hello guys, welcome to Channel van 3G as Muslims, halal food is of course the most important thing for us but if, for example, we live in a country like the Netherlands How difficult is it that we are looking for halal food here in the video this time I will share tips and trick for you on how to do it so that you can get halal food in the Netherlands besides that I will also explain how you can avoid haram food and of course there are applications that you can use to help you so if you are curious. Keep watching this video until the end and don't forget to subscribe to the Channel van 3G now we are going to check the first tips so there is already a halal shop behind us, which can be your first option, usually, the halal shop here is owned by Turkish people. So I called it a Turkish store. why Turkish shop?, so here they usually sell goods obtained from the Middle East Second, usually for meat, they have their own halal slaughterhouse. So this could be your first option.

Now we will go inside to see about what you can get at this Turkish shop. This Turkish shop is quite complete, here you can buy basic necessities such as vegetables, fruit, seafood and also typical Turkish snacks such as Baklava which is famous for its very sweet taste. For you date lovers, here they also always sell dates all year round so you don't have to wait for the Ramadan and the prices are quite varied. Starting from 25 thousand rupiah to 100 thousand rupiah per box. There are many kinds of meat here. You can buy chicken, beef, and also sheeps. You can also ask for the meat to be spiced, grinded or processed into sausages like this. hey sir May I take a video? How are you? I'm fine Can I get 1 kg of chicken breast? is 1 kg enough? I want to make a video for the Indonesian Nice! You may say hello So, I always buy it with him thus I know him quite well I usually go here to buy 1 kg of chicken meat.

Where's him? Usually when I finished shopping. I was given candy. Thank you. See you The second tips. If for example you don't find a special halal supermarket All you can do is go to conventional stores like JUMBO and Albert Heijn. This is like Carrefour and Hypermart in Indonesia here, all you can do is look for a cupboard or special segment of halal food that is always available like this On this shelf, you can find chicken, beef, sausage, or dairy products, of course, all of which have halal labels.

The third tips The next tip is that you must know the E-numbers E-numbers means European numbers which are labels that must be given to packaged food sold in the European Union from these E-numbers, you can use to find out whether this food is halal or haram. How to do it, namely by downloading the application whose name is next to this. Halal Check You can download Halal check for free on the app store or play store.

Then how do you use the application. I will explain in the following. When you open the application. You will get a view like this Halal app itself divided the food labels into 3 categories First, the halal label which is green coloured The second category is mushbooh, which means undoubtedly with the gray label and a third category is haram with the red label In addition, there is also an explanation with a picture of the ingredients and there is also a complete explanation of why it can be categorized as halal haram or mushbooh because the code is used in all EU countries. So you can use the halal check application in all countries in Europe. Now I'm at the supermarket to show you how to read the code.

The E-code label is very important if you want snacks like candy or snacks here so if you want to buy packaged food, for example. You just have to look at the code behind it like this. Later, there are already codes like E503, E450 and also the food description that you can immediately search for in the application after that you can know whether this food is halal or not to eat Fourth tips When you shop in the Netherlands there are three words that you must avoid. Namely Varken, Ham and also bacon Why? because that means pork like this, if you look at it, varkenvlees. varken means pork and vlees means meat. So let's say you see all the labels here.

There is a picture of a pig and for Muslims, you can't eat. Why is this important? because the Netherlands itself sells Indonesian food such as fried rice and fried bami. But if, for example, you see the label on the back like this On the back, it says pork chops So you can say here fried rice and fried bami are not halal, now we have arrived at my favourite segment. Namely the liquor segment. In the liquor segment this time in the Netherlands, alcohol is legal. so it can be bought in supermarkets but if suppose you want to buy alcohol. You have to be able to show your KTP which shows that you are above 17 years old. In the Netherlands itself, it is known as people who drink beer. Here you can see that there are lots of beer for sale called 0.0% alcohol. Even though it is claimed to be a beer that is alcohol-free.

But 0.0% does not mean it has no alcohol at all. However, the content means that it is below 0.09% so it does not need to be included. I know some drink and some don't. What do you think? don't forget to put it in the comment. do you think 0.0% alcohol beer is halal or not? So I want to hear your opinion on this.

So here are tips and tricks for finding halal food when you shop at supermarkets in the Netherlands because it's about to close, I've been shopping and I have to pay for this to the cashier so I'll see you in the next video. So, there are some tips and tricks from the channel van 3G for how to find halal food in the Netherlands if you like this video. Don't forget to like and also share with your friends. And don't forget to follow our Instagram @channelvan3g to see our next updates. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video .

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