HALAL FOOD FESTIVAL in LONDON | Massive STREET FOOD selection | BEST FOODS to EAT | Tobacco Dock

assalamu alaikum warahmatullah I'm arch hello food fest in Mahane mr. Braddock may hold we're here London Film Festival I'm gonna go inside see what hopefully some interesting things Detroit so why don't follow me check it out [Music] [Music] everything every [Music] so this is the one thing I was looking forward to the most when I was looking at a love booth pistol website street-food I've never had as Becca sonicboom and as we can see probably hopefully in the shop there's a it's like a pill our rice so similar to kind of what we used to already from Indian Pakistani cuisine this is got lamb with it some salad on top the interesting see how it tastes I'm not expecting any any color spices just some seasoned to contend to me desert specs really know because it just come touch my damn right now the rice the rice is the thing of today just has the spice in it a little spice but the flavoring so I can see in there cumin seeds of a pomegranate coriander I'm going to walk up the shot and enjoy [Music] so after the specular we complement sweet we're going to Silk Road God can't sit Afghan tain is pretty much kasmiri Tori I think stick of the same ink colors although these case the pink seems to come from Roe very sweet and to accompany this so he's a Afghan top pastry you can see it's a bit like to me I'm looking at you thinking cannelloni I guess it's like a cream fall but it's got no rose flavored cream in there very sweet it's not the kind of synthetic cream that I love rather than the freshman got a new friend all right do you want some no hungry I don't know what the equivalent of 500 minutes per video video mode [Music] we're at coach's Venezuelan street food and this lamb onions the the kind of crispy cheese a butcher put the sauce on it so it should be a little bit spicy it's a messy so quite sauce will darling it's only to be expected very soft calm I really got into the mid-to together [Music] I like the crunchy those onions goes well with the combination of the soft one because I wrote pretty good looking for hope and try colleges Peruvian Venezuelan Dodgers Venezuela straight straight [Music] doing some analysis where is the most popular place I think that's pretty much one by the desert I'm gonna go there so it's a perfect time to curb that savory hot dog we're going to check out the syringe is a and you'll see what I mean when we get there [Music] so loved an alien hours way go to the front of the line firstly this appointment pose after white chocolate covered choux pastry waitress of milk the switch over to salted caramel and speculoos biscuits as you can see the shoe box which is basically a massive predator of choux pastry filled with great we've got the caramel sauce speculoos and in this syringe that's why I said this as you can see here the pike to that place pure rate speckle those biscuits a caramel biscuits you normally get in a hotel with I'm gonna taste it everything together popped out very sweet very sweet nice crane that's been there and they can issue though combination ones that sugar klutz the cream and then makes a nice combination as we've all deserts I love it if our this quite quickly further mansion [Music] just come out the food banks thoroughly enjoy myself quite a lot to me pretty pretty full now so that meant it was time to so I enjoyed it when I come again yeah probably come again next year and I'd recommend it to anyone else in the area to you know look it up check it out

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HALAL FOOD FESTIVAL in LONDON | Massive STREET FOOD selection | BEST FOODS to EAT | Tobacco Dock

My spirited attempt to become involved in food vlogging. And there was no better way to start than the London Halal Food Festival 2019 at London's Tobacco Dock set in the East End near Wapping.

Watch me get involved with everything from Uzbek Plov to Choux buns, and an unexpected visitor as I'm video-bombed by an Islamic relief bear. Don't forget that this is a great charity helping people all around the world, from poverty and deprivation to refugees and one of my favourite places for zakaat: https://www.islamic-relief.org.uk/

The foods reviewed and their instgrams are:
Uzbek Lamb Plov from @oshpaz_london
Afghani Tea and cream puff from @silkrose.ldn
Venezuelan Lamb Hotdog from @dogers_street_food
Choux Bun from @chouxru