Bringing Oppa Around Singapore: Best Katong Food Guide | EP 1

Wah, so rabs kebabs. Hey! Wah, now he very Singaporean sia! Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs! I'm Xenia. And today there's a very special guest joining me. And he is… Good day mate! I'm Stephen. I'm from Australia. And I've been in Singapore for about a year now. What would you say, you usually eat back home in Australia? A lot of steak. And I don't mind a kebab once in awhile. So what would you say is your favourite food in Singapore? Chicken rice! Roast pig. Roast pork! Roast pork. I heard from the team right, he eats chicken rice or roast pork rice every other day eh! And that's why today, we're going to bring you around Katong, this food paradise, to show you that Singapore is more than just chicken rice and roast pork rice! Let's go! Let's go! Okay, we're going to start off with something light.

It's like a snack. So just now we were talking to the lady boss, and she actually shared with us that she started baking 25 years ago. That's a really long time! So we got here a chocolate tart, and a banana pie, from Dona Manis! First off we're going to start off with the banana pie. Cheers! X: Wah, it's very nice hor!
S: Ya. The reason why I like it so much is because the banana is very sweet, and it's very soft. So it blends very well with the pastry itself. The little roasted peanuts on the top give it a nice crunch. And I think it's not just the taste, it's also the aunty who makes it very homely. It's like you're buying from your own aunt. Have you tried something like this before in Australia? Not a banana pie. I guess the closest thing is like an apple pie. But that's common everywhere. So this is unique! I like it. And next, we have chocolate tarts, which I'm a little more familiar with. They remind me of my childhood days.

Where like primary school, when you go to a bakery shop, and then I always beg my mum to buy me this. Wah! It's like ice-cream! I can imagine the aunty crushing the biscuit herself, and moulding it. It doesn't look very perfect. And it's in bite-size pieces. Then you can just pop them in, one at a time. I'm sure I can finish in one bite lo! VoilĂ ! So how do you find this place? Your first stop! It's pretty good! The chocolate tarts were amazing. The banana pie was on point as well. The location is not something I would find in Australia. You wouldn't expect a nice pastry place to be hidden like this.

Ya, when you think of good pastries right, you would think of like cafes. I always like this kind of unassuming places though, cause they always surprise you somehow. I think it's a definite visit. If I saw it just walking by, I don't think I would stop. But it's okay, now we try it for you already! So you can come down and try it yourself! Next stop, we are going to try one of my all time favourite Singaporean food, and that is laksa! Katong laksa! Very good! Katong laksa. So actually we're here at The Original Katong Laksa shop, that is located at Roxy Square. And their trademark is, as you can see there is no chopsticks given to you. Because they cut their noodles, so you can just eat it with a scoop! It's very complex, because this one has coconut milk. The broth itself has a lot of sediments.

It's milky. I guess the coconut milk makes it taste milky and the flavour is rounded. And it's spicy at the same time. But because of the coconut milk right, it neutralises the heat. So you wouldn't be like all the time. You can still enjoy spicy food! I just had one of the cockles. X: Nice right?
S: It's like a mouthful of the ocean. Ya, I love the cockles eh. I always like add extra hum (cockles). What's hum? Oh, cockles! Okay, Xenia English! No Hokkien! Let me test your knowledge of Singapore. Ouch, okay. From Australia! Go! Winner! Next, we ordered, Liang pan yun tun mian (2 plates of wanton noodles). Yes, from Bei-ing Wanton Noodles which is also at Roxy Square. And I must say that, I'm actually someone who don't order wanton noodles. And now we're going to try his wanton noodles, which has been around for 40 years. Wah, shiok! Wah, they have this special ingredient in the sauce right, I can't decipher what is it but, it tastes very different from other wanton noodles outside eh.

I would order this eh! I feel like the noodles are cooked to perfection. I like to call it QQ. The noodles are QQ. I've had the boiled dumplings. but I've never tried this kind of dumplings. I thought it was like tortilla chips. Tortilla chips! So different and like unique. What's this called? Char siew! It's sweet, and there's some parts that is fatter. S: For some reason the one I had was kind of crunchy.
X: Crunchy! X: At the side lo.
S: But still tender. This costs about $5, which initially I thought was a bit pricey. But then, the portion is quite huge eh! And there's so many elements to it. Ya, and you get an uncle who calls you by number and country! Australia, winner! It's always good to take a walk after a meal, Or in our case, a lot of meals! We are super full! and that's why we're taking a break, just walking down Katong. And we realised there are a lot of Instagrammable spots, like this one! And Stephen also told me he wants to be an Instagram boyfriend, that's his dream! So yay let's go! Next, we're here at Old Bibik's Peranakan Kitchen! Yes, to try some Peranakan food.

Did you know that I'm actually Peranakan? Really? Ya! I did not know. No la, just trolling you! So this is Jiuhucha. It looks like a dismantled popiah. The lady boss was telling me right, When they want to test whether a girl is good in the kitchen, this is the ultimate test. See whether her knife skills is good enough. This is like Korean ssam. So many different flavours. Like a woody flavour? I would think of it as a very concentrated popiah filling, with the additional of very flavourful mushrooms. I think this is great as an appetiser. Let's move on to the one you're very excited about! And that is the chinchalok omelette. Chinchalok is fermented small shrimp. People usually don't find it pleasant. I really don't know whether you'll like this.

I'll let you know if I don't like it. It's not as crunchy as I thought it was going to be. Inside, it's very soft! It's almost like a pillow. So the usual omelette would have like bits of ham and capsicum. But this is totally different to that, especially the way it's cooked. S: And it gets it's savoury side from the fermented prawns.
X: Chinchalok! Chinchalok! I don't know how they cooked it in the way that they kill that fermented fishy taste. Next, we're going to try out the buah keluak. Tofu! This is the fruit itself. So it's actually poisonous. You have to go through a lot of tedious process to make it edible.

And at the same time, the flavour is very complex. I don't know if it's because of the colour, but it reminds me of black bean sauce. The tofu inside is really soft and silky. It's really like a paste eh. It's very chunky. Got a lot of yi li (small bits) inside. What's yi li? This is the definition of yi li. Next, we'll try the beef rendang! This is something that I think a lot of Singaporeans are familiar with.

It's like curry, but very different kind of curry. The beef's really tender. You can tell that there's heap of spices in it. The texture of the sauce, it's not completely smooth, you can feel yi li bits in it. I think it'll go perfectly with rice. It hits every single flavour profile. And that means savoury, tick! Spicy, tick! A little bit sweet, tick! Peranakan food is so complex. Like the best way to describe each flavour is many layers of individual flavours all combine together. And they all dance on your tongue. Every single dish, they have their like unique flavour profile. And even this drink itself, it is guava citrus iced tea. When he drank it, he told me it tastes like alcohol. S: Ya.
X: It has some fermented taste to it! But just let him off la, his first time eh! Let him enjoy okay! There is no alcohol in there! And, we're at our last stop! At Udipi Ganesh Vilas. This place is actually recommended by one of our Eatbook writers, Katie! So I'm pretty sure it's going to be good.

So first up we are going to try this. I thought it was pumpkin, with a nice topping of fish roe. He forgot that this is a vegeterian restaurant. I can understand why you think it's fish roe. They have little bumps. I'm pretty sure you've never eaten this before. But when I was young right, You have prata looking bee hoon pancake. And then they have the shredded coconut and orange sugar.

It tastes like that orange sugar. I was going to guess that it's like a rice dessert that's been sweeten. I think this is closer to a kueh than a cake. So if you haven't try kueh, you should try kueh the next episode, okay? We'll try this. What's masala? It's like a kind of spice. That is a very common ingredient in their cuisine. S: Tastes like a chinese herbal tea.
X: Tea? With milk. Like the more you drink it, the herbal flavour is not as apparent. So you still have that teh tarik taste, but the masala itself is like a side kick, so it complements very well. It's very well balanced. I would say, this is one of the best I've tried. So this is mango lassi. Do you know what's mango lassi? Mango yoghurt right? Yes! You thought I wouldn't get it! The yoghurt flavour hits first, but then there's a fizziness to it.

Like a really light fizziness First flavour was sour. And then after that the fresh mango flavour came through. Next we have the poori set. When it was first served to us, I was telling him, The only name I could think of is, it's called kaboom! So this is actually a deep fried bread, people usually eat it for breakfast or snack. And you eat it like you would eat a prata. Do you like chickpeas? Not the biggest fan. I love it! But it makes me fart a lot so good luck to you later! It reminds me of a Lebanese bread that I have a lot in Australia. The texture and the thickness is really similar to that. I can imagine myself having a conversation with my friends and I just keep eating you know. It doesn't fill you up as much as a prata. Okay, moving on! Dosai! So this is one of my favourite. You got to try, I'm not going to describe it.

So the texture of this dosai, it reminds me of a French crepe. So like the thickness, and, towards the middle of it is a lot softer and around the edges is crispy. When I order this right, I love the sauces. Cause it's just so refreshing and so light. This is like a summer dish. Overall, the food is amazing. When people think about vegeterian food right, it's very healthy and it's very plain. But no eh! All the food here is very flavourful. So we just spent the entire day exploring Katong, And eating tons of food. I'm so full! What is your favourite food? My favourite is the chocolate tart from the morning! It's just not what I was expecting. The chocolate ice-cream in the pastry. I thought it was just going to be normal chocolate but it was ice-cream. Yes. My favourite would be the Peranakan meal we just had.

The flavours are really complex. And I think because of that, it is so unique and irreplaceable. So after today right, Trying more than just chicken rice and roast pork rice, has your impression of Singaporean food changed? It's changed massively! There were so many different cuisines to have. And especially the Peranakan. Like how I learn about how that one dish tells whether a girl would make a good wife or not X: Yes! The jiuhucha.
S: was interesting! For those of you who like this kind of vlog, where we bring Stephen around to explore Singapore, to try different uniquely Singaporean food. Please comment "Yay!" and suggest different hidden gems for us so we can bring him around again!.

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Bringing Oppa Around Singapore: Best Katong Food Guide | EP 1

In this episode of Bringing Oppa Around Singapore, Xenia brings our Korean-Australian colleague, Stephen, around Singapore's food haven Katong to try out Singapore's foods!

Address of Locations:
1. Dona Manis Cake Shop
865 Mountbatten Road, B1-93, Katong Shopping Centre, S437844
Opening hours: 10:30am-5pm (Closed on Sundays)

2. The Original Katong Laksa
50 East Coast Road, #01-64, Roxy Square, S428769
Opening hours: 8:30am-5:30pm

3. Bei-ing Wanton Noodles
50 East Coast Road, #01-64, Roxy Square, S428769
Opening hours: 11am-5:30pm (11am-4:30pm on Sat & Sun)

4. Old Bibik's Peranakan Kitchen
328 Joo Chiat Road, #01-02, S427585
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

5. Udipi Ganesh Vilas
10 Ceylon Road, S429606
Opening Hours: 7:30am-10:30pm

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