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food is the ingredient that brings us together hello everyone today we're going to be heading 
to m'angil South Indian kitchen they're located   in the corner of new Vista and Edmonds in 
Burnaby British Columbia so I stay tuned   as we go inside and see the inside of the 
restaurant as well as review their dishes restaurant is open seven days a week 
from 12:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Kristen just recently opened they have a 
lot of space inside it's really beautifully   decorated the name m'angil means turmeric 
in Indian and as you can see they have that   orange theme inside the restaurant they also 
have a divider between the two sides so they   have a lot of space for family gatherings as 
well as meetings they also do catering for   special events so if you need any caterer 
you can also reach out to them for a whole   everything on the menu is halal and that the 
restaurant also does not have a bar so we here   we have a copy of the menu and that we can 
take a look for all the food items that they   have as well as the the prices in addition 
they also serve vegetarian options so for   those who adhere to a vegetarian diet 
they also have a choice of food options here we have one of the rare specialty drinks 
the lemon terror which has lemon ginger mint   as well as a slice of green chile the drink 
is really flavorful as well as refreshing our   first appetizer dish we got the lam Cola 
which is lamb meatballs golden fright it   has lots of exotic spices and topped with a 
coconut sauce the meatballs are really soft   and delicate and yet really flavorful it's 
a little bit on the spicy side but it's not   overpowering and that lemon drink sure helps 
to give you that refreshness between h bi next we had the cauliflower parable which was 
basically the cauliflower pakora it has a batter   outside and it's golden fried served with a 
side of chutney it's really really flavorful   I'm used to having pakoras with potato and this 
was my first time trying the cauliflower one but   actually I was sold so I hey it was really really 
flavorful really soft it was hard to tell that it   was actually cauliflower next dish we tried this 
beautiful platter which we were served with Italy   it's a pancaked which is made from fermented black 
lentils and rice it's served usually with sambar   which is a spicy lentil soup we also had a vada 
which is a doughnut made with lentils as well and   then it's served with the two chutney so I believe 
this was the tomato chutney and then we also have   the coconut and the last item on the platter 
was the dosa which is made from black lentils   and rice it's a crepe I was extremely extremely 
flavorful and just tasted like potato chips you   could just have it over and over again without the 
need of any sauce that Italy is a little bit more   on that denser side it's a little bit heavier so 
it's more of AI guess like a heavier bread which   you basically eat with the sambar or the lentil 
soup the value is a little bit more flavorful as   it has herbs and spices mixed in the batter 
the outside is crispy at the inside is soft for the dosa it's really really crispy really 
flavorful but actually it was the first time that   I had the dosa that actually had lots of flavor 
and you could just enjoy it without the need of   any sauce on the side seitan we tried was there 
special chicken 65 fried rice this was one of my   favorite dishes to try the chicken just basically 
melts in your mouth is extremely soft the rice was   really really flavorful lots of spices lots of 
herbs and it was again topped with that coconut   sauce that they had on top of the lamb Cola 
overall it was really really delicious dish to try and for dessert we actually tried their coconut 
pudding which was really really delicious it's   topped with pieces of coconut as well as brown 
sugar and it's torch and on top they put a cherry overall we had the great experience the food was 
amazing the service was great and the restaurant   since it just opened recently it's really 
beautiful nicely decorated and extremely clean we   highly recommend you guys check it out and then 
try their food I'm pretty sure you're not gonna   regret it if you like this video make sure to 
give it a thumbs up and we would love to hear your   comments so make sure to leave that in the comment 
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Chicken Biryani from Manjal in Burnaby | Halal Foodie | #Manjal #Burnaby #Vancouver #Indian #Biryani

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We went to Manjal South Indian Kitchen and tried their delicious food. All the food on the menu is halal, there is no bar and they don't have any pork on the menu. The restaurant is beautiful and very clean. The service was great and the food was amazing.

We tried:
1) Lemon Terror
2) Lamb Kola
3) Cauliflower Varuval
4) Idli
5) Sambhar
6) Vada
7) Dosa
8) Special Chicken 65 Biryani
9) Coconut pudding

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