Halal Food at Subway | Halal Fast Food In Toronto | Pakistani & Indian Food in Toronto

Aoa. Hope you all are fine. I am at downtown, Toronto. I was having conversation with one of my friend. And he told me that Subway is also serving Halal food. He told me about vegan Halal options. I don't think that I had ever tried Subway. I am at Downtown and have found a subway in Carlton St. I'll go there and would check are they having Halal options or not. And what can i get from there? I'll show you if I'll buy anything.

And then review the food too. Stay with me. I am at Subway Carlton St. There is something written outside. I think they are not giving take away, I have to order online. I have to confirm it, Its open though. That whether take away facility is available or not? I want brown bread. Fine grain? That would be fine. I have placed my order. What is that thing? Its Vege Patty. Its large vegetable patty. Now she is making it. And there would be vegetables in it. I have ordered one large vegetable patty. Hope that taste would be good. Let's show you guys how are they making it. I would have Onions, Lettuce, Green pepper, Cucumber and Black olives. Add some spices too. Thank You! Would have Sprite. (Mentions the price and confirms the order) Want to have some cookies. What kind of ? Chocolate Chip! Add some white ones! I have got 30 cents as it was combo deal. Got 1 soda and 2 cookies as well. Thank you so much, Good day! You too! The total bill is 15.79$. Have taken this from Subway! Dine in is not available So i would sit in the car.

Though I have showed you. What is inside it? Let's see it again. Give a minute! Its a large patty with black olives, cucumber and Hot sauce in it. I have shown that before. Going to eat it now! Its very reasonable and good in taste. I think that Medium one available in 10$. I chose the combo one but would recommend you the one available in 7.99$. That would be sufficient. And you have vegan options too. Have experienced good food from Subway. Tell you more after I finish it. That was Vege Patty Sub. Half would be enough. Don't buy the large one. Its hard to eat. I forgot to show you the one thing. Here are the cookies of subway. Chocolate chip and white chocolate chip cookie. If you'll buy combo you'll have 2 cookies with it. So that was today's video.

I thought to review the food. I would try to review the food as I come to downtown often. I'll mention the address in description. If you want to come here you may find address easily. Hope you'll like their taste. Take good care of you and people around you. Please Like and Subscribe to my channel. Allah Hafiz..

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Halal Food at Subway | Halal Fast Food In Toronto | Pakistani & Indian Food in Toronto

Halal Food at Subway | Halal Fast Food In Toronto | Pakistani & Indian Food in Toronto

Today in this vlog, I am exploring the Downtown finding the halal street food in Canada. I am exploring and suddenly I saw the Subway halal street food in Downtown. So I decided to vlog this whole moment of eating halal street food in Downtown and to also show you that where you can find Halal street food in Downtown, Canada.

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45 Carlton St Unit 7, Toronto, ON M5B 2H9