Eating At The BEST Reviewed HOT DOG Stands in New York City

today we're eating one of america's favorite 
street foods the hot dog we'll be visiting   three of the best rated hot dog stands in new 
york city hope you brought your appetites billy's   hot dogs this place is really intriguing 105 
star reviews on google the best hot dog i've   ever had cooked just right all the reviews are 
totally true good hot dogs but especially such   a friendly owner this spot has no social media 
no phone number just a schedule off of google   i don't even know if this is going to be here come 
on all right so simple it's so new york we heard   you were the best hot dog cart in new york you 
seem very popular around here i'm seeing the line i'm going to send people to you i'm afraid okay 
i have so many customers i can't even handle it   we can do is just put over 
here help we want no experience we're about to eat hot dogs on a bench 
next to central park does it get much   more new york than that so excited 
that was my dream when i came here   was it it's one of those things you want 
to do because you see it in the movies   this looks fantastic look at this thing this 
is the og street food of new york city if you   think about it before halal before anything 
else hot dog ready let's go let's try it i think of a hot dog experience in new 
york city i'm thinking of this right here   like nice snap to the dog when you take that bite 
onion sauce adds another layer to the flavor i   think this is what you go for this is what all 
the reviews said to get is the onion sauce what   about you how you feeling simple but perfect you 
don't need much you like the bone great sausage   and the fantastic onion sauce i almost never see 
long lines at hot dog stands in new york we even   saw billy running to a car somebody just pulled 
up ordered a hot dog that's how much of like a   neighborhood celebrity this guy is i saw people 
running over real quick everyone has a chat with   a guy they even have like like holiday cars from 
families probably around the area that's so cool   having that neighborhood guy get a hot dog be it 
coffee be it anything where he knows what you want   and he's got absolutely no attention he could be 
the first ones to ever film him as far as i know   this is a milestone moment our baby boy who's not 
born yet just had his first new york city hot dog   is he kicking no mckee will soon he'll be 
happy only locals know about it i think i   think if a tourist walks by they're gonna think 
it's just one more vendor thank you it was   it was that was honestly one of the best 
hot dogs i've had my entire life was so good   thank you keep up the good work i did 
not know this was a thing in new york   i had no clue that you could charge your 
tesla here learn something new every day santa salsa we're gonna get some venezuelan street 
hot dogs or we'll call them hipster hot dogs this   is the hipster capital of brooklyn bushwick 
also the street art capital vintage stores   a lot of good food a lot of good bars yummy 
venezuelan hot dogs hip atmosphere friendly staff   i love santa salsa almost as much as myself 
okay let's see so santa salsa started as a   push cart and rockaway beach here is to enjoy 
the artwork on the walls with the food the   music you can find almost in every corner hot 
dog carts where they have this super crazy   version of hot dogs and burgers 
and sandwiches bacon onions cabbage and carrots fresh potato chips ketchup mustard special sauce the 
santa salsa and the guacamole this looks like a hot dog it's about to go to some   kind of awards show that we're 
presenting it for the judges this is the pero contodo five dollars 
this one best hot dog in new york city   by the village voice and it has like 
every ingredient you could possibly   imagine on this like an american hot dog 
on steroids this is a kosher beef frank   onions cabbage chips cheese ketchup mustard santa 
salsa i don't even know where to begin with this   salivating like this this looks 
fantastic i'm gonna take a big bite it's really hard to describe how many flavors i 
just experienced in one bite but i see a lot of   them and something i love about latin hot dogs 
are the chips potato chips cut up inside of them   it takes me back to my time in puerto rico i mean 
he said they stayed true to the roots of venezuela   and these hot dogs this is just taking something 
simple bringing it to south america and going   absolutely wild with it and i'm just such a huge 
fan of it this is so interesting you always ask   us about vegan food you have great options here 
just look at this one it looks delicious there's   a sweet plantain inside with beans and wasa kaka 
venezuela and green sauce it looks delicious guys   oh my god this is so good these held up fantastic 
like i thought this would be a complete mess but   somehow the way they're created they actually 
hold up as a latin sweet plantain and hot dog is   a great idea for a vegan hot dog this is delicious 
coming from a concert that doesn't have like   non-vegan options probably at all you know 
so and you have a lot of vegans in bushwick   too right that's a smart move whole menu is 
like almost 50 vegan people come in here and   feel like absolutely comfortable you know 
not just like oh we have one two items for   you you know it's like oh no like the men is 
created for both my goodness this is so gorgeous and do i just it's so savory it almost tastes like a high 
quality taco it's almost illegal this should   be a hot dog it's like this is more than just 
a hot dog this is good this is really good   want something unique i don't know if it gets much 
more unique for hot dog in new york city than this   i love meat guys i love my meat i love my beef 
i love my turkey i love my pork i love this one   so much when she's pregnant she knows all 
about cravings so trust trust her opinion   so ben you just bought a 15 used 
suitcase from the thrift store next door   samsomite i was gonna go to chinatown to 
grab one of these but 15 is better than 50.   dog day afternoon named after an al pacino 
bank heist movie which was actually shot   right on this block chicago style hot dogs 
in new york city hands down the best chicago   dogs in nyc ashamed to say i never tried a 
chicago hot dog until i came here and they   gave me the best possible first time experience 
all right i'm pumped 4.9 let's go i love in the   vintage vibes in here it feels like i'm going 
somewhere after school if i was from chicago   i have high hopes low expectations high hopes but 
i was selling pop-up hot dogs all around brooklyn   and new york like with a hot dog hocker and just 
like make hot dogs for like people in like bars   like late at night and everything like that but 
this was always just a dream of mine to have a   brick and mortar have like a place that reminded 
me of when i was a kid like you know video games   eventually comics records and all that stuff just 
by chance we happened upon this spot and it's a   dream come true i love hot dogs anywhere i go 
i'll always eat a hot dog i even eat a water dog   you know penn station everything is just just 
has to be ripe like we have like fresh pickles   neon relish that's very specific for the 
chicago dog and all the hot dogs are steamed   instead of grilled so that way they don't lose any 
of the juice they don't dry out they don't get too   salty and they plump when you cook them then it 
goes to the neon rails pretty much what happens   after that is you put the tomatoes in there 
too then you have a fresh pickle dill pickle we use a little bit of a half sours so that 
has a little bit more freshness to it a little   bit more crunch just add some peppers right 
on time for the spice and some celery salt   how spicy are those peppers they're not too spicy 
at all they're gonna be like the best way to   describe them are like small pickled jalapenos 
and this is a chicago dog i think a good rule   of thumb is you should always watch your hot 
dog being made you should eat it by yourself   as quickly as possible good old vienna beef 
from chicago i actually liked how he said that   they make the poppy seed buns here like they 
don't even want to ship them in from chicago got that big snap and they keep the flavor inside 
and i definitely noticed that of all the hot dogs   we had today i have to say that this actual hot 
dog had the most flavor to it in chicago you   don't have hot dog like carts and stuff like that 
you go to yeah there's places they're like this   they're counter service places and there's there's 
a lot of them a lot of really famous ones it's not   really a street food in chicago like it is in new 
york it's not a street food no imagine trying to   eat this on the street that's a good point this is 
this is tough enough to eat just sitting like this   we are transporting you back to the midwest here 
you go no thank you i'm looking forward to it eating something like this it's like a special 
occasion thing it doesn't have to be but there's   just so much stuff going on and the celery salt 
for me is what does it i don't know if you've   tasted the celery salt when you're eating 
it yeah i think my baby's happy right now   you're not her baby anymore john i know i lost 
that right we had a hot dog cart on the side of   central park then we had a venezuelan hot dog 
spot in a bar that stays open till 4am and then   we have this spot which i think kids would love 
if you didn't find something that you could eat   in this video i'd be surprised if this video 
got you hungry check out our midtown manhattan   budget bites guide some of the best spots you've 
probably never heard of right near times square

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Eating At The BEST Reviewed HOT DOG Stands in New York City

Eating At The Best Reviewed Hot Dog Stands in New York City... Let's visit 3 very different hot dog vendors in NYC, from street hot dogs, to Venezuelan and even Chicago in this food challenge.
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New York Hot Dog Vendors Visited:
1) Billy's Hot Dog Cart: 93rd and Central Park West, New York, NY
2) Santa Salsa: 234 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY
3) Dog Day Afternoon: 266 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY

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