DUMPLINGS HALAL RECIPE|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food |【饺子】

Dumplings Chives fennel Chives fennel Wheat flour Add warm water several times in small amounts The dough is fermented for 2 hours during which time the dumpling filling Chopped beef Chopped ginger Chopped green onions Add boiling water Make ginger onion water Add ginger spring onion water to beef soy sauce Beat in an egg white Add sesame oil Chopped leeks Add to beef Fennel chopped Scrambled eggs Chopped leek, add egg Egg and Leek Stuffing (Vegetarian) Beef Leek Stuffing Beef Fennel Stuffing It's ok, it's like dumplings Add cold water Making dip garlic shallot parsley Chili oil soy sauce vinegar Cook for about 15 minutes.

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DUMPLINGS HALAL RECIPE|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food |【饺子】

【Dumplings (beef and Leek)】
Flour 1000gBeef 500g
Leek 500gsalt 20gsoy sauce 50ml1 eggginger and spring onion water 100ml pepper 20gsesame oil 50ml

1. Knead the flour with warm water, cover it with plastic wrap, and ferment for one hour. Knead it two or three times when you have time.
2. Make beef and chive stuffing. Cut half fat and thin beef into it;
3. Chop the ginger and green onion, add 100ml of boiling water, filter out the ginger and green onion water and add the beef;
4. Add salt, soy sauce, pepper and egg liquid to beef, and beat into a paste;
5. Chop the leeks, add them to the beef, pour in sesame oil, and grasp evenly with your hands in a clockwise direction;
6. Take out the dough and roll out the dough to make dumplings (you can use special tools for making dumplings if you can't make them).
7. Add water to the pot and boil, and cook the dumplings for 15 minutes. Add cold water once when the water in the middle is boiling.
8. Pick up the pot, dip in the seasoning and start eating.

The fennel filling is the same as above.
For stuffing with eggs and chives, first fry the eggs and mix them with the chives. The other steps are the same.

麵粉1000g牛肉 500g




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