Chicken dumplings (Dakgogi mandu: 닭고기 만두)

Hello everybody! Today let's make mandu!(laughs)! Mandu are Korean dumplings. This is my mandu, I always have
some mandu in the freezer. So this is frozen. And I will show you how to freeze. Today I will use chicken.
Chicken dumplings, dakgogi mandu. One of my readers, Charles,
he all the time is making mandu. And posting on his social media, so I gave him the name "Mandu King"! (laughs) Mandu King, you are
going to watch this video! But today is a different
version, I use chicken. Let's get started! I will use my food processor. So easy! This in my chicken… and then onion and garlic,
let's start with onion and garlic. This is 4 ounces onion. A little more than ½ cup. Onion… 4 garlic cloves. And chicken. This is a little more than 1 pound. Because I know I'm going
to remove some fat. This is chicken thigh, but you can also use chicken breast.

This fat, I will throw it away. And this, pat dry. Still a little bit of fat but it's ok. It makes it more tasty. Ok now just cut it into chunks. Here we have to add
salt, 1 teaspoon. And ground black pepper,
½ teaspoon. My secret! Milk!
This is whole milk. I found out that milk makes
chicken, or even pork, tender. Plus it removes all the bad smells. ¼ cup whole milk. And to make all these guys
stick to each other, I'm going to add starch. This is potato starch, 1 tablespoon. But if you don't have potato starch,
use corn starch or flour, just wheat flour. 1 tablespoon. Let's grind! It smells like garlic. Nice! We need some green stuff here. Zucchini works so well, just
a small one, from 4 ounces to 6 ounces. Slice thinly into matchsticks. Just cut into matchsticks. Ok transfer here. For 5 ounces of zucchini,
I will add ½ teaspoon salt. Mix this. And wait for 5 minutes. 5 minutes later I will squeeze out the
excess water and mix it together, with my chicken mixture and that's it! That's the filling!
Isn't it easy? 5 minutes salted, already
a lot of water comes out.

Squeeze out. Lots of water comes out. We gotta make it delicious! Sesame oil, 1 tablespoon. And mix. Mmm! Smells good. Next step is, we have to wrap
this delicious filling with what? Mandu-pi. Mandu skins. You can find this in a Korean grocery store. There are small sizes and large sizes, I chose large but you can also use the smaller size. I use like this. Just a little bit of water. To make it stick to each other. Water and this, one package
has around 22 discs.

With this amount of filling
I can make around 30. So I have another package here. By the way, if you can't
find mandu-pi, you can make them at home. Check out my recipe on my website. You can make homemade mandu-pi. Then we need a spoon. First let's put some water here,
along the edge part. And scoop a lot, about
1 and ½ tablespoons. I showed you so many different
kinds of ways to shape mandu. This is my original way. Like this. Isn't it pretty?
It's like a beautiful pouch! And how to make this shape
is from when I lived in Missouri I went to an ESL school and I met
my friend, Mei-ling. She came from Hong Kong.
She and I used to hang around all the time. She's so funny and we
were always laughing together. And she invited me to her
house and she made mandu. Chinese style mandu. She showed me how
to make this pouch. I thought that was amazing, so pretty! I learned this and ever since then
I'v'e always made this way.

And I'm always thinking about Mei-ling.
We lost touch, I miss her a lot. (music plays) I made 7 mandu, 7 dumplings,
for 1 serving. Just steam this.
This is my steamer basket. And this is parchment paper. Here. 7 dumplings. And the water is boiling. Put it here. And cover. Steam 10 minutes over
medium high heat. Then I'm going to
make the rest of this. Like this… 10 minutes passed (laughs)
and my mandu is done. Nice. And turn off the heat. I'm going to let it cool
because this mandu is for a lunchbox. Meanwhile I'm going
to keep making these. My last one… It'll be smaller. All together 29 mandu. So I'm going to freeze this way Later it's going to be really solid. Hard and solid like a rock. At the beginning of this video as I showed you, put this in a plastic bag and then freeze. You can make 100 mandu this way! Because we lined this with plastic wrap.

So easily you can take it out and eat. Anytime you can make mandu soup,
you can make also fried mandu All these recipes are, how to do,
check out my website. Leftover mandu skins, just freeze again.
Later you can use them. To eat this, we need a dipping sauce. Dipping sauce is very important.
When you dip the mandu, it tastes much much better. That's why I cannot skip it. 1 tablespoon soy sauce. About ½ tablespoon vinegar. This is gochugaru, hot pepper flakes.
Around ¼ teaspoon. I added 5 mandu. And close the lid. In my previous dosirak video,
I used these stickers. I'm going to use one of these. Which one shall I use today? Maybe today I will use a giraffe. And this. that's it! Mandu dosirak! Let's open! Lunchtime! Happy happy! Just pick it up.
One. And then, the sauce. You can just squeeze a little bit. Like this. Then eat. Mmm! Mmm! When you chew this it's
very soft, a little crispy. And kind of a little
chewy, and nice nice! Make this for your loved
ones and also for yourself. Enjoy really nice summer, with this
homemade chicken mandu (laughs) Enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye!

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Chicken dumplings (Dakgogi mandu: 닭고기 만두)

It's mandu time! : ) Mandu are Korean dumplings, and this is my delicious, easy, and healthy version using chicken! Full recipe:

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