[ENG]🧕Halal in Seoul, Enjoy Korea Traditional Food in the city! #halalfoodinkorea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, the first palace of the Joseon Dynasty, was built in the 13th century AD. Daelim Museum of Art, Seochon Village, Bukchon Hanok Village where you can feel the traditions of Koreans. The best of these places are located in Jung-gu, Seoul. In addition, today I will present to you a place where you can reproduce the traditional methods of old people in Korea and cook with natural fidelity. This best restaurant is located about 5 minutes from Exit 2 of Gyeongbokgung Station on MRT Line 3. Exit 2, walk towards Paris Baguette, keep walking until you see Maga coffee, and enter the alley at GS25 Convenience Store. Finally, on the right side, you will see a sign that says "Marge" in Korean, and next to it is a small sign in English "Maji". The meaning of "Maji" in Korean means a natural table that awakens my body.

This restaurant started in 2011 with people studying temple food based on the Buddhist spirit. When you enter this restaurant for the first time, you will find a small space where you can feel the simplicity and warmth. Based on the ancient Buddhist spirit that no one can harm another creature (even a small animal), this restaurant serves vegetarian food that expresses the natural taste of nature in food, which is easy, clean, yet nutritious. Because the roots of the vegetables make the broth and even the peel and seeds are used as ingredients for cooking, there is very little food waste left.

With a vegan diet, this place contains nature's best wishes for health. Inside the restaurant, wooden 'hanok' in the style of traditional Korean architecture, interior lights, and yellow glow softly. It makes you feel the warmth of the sun and makes you want to eat more. Long-lasting motifs, traditional lighting patterns, and subtle pottery. Through these things, you will feel the sacred freedom other than the feeling of crowding that the huge city of Seoul created. There is a bidet in the clean bathroom. Also the best thing is that this place has a Muslim prayer room.

This restaurant is halal certified and has a well prepared english menu. So you can choose any menu without worry. Let's take a look inside the menu. There is a special set menu, special dishes, special side dishes, lunch / dinner set, etc. Among these, three of the most popular are 'Lunch/Dinner Menu', 'Lotus Leaf Steamed Rice Combination' and 'Gujeolpan' in side dishes Here is the list again. I ordered some of the most popular menu items. You can enjoy the food while enjoying the gentle breeze while looking at the landscape outside. These lovely foods came in a vegan style. The first is the "lunch group" which many office workers visit during lunch or dinner time.

This menu offers porridge, salad, jabchi, fried shiitake, rice cake and rice, soups and basic side dishes. Unlike other types of rice usually eaten in Indonesia and the Middle East, you can feel the chewy texture. The delicate scent of lotus leaf heightens the sense of nature. Basic side dishes use the freshest vegetables of the season and are prepared differently from season to season. Not all foods contain strong flavoring ingredients such as garlic, onions, green onions, etc. And the kimchi didn't even have salted seafood pear noodles, for sweetening, they make it cool and refreshing so that you can have a delicious dessert meal. The next food is "quinolim" with brown rice and deodeok. It looks spicy but if you try it, it's not hot, it tastes more like delicious Plus, the tofu steak I ordered is boiled without chemicals, so it tastes neat.

The next food I will serve is "Gujeolpan", which is the most popular food among foreigners. This is a dish that is eaten with various vegetables wrapped in a flour pancake in the middle and dipped in sauce. There are three colors of paprika, zucchini, carrots, pine mushrooms, beets and radishes, and all foods except carrots do not contain any type of oil. The texture of this food was unique. Although it is a firm vegetable, it has a soft texture and is not crunchy. This is due to a special recipe used only in this restaurant, which is to add salt, remove moisture, and stir. Since ancient times, Koreans have believed that eating five colors a day will make them healthy, and this dish contains all five colors at once, just like what people ate in the past.

The dipping sauce in this bar contains apple, mustard, citron, etc. Not only in Korea but also in Indonesia and Malaysia, the broadcasting company has done this restaurant many times. The restaurant, famous enough for its serving, has been designated by the Korea Tourism Organization. It is a Muslim friendly restaurant, and all food is made in a vegetarian style. When you want to clean your body or get rid of fatigue, visit this wonderful place. You will enjoy traditional Korean food as if you were visiting the Chosun Dynasty in the 18th century. Thanks for watching my video and in the last scene I will show you information and tips about the restaurant..

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[ENG]🧕Halal in Seoul, Enjoy Korea Traditional Food in the city! #halalfoodinkorea


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Hi guys. Today I visited Halal food in Seoul.

If you plan to come to Korea,
You should try this charming traditional Korean food🍚🥢

This place has makes vegetarian food that expresses the natural taste
of nature in food, which is plain and clean, but nutritious.

And they got a certificate of Muslim-friendly restaurant.

Please, keep this beautiful restaurant in your heart💕

🍶Restaurant name : Maji
🍶Address : 19, Jahamun-ro, 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
🔅Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 2

🎈Song : 샛별 - Sugar cookie(piano ver.) / https://youtu.be/6p51_lN2xZQ
🎈50mang - 명절가 https://grafolio.naver.com/story/55040