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Hello, peace be upon you. Are you fasting today? – Yes, of course – How many days of silence so far? – 4 days – What we are doing now is supererogatory fasting (voluntary) Ramadan is over, but we fast more following the Sunnah (the six eggs from Shawwal) So, when the sun goes down, we will go to eat What we will do today is ….. Of course we will eat – I am hungry – Ramadan fasting is obligatory for a month , but in addition to this, there are voluntary fasting (supererogatory) such as fasting Ashura and Arafah and Shawwal. We are now fasting Shawwal (the six eggs) and it is for a period of 6 days and this is like (paid) Fasting for a year, we must do this, the reward is great, we must do this – is there anyone who does not fast this? – So how was it? Ramadan of course is fasting, but these days, the feeling in it is different? – For me, there is no difference, I am a Muslim alone at home anyway , but I feel better (fasting) voluntary is more enjoyable than (fasting) obligatory – What is the good thing about fasting in your opinion? No matter how strong you are as a person, if you don't eat food or drink water all day, you will feel weak.

Man in front of hunger – Yes – I believe that fasting makes my faith stronger Fasting makes us thankful, and God is always present in the end – I too was skeptical about the amount of my faith in God before Ramadan , but after Ramadan I became proud of myself, I can now say to myself I am a Muslim and a believer – Oh yeah, me too. I'm also proud of that, and I can say "I'm a Muslim" – Yes, I can say "I'm a Muslim" in front of myself (We've arrived at Hongdae) (It's the most popular downtown place in Korea) (We'll look for a halal restaurant here today) prayer room (chapel) – it's a good shooting area, let's take pictures after eating let's go mutton skewers if you please looks good today wow, there is really a prayer room it's a hidden place it's not clean also there is no place For ablution, is there anyone praying in this place? I think it is not a good place for Muslims to come to Yes it is a place to drink
I think it is not a good place for Muslims to come Yes, they sell alcohol, all of this is only meat alcohol is halal
[] We only use premium Australian sheep [] Restaurant not recommended for Muslims Should we put Is this on fire? Haven't you tried this before? I don't know well While the skewer is turning, it's being cooked on the fire Let's try I have to eat with my right hand but I hold the camera with my right hand Ok, I will eat with my right hand I will eat like this It's good That was nice, thank God Conclusion, this is a restaurant not recommended of course , a lot of halal shops in Korea sell alcohol but the atmosphere here is very club-like – the menu is also for drinks and not suitable for dinner – and the prayer room is also not good, needs improvement anyway We did a good job with our fast today Let's do the best we can until the end of our fast! Thank you for watching the video.

Take care of yourself. Peace be with you. Praise be to God. Bye bye. Why are you running?.

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Don't Eat Halal Food in Hongdae?! | Shawwal VLOG

Don't Eat Halal Food in Hongdae?! | Shawwal VLOG

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