Halal food Bangkok | Floating Market & Street Food | Iconsiam #livelovethailand

[Music] Good day guys ammonium today we are totally in hiding at Seussian we are close to explore cheap food and delicious food you can be in this place a lot as well as great atmosphere with shopping and also cultural shows some colleagues you can come to re-poison to the base floor And visit su-kyong and enjoy food shopping Culture and a lot of adventure So let's go inside and explore it together [Music] So you guys first thing that will amaze your eyes as soon as you enter Sucks days section is the floating market Let me show you a little mistake before heading to the main street food court Imagine there is a floating market inside a mall selling exotic fruits seafood coconut all you can desire to pamper your stomach fresh packed and the best part is everything is cheap here and price for you in the most luxurious mall in Bangkok and you have dishes starting from fifty THB there too Large section of halal food Many chicken dishes Asian seafood vegetarian dishes you guys will miss what to eat because a lot of subscribers keep asking me where can they find halal food so this is one of the best places to eat such food [Music] So guys if you want to eat something around this floating market you can walk there is also a bridge between them as you can see by the way this is the entrance of Soo Kyung We are still not on Main Street Football but I just give you an idea before we are there [Music] ] So I was saying guys as accumulating can choose your favorite dish from one of these floating boats and I will prepare it in front of you this is really cool and the best part is to sit here and enjoy your meal in a cold thai atmosphere not like being in a floating market but this is also a great experience guys the options are many And as you can see guys they are cheap even though you are in a luxury situation but look so it is considered very cheap and this is the main point of this blog many people think it is only for luxury shopping but it is not possible to come and eat very cheap dishes here so I think there is Enough guys around that floating market now let's walk to Main Street for football Hey look at that guys like I said there's always culture pops in cm cm so let's show you a little bit about this show and carry on later Round our feet [music] [music] ok Guys, it was Qusai's idea I hope you enjoyed it now let's go back to our walking tour and check out the main hall so this is the main hall the men's hall where you can eat anything you could want Best place to enjoy street food in this luxury mall Let's Walk around and find out what we can eat [music] Well I'm sure guys want to come here You 'll get lost among the options So let's walk around first and have an idea of what kind of foods and fruits are available in this big street football as you see it all good premiere Beck Show and fresh so no or anything you want to enjoy although there are things I don't even know what they are but they look delicious [music] So there's grilled sausage chicken as you can see each one is just 20 a little bit that's to show you can come and eat cheap and good food In this put this is lucky cat buddies a lucky cat got a little gold and it really brings luck so there are also many choices of dumplings many flavors sellers always cheers guys here welcome to thailand this is the atmosphere it's the land of smiles sea food chicken rice This looks interesting let's check it out I think we will come back and try this dish looks delicious but for now let's continue our tour and see more food around the dining hall guys as you see a lot of choices you will definitely eat something look at those bbq seafood ems roa as thai people say Which means delicious [Music] What is pork leg with rice and pasta Cinzia me also only 80 but the dish which is less than three really you guys if you come to the days of icons don't miss the bad you will be amazed by the quality and price [music] Guys are you hungry Now cuz I'm and I don't know how much I 'll walk before a pampering stomach [music] So it's about midday and not that much busy so walk around and check possible except at night You can barely move on this foot clip Look at this guy It's all served here with a perfect kind of eye The classics are like street [music] This is one of the famous dishes in the first heart with seafood chicken you have to try it once you are in thailand it is very tasty and really famous also you have a big section of food guys and the famous sticky rice with mango they add some flavor to it Yogurt wrap not my favorite but not bad and king of durian fruit I love this fruit although it is expensive and smells like hell but it is very tasty You must try it once you are in tyler Sugar can orange juice or fresh pressed very very welcome to Thailand you guys have a lot Kind of fruit and they are all new friends I think that's enough We've seen enough food now let's head over to the chicken rice platter and check if it's delicious and see how it was prepared [music] [music] [music] ok guys this is our dish today let's find Place and sit and you watch a lot of tables around so pick one and enjoy your plate until you have the chili the sauce that makes the dish seasoning and eating time and pampering our stone for that dish today is chicken omelette and rice so you eat whatever you want the options are many once you get to ikon sim, guys You see once you come to re-poem not just about fancy shopping or expensive food you can come to suzek you can eat chips you can shop cheap and also enjoy some culture so once you are around come here and enjoy all the things i saw in this book thank you guys Subscribe to watch more Family Blog Thailand [Music] [Music]

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Halal food Bangkok | Floating Market & Street Food | Iconsiam #livelovethailand

Sook Siam Bangkok - Floating Market & Street Food #livelovethailand

Street food in Bangkok 2020 - SooK Siam Food Hall #livelovethailand

Icon Siam is the most luxurious mall in Bangkok, and it has in its ground floor Sook Siam one of the best street food halls in Bangkok to eat and enjoy Thai and authentic dishes.
Street food in Bangkok is very popular an there many place to enjoy it, but Sook Siam in Icon Siam is a must visit place to check the best of it with very cheap prices.
So In this Vlog I am going to show you The street food in Sook Siam Bangkok, and give you a general idea about what you can eat and enjoy in this amazing Place, I hope you will like it.
Translated Titles:

طعام الشارع في بانكوك 2020
Уличная еда в Бангкоке 2020
อาหารริมทางในกรุงเทพ 2563
Makanan jalanan di Bangkok 2020
बैंकाक 2020 में स्ट्रीट फूड
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