It's spicy, but it's not overwhelmingly spicy. But 
it definitely kicks you in the mouth like   wakes you up first thing in the morning   This is like Thai nasi kerabu
almost precisely. Plate of raw veggies with the nam prik 
kapi to go with it, chili paste.   This is really food heaven right here in Krabi  In Krabi Town. Food heaven. This Krabi City 
Night Market. You have to come if you love food. We are here at the morning market. Maharaj Morning 
Market. It's time for some action, so let's go. Saw this stall right here making the 
khanom jeen – a classic breakfast here   in Krabi. It's the rice noodles and they pour 
a curry on top. She said this one's very spicy,   so I'm excited for it.

Smells amazing. It just smells so 
aromatic. There's minced fish in here, it's very peppery,   definitely smells spicy and funky. I'm all about it. 
They give you all this fresh veggies to go with it.   It's a whole platter of fresh veggies you could 
put in herbs. Basil, long beans, eggplant, cucumber.   You have the thin rice noodles topped with 
curry. They say this one's very spicy, let's see. It   smells spicy. It also smells incredibly flavorful. 
I smell the galangal right away. Very sharp flavor,   peppery. Let's see. You see this a lot on the street, 
but really excited to have this in the market. Whoa! That really kicks you 
in the mouth in a good way. Aroy mak! I love it! It's spicy. but it's not overwhelmingly spicy, but 
it definitely kicks you in the mouth. Like   wakes you up first thing in the morning. 
I'm a little tired, kind of early for me   and not used to getting up this early, but this woke me up.

One? One. Now this next spot is what we stumbled 
upon walking after having our first dish.   It reminds me so much of laing – taro leaves um 
dish. Okay here you go. Looks delicious we're   huge fans of veggies cooked in coconut milk. So we 
saw this we just stumbled on it we had to get it .  This looks delicious. I actually see pieces 
of fish in here too. Adds a whole other layer   and we're big fans of this kind of dish. Got a 
bowl of rice to go with it too. Let's try it out.   Smells really… Spicy? Earthy. Mmm That's a pretty complex flavor. 
It's creamy you really get that   fish kick in there too. I really 
like that. It's not overwhelming.   It does have a little bit of spice on the back 
end. I can feel it in the back of my throat now.   Greens have a slight bitterness 
to them too.

Not overwhelming, but   combine that all together the creamy, spicy, slightly 
salty, bitter in a slight way with that fish flavor.   Much more than what meets the eye when you 
first see it. It has that dried fish taste.   Yeah and then you mix it with your rice 
oh it's another level of deliciousness. The grandma making it – she's so sweet. Yeah she keeps smiling. This just tastes like this food tastes   like a grandmother made it for sure. It's got 
that soulful slow-cooked with love flavor to it.   That's the thing with a market like this too. You just stroll around 
all the different basically aisles. We strolled through all the aisles of vendors here which 
is part wet market, part prepared food market.

Ooh stink beans. One of our favorite Thai dishes period it's hor mok.
The steamed fish, kind of like a custard. It's   steamed and wrapped in banana leaves and 
this one's got a really nice yellow color.   It's very soft this one. It reminds us a 
lot of we eat in Malaysia a lot that we   love – otak otak. It's almost like a Thai 
version of that, or you can say that   otak otak is the Malaysian version of 
hor mok, whatever you want to say.   The beauty of this – that yellow color. It's just 
so soft. I can't even help it anymore.

I gotta take a bite. We've had a few different hor mok here in Krabi
Town, but this one is really my favorite so far   because the flavors really explode from that first 
bite. You really taste that turmeric, you taste   that lemongrass, you get some chili, lime leaves. 
You see the actual shreds of lime leaves in here.   Galangal. There's so much going on in here. It 
packs so much flavor for such a little bite.   Even though it's very soft, there are pieces of 
the fish in there as well. So it's like a puree,   but there's also chunks of the fish which I 
really like. I really appreciate that texture.   I think I'm taking one of this to go. Yeah. Flower section. Dried fish. The Maharaj Morning Market is the largest of its kind in 
Southern Thailand. You see that it's huge.   You have part wet market. So fruits, veggies, meats, 
seafood and you have prepared food section as   well. Awesome must-visit here in Krabi Town. It's 
definitely a place if we got up early enough every   day, if we were early risers, we would probably 
come here every morning for breakfast.

That's   how cool it is. We came a little later, so 
some of the stalls were finished, but we still   got ourselves some delicious breakfast here. 
And another beauty, you could always come here   and get a different meal every morning. That's 
how many vendors there are. Can even come if you   have your own apartment kitchen you can come 
and get all the ingredients and make your own meal too. It's the Krabi City Market. Opens 
in the afternoon until night time.   They say it's a "night market," but you 
could actually get there a little earlier too. This stall right here is a real gem. It's a rice and 
curry stall. You walk right in and you can't miss it.   It's serving Halal Thai food. There's a big 
spread of about 10-12 different curries. You   can get it over rice. You get two curries 
over rice for 50 baht, which is unbelievable   They also gave you this beautiful raw veggie 
set right here. You get the long beans, cucumber,   greens and you get the nam prik, chili dip right 
here. Man it's really hard to choose what to get.   Been here – this is actually the third or fourth trip 
here already.

That's how much we love this place.   A nice lineup of dishes. We have the kua kling,
which is the minced chicken with all these   different spices like a dry curry. There's a fried 
fish. And I have my liver, I have dried fish and curry.   Turmeric. That's the thing – they don't 
give you the names of what the dishes   are. You just got to look at them. A 
few we knew already just from eating   around here before. And we also have this stingray 
curry, which looks amazing. We actually got it   on the side. It's an extra. Krabi City Night Market 
it really opens up – this stall actually opens up   at one o'clock. We asked them. It depends.

When they run 
out of food, they run out of food. It smells absolutely incredible. The kua kling
is amazing. Minced chicken, there's so many   shreds of lime leaves in here. It's got a real 
kick to it, but not overly spicy. It pairs perfectly with that rice. I mean kua kling really 
is one of my favorite Thai dishes period.   It's really popular here in South Thailand.
It is amazing. Now let's try this stingray. Mmm. They cleaned this one very well. Yeah 
Just had a bite. No ammonia taste.   Very soft and tender. Really well prepared Gravy's interesting. It's like 
a brownish gravy. Probably turmeric.   Nice chili flavor. Yeah nice chili kick in there. More veggies and we 
have pineapple. We have more veggies Looks really interesting. Very excited to try 
it. It looks in a way – it looks a lot like nasi   kerabu we had in Malaysia. There's a lot of 
shredded herbs in here mixed with the rice.   Long beans. Let's see. Even has 
that kind of aroma.

Very similar This is like Thai nasi kerabu almost 
precisely. This one has a stronger lime leaf taste.   Really get that raw fresh vegetable mixed with the 
rice. So you get that crunchiness of the long beans,   red onions, you go with that freshness of the herbs. 
This is amazing! I'm so glad she pointed it out for   us. Nasi kerabu is a dish that is very famous in the 
Northeast state Malaysia state of Kelantan, which   is the border of Thailand. So when you cross the 
border, you're in Narathiwat Thailand, South Thailand.   A little further east of here. This is a dish I'd 
come back over and over again for it. For sure.   This market is just full of amazing food. We're
only two stops in and I could already declare it.   Maybe one of my favorite markets ever. For the amount 
of food here, for the variety, flavor. It's   excellent. Even if it's only a few stalls, just 
what each stall is offering is incredible.   Try some of this biryani.

Very yellow color.   Smells quite cinnamony. Clovey like I would think 
a biryani is. Clovey. I guess a new word right. It's good. Different than the other 
biryani we have tried. Definitely not   the Indian style biryani. Closer to Malay style
biryani we had in Batu Pahat, Johor. But   still different and unique in its own way. 
Has that kind of sweetness to it.   But nice. Especially like with that beef. The beef 
pairs really nicely with it. I like the biryani,   but I'm really digging this khao yam.
This is like – I'm so happy that we found this. Another rice and curry stall. Actually 
right down from the first one we tried.   We walked around the mark a little bit 
and this one's got a whole different   variety of curries.

I only saw maybe one or two 
that were similar to the first stop, which is   amazing. So you have two spots here that have maybe 
20 or 30 curries in total you can choose from.   Crazy choices. Really hard to choose 
actually. Gotta narrow it down just to two.   That's how much room we have left for now. So
we have one which is the chicken curry. It's dry, but it   has chopped up long beans and it has one of my 
favorite – stink beans aka sator aka petai aka   deliciousness. We also have this beef curry here. Sp 
we're gonna switch it up a little bit we haven't had beef.   It looks like a wetter curry it comes with 
this little baby green eggplant really interesting. I'm almost full so I'm just gonna 
watch him eat it. It looks delicious. Oh it's good! The baby eggplants really interesting. It gives it 
kind of a bitter taste. It's crunchy. It does look   like a pea though. I'm really digging on this 
beef curry so it's got that nice coconut milk   slightly sweet flavor of beef you counteract that 
with that crunchy slightly bitter baby eggplant.   What I came here for is this chicken with the stink 

I'm a stink bean fanatic. It pairs nicely   with the tender chicken and even more crunchy. 
Look – some more vegetables the chopped long beans. You have   your vegetables everywhere. We've got another plate 
of raw veggies with the nam prik kapi to go   with it – the chili paste. Oh this is really food 
heaven right here in Krabi in Krabi Town. Food heaven. This Krabi City Night Market. You have 
to come if you love food. Food like this come here..

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In this episode, we take you for epic Southern Thai food in Krabi, including lots of Halal Thai food. Krabi Thailand is a place we fell in love with 6 years ago and we decided to come back to spend more time on this visit. During our stay, we found lots of street food in Krabi just by walking around and tasting. Here are some of our favorite Krabi street food stalls at the local markets. We think this is some of the best food in Krabi! We hope you enjoy this Thai food tour in Krabi. Really some of our favorite street food in Thailand so far!

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