Broke College Kids Try Each Other’s Ramen

yeah this is that college struggle struggle ramen [Music] hello everyone my name is olua maya adesuyae i am a third year neuroscience major at the university of california riverside what's up my name is marcus i go to hushing college la in studio i'm out here studying musical theater and film hello my name is cheyenne washington i was a mass communications major at the university of bridgeport and just graduated in may of 2020. i was definitely a very very very very very broke college student wow i can't even fathom how broke i was being broke sucks because like you wake up and you're like okay what am i going to eat being a broke college student is whack af we have to pay for parking we have to pay for books and we have ramen to save the day [Music] today i brought my nigerian styled ramen for people to try you know i used atagongoon i used crayfish these are nigerian spices just switch it up nothing can beat this ramen if you can find ways during the struggle to make your ramen like really good then you're the best and that's what that's what i did my ramen is coming in with a different vibe coming up with the different taste spices that i'm sure these other contestants don't even know exist or i've never tasted before so i'm pretty sure this is gonna win bring it on these other contestants they don't stand a chance sorry to that man [Music] so i put some chicken in here of course to put a little chili and lime larry seasoned salt and the ramen i used marooching oh okay this is giving me my mom vibes my mom is spanish just giving me spanish vibes this looks like mine they added chicken to it so that's a different spin it's very creative looking it smells good who made this i'm being serious like i'm not trying to be mean or anything like i don't like it at all it's salty like are you trying to kill me oh my god this is really this is good it's kind of like regular pasta and then like chicken they seasoned it well the only thing that has flavor in this meal is just the chicken that's it come on guys it's ramen the chicken is just an accessory season the ramen the ramen matters it's like why are the noodles so mushy i'm a texture person so i feel like the consistency of the noodles is a little weird with the chicken because the chicken is firm and like the noodles i really saw to me it's all about taste and flavor mine actually has flavor mine actually has taste you know it's a bit spicy i added a little tingle to it but this is just dry and it's not cutting it for me to be honest so that's why i give this a 2.

Yeah it smells good it tastes good i like the chicken the noodle texture is a little off but i'll give it a six my ramen is coming in with a different vibe coming with a different taste i'm pretty sure this is going to win bring it on this show dry as hell there's no way this is fancy ramen look it's a clump this is dry and crunchy it's like a bowl of breadcrumbs um is that a hate no no could you imagine shut down the studios yo what yeah i don't know it's a lot of chunks in here i could literally pick this up with my fingers there we go no no no no i can't take another bite this tastes like somebody tried to put some cheeses in there is that cheese i don't know it's everything for me it's everything for me i don't like the seasoning the consistency is weird go what do you mean when they know road they went wrong by waking up and deciding to make it they went wrong by cooking period says we need to talk a bro whoever my mama told me that if i don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all so i'ma just leave it at that i'm gonna give it a two because at least they tried like it's edible you know when you eat like some saltine crackers you try to do the saltine cracker challenge and then like you can so you spit it out it's just that ball of like mushy saltine crackers that's this that's in this ball i might have to give you a zero i'm sorry is that a rating zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero okay next who made this in this ramen i threw some shrimp in here i threw some oyster sauce through some sriracha some seasoning sorry to the other contestants but this ramen is going to take the cake i definitely feel like i'm going to win my first instance just to smell it you know just to make sure i'm not eating anything bad you know what is this nasty it has water in it which is okay i guess i would prefer my ramen a little bit more dry this looks like something that you would see like on the side of the street loki like i don't like all the water it looks like it got flooded a tsunami hit and like this was the ramen that was left on the streets it doesn't look flavorful at all low-key look at these noodles they have nothing i don't know if i want to eat it but i guess i have to it's okay i like the shrimp it's a bit of variety you know and it tastes pretty good okay i said too much earlier it's actually pretty good what the hell the rum is a bit watery and to be frank with you it has no color it's just looks great and i wouldn't want to eat it at first sight but you know shout out to the shrimps that saved the day let me get another bite just a small one there's not enough shrimp there's not enough shrimp i will say that like you gotta put shrimp throughout the whole thing i would add my attack into this recipe to give it color you know maybe like a reddish color i mean it does have it but it looks kind of dead i'll add that taco and crayfish to it just to give it more taste and more spice but whoever made this try no everything i said on the first bite like was wrong there's something about it like it feels slimy i give this a three next 6.5 and final answer [Music] after tasting the other contestants ramen i would say that i won by landslide mine definitely came and did what it needed to do you

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Broke College Kids Try Each Other's Ramen

Three broke college students battle it out to discover who can concoct the tastiest dorm room ramen dinner.

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