore Pakistan So I thought why not get something from this place because it was smelling very nice and for that we got this little BBQ stick So let me try this one piece.

Looks very nice Very nice, very nice! and then what? we came back home, completing our mission and our vlog and lived happily ever after But guys, if you have ever tried food from the halal cart then please comment down below and let me know about your experience and before leaving, please subscribe this video subscribe this video? subscribe this channel! Sorry I am very sleepy right now what say .

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Best Halal Food in USA! | (As a Pakistani)


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