Discover HIDDEN Muslim island Krabi Thailand – Koh Klang village – Halal Food at Krabi Night Market

hey guys welcome to our channel today we're gonna bring you guys travel to Krabi okay so right now it looks like this taxi
thing it's a Krabi taxi we we booked this for like a few hours so then we can go to Koh Klang. Koh Klang is a Muslim village, and after that we go to Krabi Night Market ok so guys, we reach the pier, it's somewhere over there we're going to the pier so that we can actually take the boat to go to Koh Klang the Muslim village and i think it's over there So we reach Koh Klang so we're going to maybe take a tuk tuk go around the village so let's go so we're in a tuk tuk right now we will be riding to have a general tour of the village the village is not very large there are about
5000 muslims in this village foreign foreign long tail boats are a symbol of southern Thailand especially in Krabi foreign foreign there's only one road here inside this village there is no car and all we see are the occasional motorbikes zooming past the arts and crafts like batik are still very
much preserved here it's amazing that even though the village
is very near Krabi the locals continue to preserve its culture and simple way of life you can even see rice field where water buffers work and goats roam the street Ko Klang is an island nearest to Krabi it is as if modernity has not come to this island the locals still use traditional equipment
and methods to go about their daily life what's your name? my name my name ….

There is the island it's so beautiful there today this village is proof that simplicity is still a choice we've got to make if we want to live in a peaceful and serene environment so right now we are heading to the night market but I want to show you guys something so cool look there are monkeys holding the traffic light and I've never seen that before Vogue is the and only shopping mall in Krabi guys the night market is over there and there is already a lot of people guys this is the night market that i've been wanting to go for such a long time, look …

This market is also called walking street because it's actually located along the street next to Vogue and you have to walk in to find more food and stuff as you know krabi has a lot of muslims so halal food are plenty here the types of food here are of so many varieties it's hard to choose there are also drinks here especially cocktails which we have not seen in a night market before this taxi came out with lights and they look really really nice yes it's like rainbow also we're going back to hotel now so and we bought some delicious food over there thanks for watching see you guys next time when we bring you guys travel again bye

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Discover HIDDEN Muslim island Krabi Thailand - Koh Klang village - Halal Food at Krabi Night Market

It’s worth visiting Koh Klang island, the Muslim village very near to Krabi town. Just hop onto a longtail boat and in 10 min, you’ll find yourself in a very different place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The South of Thailand has many Muslims and most of them live in the cities or towns. However, Koh Klang is one of the few villages where you’ll find Muslims preserving local traditions and cultures.

After visiting Koh Klang village, we ventured to the Krabi Night Market (Walking Street) for delicious halal food.

0:00 Songtheaw ride to Chao Fah Pier Krabi
0:39 Boat departure to Koh Klang village
1:33 Tuk tuk ride in Koh Klang village
6:13 Boat return to Krabi town
6:40 Krabi Night Market
9:12 Return to Ao Nang Beach
9:32 Outro

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