FACT CHECK: Muslims Admit to Spitting Being Part of Halal Process in Court?

This social media post claims that 
during a court proceeding in Tamil Nadu,   Muslims told the court that spitting on food makes 
the halal process complete. In November 2021,   Tamil Nadu’s Indu Makkal Katchi made the same 
claim in a tweet. It is likely that the claim   gained traction after this tweet. However, through 
an internet search, we found that it is not a   Tamil Nadu court but the Kerala High Court where 
in a plea filed by SJR Kumar, general convener of   the Sabarimala Action Committee, the petitioner 
alleged that the Travancore Devaswom Board,   or TDB, that manages the Sabarimala temple, has 
been using spoiled halal-certified jaggery to   prepare nivedyam and prasadam at Sabarimala. One 
of the many accusations levelled by the petitioner   against the use of halal-certified products reads, 
‘The religious scholars of the Muslim community   have been proclaiming publicly that saliva is a 
necessary ingredient for certifying Halal in the   preparation of food materials.

The religious 
scholars took the above view by interpreting   holy texts and its valid interpretations. However, 
different views were also expressed by a section   of religious leaders.’ So, it is not the Muslim 
community that admitted in court that spitting   makes the halal process complete. These statements 
were attributed to it by a petitioner of the case,   who happened to be a Hindu. The petitioner further 
opined, ‘in view of the recent controversy as   regards spitting on food materials to make it 
Halal and the responses from religious scholars,   people at large are highly anxious and obnoxious 
on the use of Halal certified food materials even   for household purposes.

It is highly disheartening 
to see that the food materials prepared following   the rituals and religious practices of another 
religion with its certification are accepted as   food material for the preparation of 
Nivedyam / Prasada in a Hindu temple   having its own rituals and customs.’ The TDB 
filed a response in this regard. In its response,   the board stated that a large quantity of jaggery 
was left unused in 2019-20 due to COVID-19   protocol and hence the board auctioned this 
leftover jaggery to Southern Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.,   Thrissur. The contract for supply of jaggery for 
2020-21 was given to S.P.Sugar and Agro Pvt. Ltd.,   Maharashtra. The jaggery this company started 
supplying from April 2021 has been used since   then.

On the question of halal, a News18 report 
states that the TDB explained that halal is   an Arabic word that translates to ‘permissible’. 
This is mentioned on the jaggery packaging because   the company from which the said consignment was 
obtained also exported jaggery to Arab countries,   where the rules mandate the sale of halal 
foods per Islamic rule. Further, during   the proceedings in the context of the petitioner 
failing to elaborate his understanding of halal,   the court opined that ‘before filing a petition 
challenging the use of halal products, you should   go deep into the concept. The concept of halal 
only says that certain things are prohibited;   all other things are halal. This certification 
only says that those prohibited materials are   not included in a particular product.

This is 
there in other countries like the UK and some   Supreme Court decisions speak about it.’ It is 
noteworthy that over the course of proceedings   of the case, no Muslim organisation 
or individual was made a respondent,   contrary to the claim in the viral 
post. As the Muslim community did not   admit in court that spitting on food 
is part of halal, this post is fake..

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FACT CHECK: Muslims Admit to Spitting Being Part of Halal Process in Court?

A social media post claims that Muslims admitted in court that spitting on food is required to make the halal process complete. We check the veracity of the claim in this video.

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