Gamers Try Gamer Energy Drinks For The First Time

but it tasted like doodoo today we're gonna be trying a bunch of gamer energy drinks I'm like such a lightweight like coffee I'm like oh so oh I have like a super high like tolerance for caffeine because back in the dad go to the pc cafe I'd buy the monster big big FC cans and I'd play counter-strike iffy you don't need my well you know I do want to clapping I really do rely on these like high octane energy drinks to get me through the day back in college I used to drink amp energy drink pretty much every day I energy tanks are cool but they have more energy to play a game at like 4:00 a.m. you can be in bed we all know sleep is the cousin of death so we might as well spend more time playing video games online baby oh hello alright so we have G fuel raging gummies first a swedish fish Jerris so strong this is trouble you know what I feel like this can go up through my system and give me a solid poop I need wild does the opposite I need to poop less so I can play more this is very spot-on in terms of tasting like the swedish fish yeah I mean yeah they have not only taste like cherry but it tastes like the waxy gummy parked yeah tastes like it tastes like wax yeah get enough of this guy tastes like a little bit like kool-aid I do like it I am and also how do you feel about the candy swedish fish um i love swedish fish you know i'm a classical so I definitely love eating as much fish as possible since this is a liquid I'm using my moisty scale and I will give this four out of five moist ease who is she next up we have metabolic Bioshock Bioshock I love that game lacking in artificial color I'm displeased yes basically water it definitely smells like a Capri Sun or something yeah I was gonna say looks like alien urine okay it like doesn't taste how it smells right I think it tastes exactly really my tongue is broken the flavor is really good you know this one is something I'd moreso want to pound because this is such an intense blast of flavor yeah this one I'd give a three out of five ghd's I'll give them just three out of five and I put this directly under the G fuel yeah G fuel number one where's it's called Bioshock BioLife game which is like two how can they say that they can't say that I can still taste and feel that one in my mouth yeah I feel like it's still on my tongue I don't like it next up you have respawn and it's green apple and it's a mental performance drink mix okay the box mmm this is razor energy so the company razor that makes like computer accessories made an energy drink for gamers that's a color I hate really yeah I feel bad for you those lollipops with the caramel outside and it has a green apple in the middle that's those are good that's what I smell here yeah absolutely disgusting it has more super artificial flavors natively Apple so that tastes kind of Christmasy in a really disgusting okay this is great I like this one a lot this one's really good no it's not yes yes not am I being a hater good guys good number one for me yeah I'm gonna rank you at the bottom now you're gonna get a 1 out of 5 next ease for me not even a one she's a negative 2 this is the lowest for me it's G fuel Bioshock razor drink I hate it I love it not a fan Oh f PS lupus lupus lupus that's gonna go through my butthole like it's a preemie I was really rooting for this one cuz it's like apocalyptic and cool and bad wait I'm excited oh really that made my whole mouth feel funny now it feels dry we're such different people no it tasted like doodoo no this is when I have a long night club in no no I'm trying to hit up a hos house at like 4:45 look to last like at least till 10 a.m.

Jesus yeah no this one tastes like it works but it does not taste great it does that it's not that bad are you serious I'm really not drink the whole thing really I'm very serious what is you're being dramatic yes no no fps and razor mmm Oh G and then at the top still G fuel you know I'm a Gemini and I usually disagree with men but if he's on it today for me it's G fuel Bioshock FPS respawn I can't quit the green apple all right respawn number one a plus a second one G fuel tastes like kool-aid perfect one under it Bioshock loved that game pretty good this thing um I'm gonna put on the floor if that's ok so that's where that goes this one is Mountain Dew game fool I love a KN Mountain Dew amp we have to taste it that's so sweet I did as a United at last that's the classic flavor definitely remember this whoo it's carbonated okay first yeah yeah Oh first of all this is not carbonated mine's flat is yours flat mine's a little flat – I remember being more like crisp you know I think I hate this one – are you gonna mix them I am yeah ooh Purple's my favorite color see it's coming out fizzy there's like effervescence happening look at that science rules chemistry marvelous so much better wait what yeah honestly better huh okay here's the definitive rankings and you can tell me if you agree or disagree so at the bottom we're still gonna have FPS cuz that flavor was not there my stomach's already moving and then right above that is the razor drink same thing flavor was a little harsh but you know and then third is actually gonna be this game fuel even though this is a flavor I love it is tasty it's Mountain Dew it's kind of just straight up soda above that I'm gonna say the og fruit punch and then number one is gonna have to be G fuel for me I would say four tastes this is number one but everything else if he said I agree with most of them were nasty am number one green apple respawn number two G fuel number three Bioshock loved the game number four toilet water zero not to be contrarian but I would have to go G fuel fps Bioshock dragon respawn great game am sorry do you need this no no are you sitting down for a long game session trying to like pop smash no I mean I think we learned something here today everybody has different taste buds are you trying to go ranked maybe GoPro playing for ecology sports even the May b-but even then you might be able to find like a cleaner you know energy alternative to have this much energy it's really chaotic for me and I'm so used to being tired all the time so I'm just gonna have the processes off camera [Music]

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Gamers Try Gamer Energy Drinks For The First Time

"This tastes like a late night at the club."


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