Best Halal Street Food in Beijing! This “bean juice” is not for the for the faint-hearted!

hello everyone welcome to ds travel i'm Dan and i'm in beijing right now and finally one of the great ancient cities of china and i'm super excited because beijing has so much amazing street food that's been passed down from generations to generations many places that we're going to in this beijing series has been around for over a hundred years and today we're going to start around 牛街 and try some of the unique beijing style halal street food let's go check it out all right guys, our first stop is just right up front it's actually inside a supermarket let's go check it out alright guys finally getting my 雜糧煎餅 and let me tell you this is gigantic half of it probably enough for a normal sized adult first bite this thing is amazing when you bite into it you first hit that slightly crispy, little chewy flat wrapper like the skin and once you bite into it just so much fresh veggie in there crunchy and fresh when you start to chew you get the nice savory sauce and then that peanuts that nuttiness then that 醬牛肉 the stewed beef super flavorful it's tender you get a little bit of that stringy meaty kind of texture it's really nice and flavorful that crunchy 脆片 just adds another layer of crunchiness it's just crunchy meaty chewy savory all in one bite this is nice one more bite let me take my time finish this we'll go for our next stop guys right up front i heard there is a place selling all kinds of beijing street food halal version and it's lining up with lots of people let's go check it out all right guys i got so much stuff from that 洪記小吃 sesame 燒餅 looking nice! lots of sesame on top beef scallion bun i wasn't planning on getting this but there was a huge line waiting for this 炸糕 finally 牙籤肉 toothpick meat now this is not a typical size toothpick meat usually it's like a tiny piece, like this this little but over at this place gigantic let's start with a toothpick meat flavorful and tender and you can taste that cumin flavor it's really nice you can really taste that meaty shrinky kind of texture because this is lean meat but it doesn't get into your teeth tender soft meaty flavorful top-notch and gigantic, too they also drizzle some sesame on there i didn't taste much of sesame flavor but it looks pretty with it love it okay i'm gonna save this later i think we'll try the bun first it doesn't look like a very regular shape so you can clearly tell this is handmade this is nice really really flavorful honestly a little salty when you bite into it you taste that naturally raised dough flavor salty meaty but it's really soft it's really nice let's move on to 炸糕 basically fried dough with fillings in there i think this is red bean fillings and it looks amazing it just looks like, you know, tasty calorie bomb something about the greasy fried dough with that aromatic fillings let's take a bite so crunchy but right after crunchiness you get that smooth aromatic mild sweetness flavorful fillings that filling is really nice i think it's made of sticky rice you can actually taste sticky gooey kind of texture from that sticky rice one more bite let's move on to the next one sesame 燒餅 the dough and the sesame paste layering on top of each other very nice texture but it's little dry to be honest you probably need like a soybean milk or something you know, to choke this down but really aromatic nice aroma from that sesame on outside the roasted sesame and inside you still can taste that you know, slightly salty, the nutty, the creamy sesame paste mixed in with that dough this is phenomenal first time love it let's go for the next stop guys, it's getting dark outside but we have one more place to go it's locals favorite meat pancake (pie) let's go check it out all right guys this is 肉餅宛 and i've got here very nice 大蔥肉餅 and this is with beef let's take a bite super flavorful the skin i think it's oil fried on both sides so it's a little crunchy little chewy and inside the meat fillings really flavorful! it's on the salty side but it's got a nice beefy savoriness together with that stimulating scallion flavor really nice it really tastes like a very nice quality beef pie and then you smash down into like the flat surface and i love that because in that case you maximize that crispy skin that's been fried on that giant iron it's also very juicy, too I mean, when i pick it up you can see the juice dripping out from the sides okay let's try the filling by itself super flavorful bouncy and meaty salty actually phenomenal and you know, i just love the part where that dough or the skin is generously soaked with that juice look at that so juicy and so flavorful you really get a pan fried oily, a little bit greasy kind of flavor and also that juice is full of the essence of the beef super flavorful and also the texture is crunchy chewy come here and try this guy   okay let me have a sip guys, it's getting pretty dark outside but we have one more stop this is something i'm a little hesitant to try but we still need to try it let's go check it out we're at 護國寺小吃 this is also one of the very traditional and famous beijing street food joint and they have been around for, I think, 60 years or so and they've got some of the iconic beijing street food number one 豆汁 it's fermented green bean juice and usually with 豆汁 people eat a 焦圈 with it basically it's like deep-fried dough you just break it and dip it in that 豆汁 also another thing that i haven't tried before is called 面茶 thick porridge made of millet and on top there is sesame paste and you don't use a spoon you just slurp along the edges so you can get the sesame paste and millet paste in every bite let's get started 
with that 豆汁 let's have a smell first it doesn't really smell that bad I mean, just have that mild green bean flavor in it okay let me have a sip definitely an acquired taste okay one more the most prominent flavor is actually sour a little stimulating not very mild sourness just really mild green bean flavor and it's actually not bad it doesn't really stink actually i feel like if you add enough sugar in this this might taste good it's like green bean soup all right let's try the 焦圈 with it just dip it in it's so crunchy, it's like a cracker and dipping in that soup just to add some sourness to it it's not bad let's try this 面茶 and you need to slurp it along the edge of the bowl this is super flavorful that sesame paste on top it's actually really thick sesame and nutty and slight sweetness this is actually phenomenal that bite, i only had that millet paste and it basically tastes like a really fine and thick porridge it's really nice and comforting one more sip this I like I can drink this all day all right let me work on my 豆汁 the green 
bean juice and that's it for this time we still got a lot more beijing street food 
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Best Halal Street Food in Beijing! This "bean juice" is not for the for the faint-hearted!

Bejing Street food continues! So much to try and so much to experience. But this time, there is something I am really hesitant to try. Just the smell can scare a ton of people away!
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