Halal food and kicking pigs

soul of the matter is a big danger running home Joey from Penta smart agenda what's wrong with the British media nowadays Prince Harry kills an animal stands next to like a trophy no problem boss me is that a chicken no problem good boy but humanely killed animals will treat it preyed upon big problem its newspapers like the Daily Mail the Sun the Sunday Mirror it's like these people deliberately hire bigots hello yes what are your credentials I have a PhD in journalism turned I've been working for the BBC for 10 years I've been born in this country as well yeah that's good but do you hate Muslims no so you mate you don't get the job Rupert Murdoch is a well-known islamaphobe and he owns many of these news outlets like Fox News sky the Sun Sunday Mirror The Times many Australian companies New York Post then the list goes on and on so obviously if you hear the news coming from his papers and because he owns most of the papers people start thinking that's where the nation thinks that's not what the nation thinks it's what Rupert Murdoch thinks now what is halal let me break it down for you number one the animal has to be healthy and looked after number two the name of Allah is said upon it and it's slit by the throat by the jugular vein so it doesn't feel any pain and number three the blood is drained from it no vampire business around there and they're telling supermarkets they labeled a halal meat all right if you want to label the halal me that's fine but you also label that me in which animals have been guest killed by captive bolt gun electrocution and drowning how can you kill an animal by these means but it's done and the wonderful thing is that anytime a controversy like this arises they always got muslin they're saying oh this is not in this love I don't agree with this there will come a time where people will start pointing fingers our love and then why these people gonna say I'm a Muslim but Eliza metaphorical so we'll to Quran everything is metaphorical I'm metaphorical now France have already banned the niqab they were Muslims to integrate in society and become part of their wonderful wonderful country you know bones your cross o snails not the snails so how are they helping us integrate basically they want to ban allowed me in the schools so they're forcing kids either you eat pork or you go hungry how is the integrating Muslims into uses I email and you go countries like Denmark Finland and Belgium they try to attack Muslims with pork yeah it's my kryptonite hey stop it Oh Pig oh I'm melting it's like going to a kid with a nut allergy and throwing that same is this really happening in this 21st century in 1978 William Shaw's of the university of veterinary medicine in Hanover he done a research using EEG to measure pain on animals when they're being sacrificed and he concluded that they don't feel any pain and he told this to the German courts and because of this they permitted halal meat to be sold and we have many such research now my question is how come this research is not put in to the Daily Mail some misconceptions about people who eat halal meat number one in halal meat doesn't make you Muslim number two every time you allowed me you'd have to go and kick a pig no Pig kicking around here and number three you don't become a member of the Taliban if you allow me it to unreliable things all right I'm sorry sorry Salam aleikum on the horse and I watch mile to get enough don't forget to like comment and subscribe check out our Facebook page we put some funny content on there as well

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Halal food and kicking pigs

Halal food and kicking pigs
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