EXOTIC FOOD TOUR IN KOREA 🇰🇷 Jeju Island 🏝 Halal Food Mukbang 제주도

Peace be upon you Bohemian Family. I hope you having a delicious day. It’s Mino and Amina, we’re in Jeju island. Jeju island is one of the most beautiful and unique place in Korea. There are interesting people. A lot of tasty food and fantastic beaches. Today we are going to explore the exotic food in Jeju island. Are you ready? Wake up man~ Let's drink tea. We started our first morning in Jeju by Marigold tea.

You can see mandarin tree almost everywhere in Jeju island. I like the scent! So fresh! Indeed. Open your mouth. It tastes so good. Jeju mandarine! Jeju, also called Jejudo, is a volcanic island. The beautiful natural scenery attracts tourists all year round. Peace be upon you. We came here to try the famous curry in Jeju.   This dish is called Half Half Curry. So smooth~ with cream cheese Sweet spinach and smooth cream cheese. Vegetable curry It's so interesting to be able to try two different curries on one plate. Tasty! Looks so yummy! Let me try zucchini aubergine and onions. It's a little bit spicy, I'm so excited.

You can see the sea plants from Jeju island. I like the texture! The fantastic combination of various vegetables with spicy curry and rice is just amazing. This is my friend’s place where she sells her own handicraft stuff and organic tea and sweets There are Goji berries, bay leaf, cinnamon stick and cardamom. Korean people like to drink goji berry tea in winter. The taste of goji berry and cinnamon with cardamom and bay leaf   The best combination for the winter tea. Peace be upon you. I will make Indian Masala chai. Put some water What is this? Anise Cloves Ginger powder That contains 8 different spices. Ginger, cumin, fennel, etc… Masala for Chai My favorite spice, Cardamom! Grind it in a mortar. It's Indian black tea. This is antibiotic free milk.

3 spoons of sugar Adjust sweetness according to your taste. You can easily make it at home if you have spices. Pour tea into Jeju Onggi. Sprinkle cinnamon powder. And add some masala chai if you want. Chai time~ vegan style You are a chai master! It’s so fragrant and delicious. This is a banana chocolate cake with roasted coconut. I love this sweet and savory taste with chewy texture. My friend Tehiun takes us to a famous abalone restaurant. The taste of Jeju! look at this look at the color So beautiful! Can I eat this too? Of course you can. it's so tender and buttery Do you like it? Let's eat together. soup I’ve never tried this tender and juicy abalone before. Since abalone eats only seaweed, it also tastes a bit like natural seaweed.

This is abalone rice with pumpkin in a hot stone pot. Should I leave a little bit? Leave it on the outside and take it all out. Pour water and close the lid. Then you can eat it later. let me mix the rice with soy sauce Dolsotbap which is hot stone pot rice is quite famous in Korea. You should try it when you visit Korea.

It’s so tasty, I feel like the king of the sea. Tastes well with pumpkin. Green beans are also really good. It has a green color because it was cooked with abalone offal. Look at the color! It is the original taste of abalone. scrape the bottom Nurungji culture in Korea! While we were eating delicious dishes, the nurungji which is scorched rice soup was finished in the stone pot. I love this smoky taste! I like squid ribs with Nurungji. Look at this spicy salty squid. So yummy!! Welcome to Jeju! thank you We came to this tea farm to taste Korean traditional green tea. Boil water and prepare to make tea. A person who serves tea is called a Paengju. The person receiving the tea is called Penggaek. The tea master shows us Korean traditional Tea ceremony in modern way.    She starts by making green tea. She brews green tea with fresh tea harvested from the tea plantation. smells so fresh Green tea was served on porcelain. Black tea is a beautiful color, so I'll give it to you in a transparent glass.

Now it's time to try the black tea. What a color! there's no bitter taste at all. Sweet! it smells like steamed pumpkin. Suddenly I feel hungry. Dissolve the lumps by mixing the powder with water. She teaches me how to make finely ground powder tea matcha. Move quickly between walls in a straight line. With the feeling of making waves on the surface Only then you can make an even foam. then turn around finish in the middle Good job! Then she pours warm milk on matcha. oh it's so smooth   bamboo stick this is matcha pound cake. I love this sweet and smooth taste. I love this creamy bitter sweet! We came to yemen restaurant.

Which is one of the few halal restaurants in Jeju island. This is lentil. This is a Yemeni lentil soup. It tastes like Moroccan lentil soup. This is Falafel. This is sauce for Mandi. This is lentil. He is an owner chef of this restaurant brother Amin. black seed He came to Jeju Island as a refugee a few years ago. He met and married his wife Warda, and opened this Yemeni restaurant together. What's this? / Meat Kebab Syrian style kebab Syria, Arabic style is good. This is chicken and that is lamb. Meat for Mandi I will grill them on charcoal but we use a pit oven in Yemen. Pit oven like India? / Yes. They have various Yemeni food that is hard to find in Korea.

It’s good to see lovely Yemeni Mandi. Let me try Mandi basmati rice first. Super fluffy! Look at this lamb. So tender with Mandy rice Do you like it? The meat is so tender. Yes, it's so delicious! and Yemeni spicy sauce Sahwa What is this sauce? Tahini sauce Yummy! with some salad and Hummus I've never tried this before. It tastes a bit like Pakistani tomato curry.   Look at this Khobz. This is Yemeni bread. Let me try with Hummus. Chickpea with olive oil Tasty! with some parsley, tomatoes and raw onions I love Yemeni food! Tender Mandi lamb, fresh tabouli salad and tasty tahini sauce It is going to be perfect. God is the greatest! This is broad bean. This is Foul which is Yemeni broad bean stew in a hot pot. Look at this texture. I love this cheesy smell of the broad bean stew. so creamy and nutty with Foul This is cardamom. Do you know this? / Yes. Mint and cardamom I love cardamom. This is date-palm from Yemen? / Yes. Thanks a lot. It’s so fragrant with cardamom and clove flavor. We were invited to a friend's concert in a cafe in the woods.

Peace be upon you. Look at this Japanese Umeboshi. We are in a vegan restaurant and this is a plum juice with pickled sour plum.   In order to taste this drink properly, pickled plum must be crushed and mixed with the sweet juice. Sweet and savory It's beautiful! Amina ordered a vegan milk tea made with soy milk. I love the smell of tea. It's perfect weather for milk tea. November salad is a feast of autumn vegetables. wrapped in kale leaves with hummus and vegetables some tomato and zucchini wrapped with kale lovely fried cauliflower with herb salt This is lotus root with peeled tomato. It’s so fresh.

Let me try with vegan butter with agave syrup it's not honey We can also see Agave in Morocco. Let me try with grilled lemon. It's blooming in my mouth. Let me try with peeled tomato with some seasonal vegetables. It's so fresh black olive, vegan cheese herb garden Our friend Myungsil took us to a famous healthy restaurant. I started with fermented soybean paste stew called Doenjang-jjigae. Doenjang contains isoflavone, which helps prevent many diseases and improve brain function. I don't know where to start. let me try kimchi kimchi has a slightly strong and spicy taste but it has numerous benefits, such as strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation.

This is a bracken from Jeju Island. Try this. Tasty! The scent is strong. Shiitake mushrooms Is this radish? Yes, radish side dish I eat a lot during the holidays. So sweet! These are fried red sea breams. We are here to try Mexican food and famous rice coffee. Peace be upon you. What's this? I made it with squid ink. This is our friend chef sooking. delicious mushrooms Do you like cilantro? /Yes, I love it! She is preparing mushroom quesadilla and tacos. Smells good! Is this butter? / Yes. smells make me starving What's this sauce? sour cream and this is homemade hot sauce look at this crispy on the outside and inside is so juicy   And I love this lovely combination of the mushrooms and cheese. So yummy! This is Mexican green salsa made with green tomato, chili and grilled pimento It is made by boiling coriander and green tomatoes. Thank you. Stir well for the taste. I am so excited!   This is rice coffee made from rice and 3 different grains. You can taste a little bit of rice with coffee. It's new for me. Look at this cute little pumpkin soup.

so deep it's sweet and savory yellow sweet pumpkin with olive oil and parsley Look at this. Fig from Jeju island, it's pretty nice! I feel like I'm in Mexico. Our chef is torching aged salmon on the rice. and avocado as well and topped with mayonnaise and soy sauce Now he's making stir-fried seafood udon I like this sizzling sound and smoky smell. Thank you. / Bon appetite. Chewy udon noodle with fresh seafood and smoky soy sauce flavor. Look at this. a little bit of wasabi and avocado together The salmon is very smooth and so much flavor with avocado This fresh and tangy wasabi enhances the taste of food. Torched salmon and avocado with raw onion. It's a heavenly taste!.

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EXOTIC FOOD TOUR IN KOREA 🇰🇷 Jeju Island 🏝 Halal Food Mukbang 제주도

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