Foreigners Trying Filipino Halal Food🇵🇭

[Applause] ladies and gentlemen juma mubaraka to all and let me greet you with one of the dearest greetings of all time may peace and blessing of god be upon you all so today we are the golden mansion the biggest magic i would say in the philippines very old masjid as well and uh right after jummah we're gonna of course have uh have some food we're going to have lunch so basically if you ever come here right across the magic there are some halal restaurant a lot of halal restaurant actually okay but however today i choose to eat at that restaurant over there so we're gonna go see what they got and eventually all the lunch and test try their food okay so basically is land up cafe right here so we're gonna go inside and check the menu out order something and of course enjoy the food land up cafe if you ever at this area this is a good place to dine at so we're gonna check out the menu real quick this is my brother my new brother over here muhammad from palestine gaza such a pleasure to meet the brother and we're having lunch together right now so what are we ordering bro what do you want there's many things okay so basically i would go for either the coma me or the the the there's like beef shawarma there's the front down some filipino food some so i think i will go with this one this one looks what are you going with i'm going with the sink the same oh that's beautiful that's beautiful so brother let us get two meal of beef korma okay for me make it a little bit spicy if it's possible a little bit yeah okay and what we drinking what are you drinking bronzer and drinks available um what kind of soft drinks you want something or shake your teeth yeah let's go for a shake like let's available [Music] it looks nice which one you're going with with the watermelon okay let's make it two watermelons yes what else i think we're good yeah we're good we're good we're good so let's wait for our order to come land up cafe ladies and gentlemen it's a halal place it's a very very nice place so if you're ever coming here at chiapo golden mosque of after salat or if you're hanging out here there's a nice place to to to have a meal at alright guys so see you when the meat is ready so guys our food just came on the table right here and it looks yummy it smells very good right now so let's check out here yes okay it's called korma beef uh rabbit rice it's delicious static family and it's well it's well represented and what we got as a drink we got water military watermelon shake so guys i'm gonna see his expression and his reaction on the first bite go ahead brother [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] is is wow the meat is so easy [Music] right foreign thank you

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Foreigners Trying Filipino Halal Food🇵🇭

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Golden Mosque of Manila is the biggest of its kind,
Its Golden structures catches the eyes of visitors from multiple countries & faith.
Of Course it is a must to try the neighboring local Filipino Food.
The experience is worth it.

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