EP4 Part 1: Interviewing the Owner of Tanveer Halal Kitchenette

[Music] is [Music] actually i belong to pakistan i have been working malaysia a long time so i came here so that's why i'm here [Music] actually when i when i arrived here in philippines it was quite quite hard to find halal food so i visited a lot of restaurants and then the taste was very different and i it was doubtful about halal so i need to have authentic halal food that's why i always invite my wife's colleagues from the clinic from their hospitals and then i always cook for them so they were the one appreciated me and then they asked to start a restaurant so uh technically this restaurant is built uh love yeah based on love please as i can see it is a success [Music] actually every nation have their own culture but the same thing is both nations are very friendly very friendly and very hospitable especially very loving both countries very loving people [Music] because at our place the atmosphere is very friendly mostly mostly customers like my my friends my friends so 99 i filipino customer all right so mostly very friendly just because of my customers i am here because they always appreciate they love our food they love so they repeat coming back regularly so alhamdulillah thanks to all all my customers and then hopefully you will keep coming back everything you wake up is another reason to say okay thank you guys

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EP4 Part 1: Interviewing the Owner of Tanveer Halal Kitchenette

Welcome to our latest episode, ka-diners!

We are honored to show you our interview with Sir Tanveer, the owner of Tanveer Halal Kitchenette. Paano at bakit nga ba niya sinimulan ang kanyang Pakistani restaurant? Watch this episode to find out.

Tanveer Halal Kitchenette offers affordable and authentic Pakistani halal food. Kaya kung hanap niyo ay napakasarap na beef biryani or authentic Pakistani cuisine, tara na dito sa Tanveer sa Madison Commons!


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