Welcome back eating out with Sasyha and Lia We are good at eating! Every vlog with Sasyha is about eating! see ok enough! enough with the double chin because now we are on holiday after exam tired we will self-reward we will eat Chinese food and it is halal!!! you never tried before ya? not yet I tried once before Are we crossing now? Later Should stand far to not look double chin our color is matching So the place is located in Upper Queen Street we walk from home because it is not too far but since the name is "Upper" Queen Street so it is quite uphill so for those who live in the city you can just walk to come here we will reach the place soon maybe in 1 minute around here left hand side This is the area of Chinese food but later calm calm This is it the halal sign show them see there's a girl with hijab as well so this is the menu quite a lot so it's a bit confusing there's main dishes there's dumplings as well then a lot of variants there's a soup beef dishes lamb there's also kebab and seafood there's also the cold dishes wait, let us choose first this bowl is so big so I ordered…

What did I ordered Syha? I forget and this one is we ordered pan fried dumpling sorry guys I don't know why it's like this maybe you can just take one why is it fried it like that? usually add chilli sauce then soy sauce vinegar or soy sauce? oh mixed ya so this is my noodle is I forgot the name of the noodle but this is sooo big I hope it's good but no soup is the dumpling good? delicious! the dumpling that we ordered is chicken and mushroom that's why this dumpling is fried let's try the beef cut is thin then the noodle cut is quite large and FYI, the noodle cooked fresh home-made noodle is it spicy? no, it's hot in my opinion, it's good compared to what I ordered before it was only spicy noodle not the hot spicy so it's not spicy enough my face isn't there so it's not spicy enough it's just awkward what do you think of yours? how's yours? tasty but it's just too hot The food in that table looks more tasty why neighbour's grass always look nicer? The beef is very tasty so this is actually not the soup it's just a little sauce it's not like a typical noodle soup but the portion is bigger I'm sure I can't finish it so maybe it's better for sharing right? and also our dumplings It's ok later I will take it home for lunch tomorrow as a student should be economic should really understand not to waste food (mubadzir) are you that hungry? It's almost finish I haven't eat since morning guys ohh pity you but how? It's good right? Alhamdulillah tasty I don't think I can finish this I will take it away Also the staff said that there's no small portion for my menu So…

Look at this Let's compare the size is very different Can't really tell ya? I like the dumplings cause it's fried I'm curious Is there any halal Korean food I think I should search for it It must be so yummy Bulgogi beef I'm full but still can imagine other food done? eat the dumplings just take it away I feel like it's gonna explode Ok I will ask for the box Look at the noodle that I pack If I'm not wrong it is $13 And can be eaten for two times So I think it is worth even to be eaten for 3 times It's a lot So actually if you want you can order for sharing unless you are very hungry more friends more fun actually, in here (Auckland) you can't finish your food in once mainly but this time because I haven't eat so usually you can buy for two times eat maybe if suppose you come with four people you can order for two main dishes and one dumplings then you can share them look at the table over there shared for two not only it's economic but also romantic right? We're so full Alhamdulillah I feel like I'm pregnant Why are you doing that? It's because we become stupid when we're full Here's we take it home for tomorrow See you when we are eating Korean food Hopefully I will search whether there's Korean food that is Halal or maybe Japanese food as well I think it's easier ohh yes don't forget subscribe it's ok you should support friend what a good friend ouch we bumped dumb…

see you dumb when you're full I think it's too much MSG obvious guys especially the soy sauce I'm sure 100% it contains MSG so we become dumb don't forget to like guys! .

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It is so hard to find Chinese food that is Halal. But I found one! The Chinese Food is located in city centre! Watch the video to see what I ordered and my review about the food.

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