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Hello, I'm Uncle.Mr.Lee. This time, we will discuss Malaysia's halal industry and market. Malaysia is a country called Halal Hub worldwide Malaysia has an overwhelming Halal score Indonesia is lower than I thought? Malaysia is one of the countries with the highest halal ranking Malaysia & Indonesia compete for 1st and 2nd place in the halal industry but, According to the overall statistics Malaysia is number one Malaysia & Indonesia rush to slice up $3trillion global halal market from Nikkei japaness newspaper This newspaper didn’t mention about Korea sadly Korea also produces a lot of spicy ramen (Samyang) halal products But to be honest, the 1st time I knew halal was when I came to Malaysia I was planning to have dinner with my English course classmates in Malaysia at a Korean restaurant Mainland Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese friends who were in the same class were told that they could participate especially my Muslim classmates were asking me about the restaurant in detail At that time, I already knew that Muslims could not eat pork and alcohol So I told them not to worry about pork and alcohol Because we would go to the Korean Dakgalbi restaurant So, this restaurant don’t have pork and alcohol But exactly they informed me that they can't go to the restaurant I was embarrassed about what this was situation So automatically I asked them about why? They said that this is not HALAL restaurant At the time, my Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese friends, and me were all surprised…To be honest Because we've never heard of the word HALAL before Lol :^) I used to say stupid things So, how the halal industry has been established in Malaysia and how things are going Especially, let's take some time to find out why Malaysia's halal industry, which has been ranked No.

1 in the industry, has become superior in competition with MUIS( Singapore) and MUI (Indonesia) The competition is definitely fierce I'm sure there are a lot of people on my channel who majored in Islamic studies in University or who had excellent SPM grades in Islamic studies Besides the information, I'm talking about today if there's anything else you've experienced, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me about this in comment Personally, I've recently learned about Halal Industries and I don't know much about reality (even I'm just a postgraduate student) There's a difference between talking in the head of the desk and experiencing it in real life, so I want you to know this Malaysian Halal Hub History and Growth Malaysia's Halal history established in the early 1980s The Malaysia government created the world's first halal standard(?) law…

I think it's better to say that the Malaysia government pioneered HALAL LAW Because halal, which means it's allowed, was a bit conventional before 1980 In 1981, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad became Prime Minister of Malaysia He knew the potential for the halal industry earlier and began focusing on the halal industry to improve Malaysia's economy firstly ah, I think he really influences Malaysia's government big project when I study Malaysian history Dr.

Mahathir Mohamad is a big axis of Malaysian history It takes Islamic law scholars and talent's people to enact the halal law, and the Kuran, which is the foundation of halal is based on Arabic My Muslim friend even told me that if people don't recite it in Arabic when I read Kuran, it's invalid So, in 1982 by Prime Minister Mahathir, IIUM (International Islam University Malaysia) was founded on Islamic principles some people were saying that I've missed my SPM video and Bhumibutra policy video's contents I didn't study history with Malaysian history books I did check the facts in Journal paper and newspapers And I logically find the flow and talk about it To be honest, I want to check at the Malaysian government website about their data It's all Malay language I understand why the Malaysian government made this decision because even In Korea, statistics on government websites are all in Korean not English So my video's not a sequential way of coming out like a Malaysian school textbook I've been looking for a journal paper on the National Islamic Law School, and I'm explaining it in this way, thinking that the Malaysia government going to need a law scholar to make international HALAL law And since I'm a foreigner, I'm going to simply take out the details event so that Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese can understand easily Please inform my missing or missing parts I really love about informative comments Anyway, with Prime Minister Mahathir in power, Malaysia has seen a tremendous rise in GDP In 1985, Malaysia's GDP rose to $1978 near $2,000 Prime Minister Mahathir was also the one who noticed this change So in 1983, in 1985, when Malaysia made the Food Act 1983, and theFood Regulations 1985., they made some laws that had a significant impact on HALAL certification without actually mentioning HALAL In 1996-1997, the government created JAKIM, the formal government department, and developed the world's only halal certification Jakim means the Islamic Development Department, the Islamic Revival Department It may feel the same way as the food sanitation department in Korea Since Islam preoccupies the position of the state religion in Malaysia they have merged put Islam with the Islamic Secretariat This become the minister-level ministry under the direct control of the prime minister Nowadays JAKIM is one of the most powerful government departments in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, those who majored in Islamic law are one of the government departments that they want to working JAKIM has too much money Then the first halal standard certification came out in 2000 Come to think of it, the history of halal certification isn't long Only JaKim could provide the halal logo certificaiton in Malaysia Malaysia Halal Hub Industry Status and Top Market Share JaKim is the leader in the halal industry Arab and especially Indonesia were quite surprised that Malaysia first created the HALAL certification Because they think that their countries are the most authority Islam countries As I said before, in Malaysia, Pusat Islam manages the halal industry in the current Jakim Indonesia is headed by a non-governmental organization called MUI I think this difference is definitely huge As of 2010, Indonesia MUI production is definitely increasing, certification is increasing, and registers are increasing.

But it looks small because production is increasing so much. Look at the numbers. 692 to 10,000. What's many time(X16??)? It's 750 to 17000 this is in 2018 so how much more do you think it's going to be? I think this difference is definitely huge Indonesia has separated the state from religion and government Because Malaysia started from the principle of one government and religion. I think Jakim, supported by Malaysia government, is the world's number one Halal certification authority. Many people think that Jakim is a simple Malaysian Islamic missionary organization But Jakim is right to say that it is a religious representative of a country that can intervene in legislative, judicial, and administrative matters. in 1998, not JAKIM private enterprise, Ilhamdaya work about HALAL certification just temporary but nowadyas JAKIM works about HALAL certification Malaysia operates as a systematic HALAL legal system, and is the first Islamic country to present standards in accordance with the International Standards Organization's methodology.

Indonesia still supports halal certification with the power of its population Personally, Kyochon in Malaysia is really not delicious to me. I don't know why it's so popular …..what… reason… hm.. No way..Lol They're not halal yet They say the sauce is halal certified It's not Halal yet. Kyochon workers, I don't hate Kyochon. I really like Kyochon in Korea. I just don't prefer the Malaysia Kyochon, I like 4Fingers Shall we see Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles that people eat a lot? this one have HALAL symbol but not Zakim. it's an Indonesian MUI. and this is Korean halal mark. But to be honest, Halal's Pros and Cons There's a certification process and it's hygienic than non HALAL product It's clean.

That's what it feels like. The problem is….Price (HALAL certification fee)! Korean won is 4090won estimate RM14 but how much Malaysia's Samyang price? this is RM 20.99 can we exaclty see Malaysia currency? It’s 4090won in Korea this means that Malaysia Ringit is RM14 But sadly If I buy it in Malaysia that price is RM 20-29 discount place is 20ringit non-discount place is 29ringit (but I saw normally RM24 in giant) It is too expensive even remove distribution costs My individual subjective guessing that because of HALAL certification fee Oh, and what's the gap between RM20 and RM 29? but I heard that there's a one-year halal certification period in the Islamic Certification of Korea So 29 ringgit Samyang needs to renew but they didn't That's why it becomes 20 ringgit, right 29 ringgit'samyang still have HALAL with a certification period This is just my guessing because sometimes I saw their expiring or near by maximum expiring day… therefor product didnt renew certification, it is possible to reduce product price? I'd like to explain about MUIS Singapore's Halal certification authority they re just focusing on the development and management of mosques in quasi-governmental organizations Along with Zakim MUI, MUIS is the three major HALAL certifications We need to focus on HALAL Industries, especially Malaysia…

Malaysia JAKIM is moving halal beyond the food spectrum and increasing it to cosmetics, medicine, finance, and manufacturing I think I heard rumors that Samsung has plans to manufacture HALAL TVs (RUMOR) So that’s why South Korea's president visited Malaysia and he did MOU with Prime Minister Mahathir last year What's the point? Korea government requested Malaysia halal certification is too strict, so please reduce the cost(certification fee) and be less strict MOU를 Korea need to sign an MOU with Malaysia government seriously Look at the table, companies in ASEAN have a certification fee of 2100 ringgit, but non-ASEAN is $2100 OMG TOO EXPENSIVE!!! 2,100 dollars is 8900 ringgit It's almost 9000 ringgit It's X4 times as big as… Indonesia's HALAL CERTIFICATION is getting stricter I'd have assumed that Malaysia's JAKIM would also be strict, but it's not going to be less strict, it's going to be higher and higher this HALAL certification to develop a Malaysian cosmetics brand called Safi or its domestic industry The HALAL industry will be a great shield for Malaysia's manufacturing industry And in the Arab world, the spread of halal certification bodies such as JAKIM and MUI is likely to increase The Islamic population is 13-16 billion….

let's see who's going to lead this tremendous potential this market Will it be Malaysia? That's all for today's video If it was fun, please like it, subscribe, and comment Thank you!.

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can you believe Malaysia's HALAL certification? :Jakim

About the HALAL industry and the HALAL hub and "especially Malaysia HALAL certification.
I wanted to talk about it in a comprehensive way of Malaysia's Economic potential.
Almost as much as Indonesia and especially Malaysia's halal industry is no.1 or no.2 worldwide.
because even Arab countries usually request Malaysia's HALAL certification???
why? why they want to follow Malaysia JAKIM's authority
so I think I focused on fostering Malaysia's halal industry.

Honestly, my video capacity is no enough
because my targeting model is Malaysia HALAL certification JAKIM video doesn't explain about
in the halal industries of other countries, such as Arab and Turkey, and their certification procedures,
I just wanted to make it easy and simple.
I felt the need to study more and more about Arab part of the HALAL industry.
but I think that Malaysia's HALAL contents are no.1 so if we understand Malaysia's HALAL history that
we can understand other countries also why?
because Malaysia HALAL certification affect all of the Islamic countries their certification
Next time, I'll make videos with more advanced content.

So many people's comments give me a lot of help and inspiration.
Thank you always.

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