EXSTREAM STREET FOOD IN KOREA 🇰🇷 Busan Halal Food Mukbang 부산깡통시장

Peace be upon you Bohemian Family. I hope you having a delicious day. It’s Mino and Amina we’re in Busan. Busan is one of the attractive destination in Korea. It has a dynamic vibe, tons of tasty street food and exotic markets for foodies. Today we are going to explore the crazy street food in Busan. Are you ready? Let's go! Now we are in Busan, Korea. Busan is Amina's hometown. Let's check it out. Rocky sea pineapple? / Yes. Sea cucumber Let's start with a fresh seafood party. These are sea pineapples. It looks different from a rocky one. This abalone is very big. So big! Can you see it moving? Yes, I can. These are domestically grown penis fish. Look at this abalone moving. So fresh! They have all kinds of fresh local seafood. This is a sea cucumber egg.

Rinse with fresh water. Rocky sea pineapple! This sea pineapple looks so fresh. The flesh is crisp. The color is pretty red. This one is big. She is very fast and very delicate as a seafood master. This is an abalone mouth. and this is abalone guts for porridge. People come here because of this fresh taste. Have you ever seen a moving conch? remove the shell this is a conch mouth. It's like an abalone mouth. thinly sliced It is delicious when sliced thinly. hurry up quickly So it's famous. Awesome! You prepared a feast! Amina’s parents took us this unique tent restaurant.

I don't know where to start.  let me try long arm octopus. Let me try penis fish. Look at this. So tasty! Very delicious! Yummy! Thinly sliced conch everything is so fresh Look at this beautiful color of sea pineapple. dipping in a vinegar chili sauce I can feel fresh sea in my mouth. Sea cucumber fresh oyster! Tasty! I always love fresh oysters. So yummy mom~ That's good! abundant This is a very tasty porridge cooked with abalone intestines. Thanks. Look at this porridge. let me try   I love this slightly bitter and nutty taste. I miss kimchi so much. Radish kimchi with warm porridge. So refreshing! We are in Nampodong, Busan to try the amazing street food.   Nampodong is very famous for its sweet Korean pancakes called hotteok. Is the dough sticky rice? Yes, sticky rice and wheat flour. This hotteok made with stick rice dough, cinnamon sugar and various nuts. Is it margarine? / Yes. These Korean sweet pancakes is my favorite childhood snacks in winter season. looks so tasty What seeds are in it? Sunflowers, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, etc. Look at this.

It's so warm sweet and nutty. I love this crispy texture. It's really savory, delicious and chewy. We moved to Bupyeong night market right next to Nampodong. And we followed the gorgeous smell of fried pancakes. These particular pancakes called Bindaetteok. made of ground mung beans, rice, kimchi, vegetables, egg, and seasonings.  I miss those pancakes so much. these types of pancakes are an essential part of Korean cuisine. The sound of pancake making is reminiscent of rain.

So on a rainy day you can't find an empty seat. let me try with vinegar chili soy sauce This hearty savory taste and crispy texture is out of this world! Peace be upon you. Grilled Chinese noodles Please make one without the sausage. Is this Chinese noodles? /Yes, flat one. Sesame seeds This is peanut sesame sauce. and spring onions shredded cheese Do they sell this in China too? Yes, we also sold this. it looks nice tuna surimi What's this? / It's Chinese vinegar. Medium or spicy? / Medium please. This sauce is made with chili paste, garlic and tomato juice. chili flakes It looks yummy! it's sweet and sour. I've never had chinese pancakes before.  I'm so satisfied and happy. I should go to China to try this. We found a spicy baby octopus skewers seller. First he boiled the baby octopus skewers. It looks good. If you like seafood, love this a lot. then he brushed sweet chili sauce and torch the skewers like a boss. I love this smoked chili flavor, so chewy! Peace be upon you. flat dumpling squid and garlic chives cabbage and onion You make it right away.

Sesame oil He mixed all the vegetables, squid, chili sauce and sesame oil together. When you eat it, you can eat it like a wrap. he sprinkles sesame seeds for the final 
touch. I've never seen flat dumplings. Thank you. enjoy your meal. It's so thin, look at this. This is kind of dumpling as well. He made one side crispy, one side soft. chili vegetable squid salad You should put the chili salad on the soft side to taste the crispy dumpling.

It's crispy, chili, sour and chewy at the same time. So tasty! This is Hong Kong egg waffle. It looks nice! This gentleman sells Hong Kong egg waffle with raw honeycomb. This honey looks so tasty! He adds fresh cream on the waffle and put the big chunk of raw honeycomb. And a bit of honey for the taste. Look at this crispy waffle with fresh cream and honeycomb. It’s a perfect dessert after having tons of spicy food.   We came here to see how Korean fish cakes are made. Peace be upon you. They mix minced fish with potato starch in a huge stone bowl. What's this? It's squid. First he showed us how to make squid fish cake. he mixed a fish cake dough with squid and smoked bonito flakes by hand.   then he makes rolls and put them in the fryer. the smell of fried fish cake makes 
me super hungry.

Fish cakes made by artisans with 45 years of experience are so beautiful. Now he is making fishcakes with flying fish roe. let me try the flying fish roe fish cake first. with honey mustard sauce I like this popping fly fish roe texture. squid fish cake You can see the squid dipping in a ketchup I love this slightly sticky texture with chewy squid. Now it's time for sushi.

Garlic Cheese Shrimp Go up, try it. Let's start with japanese miso soup. then mix wasabi and soy sauce We can use this ginger as a brush. This way, you can eat sushi without breaking it. look at this cheese garlic shrimp. It's so tasty! Thanks. You should pick your favorite sushi up before someone take it. look at this beautiful blue fin tuna sushi. this tuna melting in my mouth! The chef keep making fresh sushi for his customers. Watching him make sushi is also a pleasure in this place. It’s aged salmon with truffle oil. raw shrimp It's raw shrimp. So yummy! monkfish liver roll This monk fish liver taste so rich and buttery just like foie gras. flying fish roe with sea pineapple Look at this sea squirt and flying fish roe, beautiful colors! now our chef is making smoked tuna sushi.

Smoked tuna with wasabi amazing smoky tuna taste with fresh spicy wasabi   Amina just found a bowl of Takoyaki which is octopus balls. This Katsuobushi is dancing. It's lovely. We came to this cafe to try unique Taiwanese sweets. Taiwanese salty coffee Look at this cream. this cream contains salt. The combination of sweet coffee with salty cream is so unique. Do you like it? / yummy food Seonghyeon gave it to uncle. yummy food We had quality time with family of Amina's brother. Sweet! Youtiao is fried bread stick, it’s one of the most popular breakfast in Taiwan. Soak it in soy milk Thank you. Sweet soy milk Heo Yoonseo / Yeah~ It tastes sweet and moist. This is a vegan restaurant run by Amina’s friend.

they are preparing beautiful vegan dishes for us. This is a vegetable meat patty. They use only plant-based ingredients such as vegan patties and vegan cheese.  What sauce? / Vegan Mayonnaise with pickle and olives. caramelize onion Enjoy your meal. It’s even better than a beef burger. This vegan patty is pretty nice, it tastes like beef patty. Italian lemonade sparkling lemon juice with basil flavor it's so refreshing! It's gorgeous! I love lemon. It's big. / You have a big mouth. But too big! You can taste vegan cheese with fresh arugula.

so tasty! okay let me try coconut vegan ice cream Croffle is a cross between a croissant and a waffle. you can see the layers. You can enjoy multiple layers of croissant and crispy waffle at the same time..

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EXSTREAM STREET FOOD IN KOREA 🇰🇷 Busan Halal Food Mukbang 부산깡통시장

Salam💕 Bohemian Family
We are in Amina's hometown Busan, South Korea!!

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2. Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market
3. Gatten Sushi Gwangan
4. Only You Taiwanese Cafe
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