chinesisch GEBRATENE NUDELN wie beim Asiaten / Imbiss mit Hühnchen Ei Gemüse, vegetarisch möglich

Hi, lovely people,
welcome to Yasilicious. Since people have asked me
more often now if I could make fried noodles
like Asians do, we will do this today and just for you. I went to some friendly restaurants, or snack shops and there they showed me
how to do it, so it really is
like the Asians do it. However, the fried noodles will not be 100%
like Asians do them, as we let out the flavor enhancer. Do not worry,
the whole thing tastes delicious without any flavor enhancers. If you want to use some of them, to make sure it really is
just like the recipe of the Asians, I'll just tell you
at the right place in the video, what to add to it. Let's start
and look at the ingredients.

We need between 100 and 125 grams of Chinese wheat noodles, with these noodles
it would be two portioned bundles, some sesame oil, a handful of bean sprouts, a handful of carrot strips, a handful of chopped leek, a tablespoon of chopped onion, optionally about 80 grams
of chicken meat, one tablespoon dark soy sauce,
one egg, about a quarter teaspoon sugar, salt depending on your taste,
and some white pepper.

One thing I have to say is that
they are so called quick-cooking, fast-boiling noodles. And mine here are without an egg. Usually, you should be able
to get them in the Asia shop. I got them from our kind friends at the restaurant as I watched them, so I could cook them. My two uncooked pasta packs here weigh 125 grams. We just need to pour
warm water over them and let them rest
for about 15 minutes. Of course, that depends on the noodles you use. When they are done later, and you should make sure that they are not too soft and still have a nice bite, we then pour them off
and let them drain well.

Meanwhile, if you are making
fried noodles with meat, you can cook it in salted water. That's fine with chicken meat, and as soon as it's done,
it will come out again. Instead of meat you can,
of course, also use shrimp or both together, or just leave it all out
to make it a vegetarian dish. Once the noodles are done,
we can do our roast. For this we put some oil
in a hot wok or a pan and put in the egg, which we have scrambled before. Wait a minute and then mix. Then add the onion and after a very short time, add the carrot and leek and fry everything for a while. Now put in the pasta, and continue to fry. Now we are seasoning it with salt, I have taken about a shallow,
3/4 teaspoon and sugar. If you want to use MSG, glutamate, you can add it now. Then a little less sugar
should be enough. Now we add the dark soy sauce, which gives our noodles their beautiful dark color. While frying, of course,
mix everything well.

We can now also mix in the meat
and the bean sprouts. Then we can already spice it up
with some white pepper and add a few drops or a splash of sesame oil. I guess that was about half
to a whole teaspoon. Stir everything again briefly, and then it can be served. It results in a nice big portion,
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like the Asians do it..

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chinesisch GEBRATENE NUDELN wie beim Asiaten / Imbiss mit Hühnchen Ei Gemüse, vegetarisch möglich

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«Gebratene Nudeln wie beim Asiaten»
Asiatisch gebratene, chinesische Weizennudeln mit Hähnchenfleisch, Ei und Gemüse - so, wie man sie beim Asia Imbiss oder Restaurant bekommt. Z.B. auch mit Garnelen oder vegetarisch sehr lecker 🙂

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