Canned Corned Beef Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

Which canned corned beef tastes best when it's 
cold? Which tastes best hot? Which tastes awful   at any temperature? Keep watching for our ranking 
of canned corn beef brands from worst to best. If you want tasty Vienna sausages,   opt for Armour. But if you're in the 
market for canned corned beef, stay far,   far away. First off, the texture is so fatty 
and jello-like that it doesn't even look like   it's meant for human consumption. Second, 
if you dare take a bite of this canned meat,   you'll find that it lacks any savory goodness that 
should be a requirement of canned corned beef. If you absolutely have to buy corned beef 
from Armour, go with the Corned Beef Hash.   By adding potatoes to the mix, it 
improves the texture and taste a bit,   though it's still a bottom-tier option.

Although it sounds finger-licking good in theory,   Ox & Palm Corned Beef is a major disappointment 
in practice. It's made from first-rate Australian   beef that's been grass-fed, and it's 
free of antibiotics and hormones. "Ox & Palm is PNG's pride, 
and the world's favorite." Sadly, though, it's just not worth it. 
The primary issue is inconsistency.   From can to can, you never know what to 
expect from Ox & Palm. But even if you   get one of the better cans, you'll 
still be massively underwhelmed,   especially when factoring in the high price. 
It's way too fatty, and while the taste is okay,   it's nothing to write home about. To make 
matters even worse, in 2021 Ox & Palm had   to recall nearly 300,000 pounds of canned corned 
beef. So skip the gamble and pick a better brand. Chef-mate is owned by Nestle, the Swiss 
conglomerate that's worth more than $300   billion. But despite the pedigree 
of its ubiquitous parent company,   Chef-mate Corned Beef Hash is so boring 
that you'll yawn after each mouthful.

The ingredients list insists that each 
can has corned beef, potatoes, and onions,   but it tastes like it's purposefully made to be 
as flavorless as possible. The only flavor you'll   be able to notice is a dash of saltiness, and 
that's about it. And on top of it all, Chef-mate   Corned Beef Hash is also extremely greasy. So be 
kind to yourself and just say no to this brand. "Just say no." Be sure you know what you're getting before you 
purchase a can of Underwood Corned Beef Spread. As   the name implies, this is a spread. The difference 
from regular corned beef may be more drastic than   you're anticipating.

It has a saltier, stronger 
flavor, as well as the consistency of toothpaste. The best way to eat Underwood's Spread is to 
put some on a cracker. And a little goes a   long way! If you make the mistake of using 
a heap of this spread to make a sandwich,   you'll likely be grossed out. If you 
use this spread correctly, though,   you won't be thrilled, but you can 
at least avoid ruining your meal.

Iberia is a brand that's been around 
since 1930 that can be found in Spain,   Latin America, the Caribbean, and 
the United States. All of its canned   meat offerings will leave a smile on your 
face thanks to their taste. Unfortunately,   the texture of its canned corned beef holds 
it back from climbing higher on our list. The best corned beef is moist when you take 
it out of the can. Iberia Canned Corned Beef,   however, is too dry and crumbly. It 
too easily breaks into tiny pieces,   and it's not easy to put it back 
together again. Another issue is   the greasy taste that'll have you thinking 
twice before ever buying this brand again. If you pick Excelsior, make sure that 
your kitchen is well ventilated. That's   because this brand has a really strong 
smell, and it's not a pleasant aroma.   Instead, it smells like canned dog 
food that expired many moons ago. The good news is that Excelsior tastes a lot 
better than it smells.

As an added bonus,   there's also nothing to complain about 
in terms of the texture. That said,   despite the positives, the smell is 
probably all you'll be able to remember.   So don't settle for something that'll stink 
up your kitchen when you don't have to. "It stinks!" The first brand on this list that you 
won't regret picking is Great Value.   Not everything about this Walmart store 
brand is worthy of your hard-earned dollars,   but it's good enough to serve its purpose, 
especially when you factor in the low price.

Texture-wise, Great Value is close to perfect. 
It holds its form, whether you want to eat it   hot or cold. Flavor-wise, though, it's not 
quite as rosy. The main problem is a subtle   yet unmistakable metallic taste. When it first 
enters your mouth, it'll instantly hit you,   and once the aftertaste kicks in, 
the metallic flavor reemerges.   It's not bad enough that you'll want to 
spit it out, but it's still pretty annoying.

Canned corned beef is popular in the 
Caribbean, so considering that Goya is   known for selling Caribbean food items, it's 
no wonder that that Goya Corned Beef exists.   And it's definitely above average, 
but only if you warm it up first. The best canned corned beef tastes great, 
regardless of whether you eat it hot or cold,   but this isn't something you'll want to eat 
at lower temps. The texture is too rubbery,   and the flavor is muted right out of 
the can.

When you heat it up, though,   the texture drastically improves and 
the realistic beef-like flavor emerges.   If you always heat your canned corned beef, 
you're good to go. Otherwise, look elsewhere. Back in 1937, Hormel introduced Spam to the 
world. Even if you think Spam is disgusting,   you should still give Hormel Corned Beef Hash a 
try. It's bursting with flavors and surprisingly   hearty. If you eat it for breakfast, you can be 
sure that you'll start your day on the right foot.   Simply put, there are good reasons why this is 
one of America's top-selling corned beef hash. Be forewarned, though, that when 
you go shopping for this brand,   you'll need to be on your toes. If you 
accidentally buy Hormel Corned Beef instead,   you'll be mighty disappointed. This version isn't 
even comparable to the hash. The texture is too   mushy and the flavor is too nondescript.

You might 
taste a little bit of salt, but that's about it. You can think of Grace Corned Beef as the opposite 
of Goya. Whereas Goya needs to be served warm,   Grace is much better when it's cold. Open the 
can, cut off a slice, and put it directly on   your sandwich. That's all you need to do to make 
a wonderful meal! Even if your sandwich is just   bread and corned beef, that's still enough 
for culinary success. If you warm up this   corned beef instead, it won't be completely 
ruined, as it's still easily above average. Grace was founded in Jamaica a century ago. 
Today, the company and its subsidiaries operate   across the Caribbean, U.K., and Central and 
North America. It's one of the most popular   brands on the island, and you'll immediately 
understand why after your very first bite. You may need to grab a map to understand Argentina 
Corned Beef. Argentina is just the brand name,   as the South American country actually has 
nothing to do with this product. In fact,   this particular brand is owned by Century Pacific 
Food, which is headquartered in the Philippines.   And interestingly enough, Argentina Corned 
Beef is made in the United States, which   is actually rare in this industry.

Brazil, Argentina's neighbor in South America,   is the leading manufacturer of canned corned beef. Once you forget about the geography and let your 
taste buds take center stage, you'll discover that   this corned beef is actually really good! Look for 
the shredded version if you want a unique treat,   as it's firmer and less fatty compared to 
other brands. And to enhance the flavor,   it comes in a delectable sauce that 
adds an extra savory dose of meatiness. "So meaty." If you're looking for canned corned 
beef that tastes like it's homemade,   go for Exeter.

It comes in a slick, retro can, 
and it tastes like the stuff your grandmother   used to make. The flavor is a beautiful marriage 
of beef and salt with nothing else interrupting   the proceedings. It even manages to taste fresh, 
even though it's in a can, and that's especially   notable because a lot of the competition 
on the market tastes extremely processed. A can of Exeter corned beef looks like 
something that you might find in the back   of your grandmother's cupboard, or like a piece 
in an antique collection.

Just make sure that   the can says that it's a product of Brazil. 
If it says that it was made in Argentina,   it's a counterfeit, in which case you 
should eat it only at your own risk. If you want the top store brand of canned 
corned beef, then head directly to Aldi.   That's where you'll find Brookdale's Corned Beef 
and Corned Beef Hash. This brand is cheap in price   and rich in flavor. The hash may be a little bit 
better, but neither option will let you down. If you opt for the hash, you owe 
it to yourself to eat it with eggs.   Fry a couple sunny side up, and then 
allow the yolk and the hash to mingle.   The resulting combination will be so spectacular 
that you'll be thinking about it all day.

Aldi has a lot of cans on its 
shelves, and there are a lot   of outstanding values to be found. So 
before you head to one of its stores,   be absolutely sure to add this 
corned beef to your shopping list. If you've ever enjoyed a delicious Jamaican meal 
that prominently features corned beef and you   want to try to replicate the recipe in your own 
kitchen, then go with the Jamaican Country Style's   canned corned beef.

This stuff is amazingly rich 
and has a surprisingly complex flavor profile.   The corned beef is salty once it hits your tongue, 
and then moments later, you're met with a flood of   savoriness. And before you swallow, you'll be 
able to detect a pleasing hint of sweetness. If a Jamaican local tells you to try 
some bully beef, this is the exact sort   of thing they're talking about. While 
there are other options on the market,   Jamaican Country Style does it best. This 
brand has been around for almost four decades,   and it's completely owned and operated by 
Jamaicans, although the canned corn beef   is produced in Uruguay, a small nation in 
South America between Brazil and Argentina. We're almost to the very best canned corned 
beef in the world.

Hereford doesn't quite rank   number one on our list, but it's definitely 
worth trying at least once in your life.   It tastes different than every other 
brand, and the quality is pristine.   It's also free of added hormones 
and contains no MSG or gluten.   While lesser brands are known to use 
fillers, this canned meat is 98 percent beef. Hereford is a French company that's 
primarily known for its corned beef,   and it's used the same exact recipe for decades.   Once you taste it, you may struggle to 
justify ever switching to another brand.   Simply put, the flavor of the beef is top-notch. 
Comparing other brands to this one would be like   comparing a steak at a dirty diner to one at a 
fancy steakhouse: it's just not even a contest. It's impossible to go wrong when it comes to the 
canned corned beef made by Libby's. First of all,   it's widely available throughout the 
United States, so it's easy to track down.   Second, whether you prefer corned beef or 
corned beef hash, Libby's has you covered.   Both are equally excellent.

And finally, 
this canned meat tastes great if it's hot,   cold, or any temperature in between. If 
a recipe calls for canned corned beef,   Libby's is always more than 
capable of doing a fantastic job. So how did Libby's become the 
king of the corned beef universe?   Experience plays a major part. Since 
their very beginning back in 1869,   the company has focused on canned 
corned beef. More than 150 years later,   it's safe to say that Libby's has mastered 
the art of this particular canned delicacy. "You'll like Libby's." Check out one of our newest 
videos right here! Plus,   even more Mashed videos about your 
favorite foods are coming soon.   Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit 
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Canned Corned Beef Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

It's not everyone's favorite, but if you like canned corned beef, you probably can't get enough of the stuff. And if you don't like it? Maybe you just haven't ever tried the right kind. While canned corned beef originally was created out of necessity as a kosher substitute for Spam to feed soldiers, it quickly became a pantry staple in the U.S., as well as in countries like Jamaica and the Philippines.

Something that popular has to be pretty good, but some brands most assuredly stand out from the pack, for both good and bad. These are canned corned beef brands, ranked from worst to best.

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